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Apr 15, 2012
The new Lupin III will be a treat for old fans of the franchise. But will is stand up against the competition of new shows this season?

The story is about the sly lady thief Fujiko Mine, the mysterious fox that often helps Lupin and the gang. In this installment, it takes us back to before Lupin met Fujiko and the rest of the gang.

This new installment in the Lupin III franchise is delightfully sexy and raunchy, and definitely isn't for the younger audience. With unrestrained sexual tension and nudity, the character interaction is playful and dangerous, and is a whole other dynamic than one is read more
Apr 11, 2011
I like Fractale. I really do. But more I reflect on it, more I realize that Fractale isn't the greatest.

What caught me was the setting. A computerized system called "Fractale" is used to catalog and maintain the whole human population. A normal boy named Clain is unsatisfied with his life. In comes Phyrne, a doppel named Nessa, a rebel group called the Lost Millennium, and the Temple knocking on his door. He's dragged into a whole world altering mess of conflicts... so why is this show so slow moving?

The pacing isn't very well done. A show is supposed to raise questions in the beginning read more
Apr 10, 2011
I'd like more people to give this show a chance.

At first glance at the title, the first impression was that the show "Tiger & Bunny" will be a cutesy show with talking tigers and bunnies. It is not.
This may be a disappointment for some.

And looking at the promotional art, people assume "Oh it's some mecha anime. Since I don't like mecha, I won't watch it." I assure you, this show is not about mechas at all. Those "mechas" are in actuality the main characters of the show in their power suits. Calling them "mechas" is akin to calling Tony Stark (of Iron Man fame) a read more