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Nov 9, 2019
Dr. Stone is an anime with an identity crisis. This is the most glaring flaw in the show. On one hand, Dr. Stone is a serious sci-fi adventure anime about a genius high schooler who aims to identify the cause of the worldwide petrification of humanity. The problem: modernity is dead and humanity is back to the stone age. On the other, it's just a silly show where the rules of science aren't real and a girl can fit inside a watermelon. You know, just silly stuff like that. This could be bad...

--the bad, the good, and the ugly--
Dr. Stone's writing inconsistencies are a blot read more
Oct 26, 2019
Steins;Gate 0 left me with mixed feelings.

For those who are unaware, I thought the first Steins;Gate was a masterpiece. In fact, it's on my 2nd favorite anime, just under JoJo's. I felt that Steins;Gate 0 was a small step down from Steins;Gate for one simple reason:

This story did not take place in the correct world-line.

In my heart of hearts I sympathize with Okabe. Time travelling is rough- I mean, just ask Natsuki Subaru. Eventually, time travelers need a break from all the bloodshed. But, just as was the case for Subaru, taking a break just isn't Hououin Kyouma's style- and it shows.

Basically, the point of read more
Oct 19, 2019
Wow. Just wow. Steins;Gate.

I can't really put my thoughts about this show into words, but I can say this: do NOT drop this show before the halfway point. This show has a slow start, but it pays off marvelously.

The story was- simply put- amazing. I've never seen time travel depicted in such a digestible fashion. Somehow, it all makes sense. The rules are clear-cut and easy to follow. For the most part, the time travel logic is great, however, I did notice a problem near the end.

The presentation was mystifying. The stylistic choices made with the art and sound design (paired with the amazing story) read more
Oct 9, 2019
"I can't. Not again. I'm not... strong enough."

WataMote is painful to watch. After 6 episodes of my heart being pulled through my stomach, I dropped it. This shit could be a form of psychological warfare. It's so painful.

Don't get me wrong- the quality is there. The show is serviceable in all aspects. It just feels intentionally horrific. This show is labelled as a comedy, but it's not. It isn't funny. It just hurts. Tomoko is a terrible person in an unfortunate circumstance. You're torn between wanting to root for her and wanting her to wake up from her delusion.

I liked the show- sort of. read more
Oct 6, 2019
"Turn your brain off"... a phrase that is commonly associated with shounen anime and it's a phrase that I hate. If you have to turn your brain off to enjoy something, then that thing is a waste of your time. Since turning your brain off is a prerequisite to enjoying most shounen anime, I've generally avoided properties licensed with Shonen Jump. Hero Academia is a big exception, but that's because it's a show that you can hardly avoid (probably like Naruto and Dragon Ball in their own times). I actually love that show, which is the main reason why I was willing to give Demon read more
Oct 3, 2019
TenSura left me conflicted. On one hand, it was a nice show with amazing art and a neat concept. On the other, the show is boring and predictable. In the end, I decided to rate the show 7/10. TL;DR, don't watch this show if you don't have a lot of free time.

TenSura is a light-hearted isekai anime and that's all. It isn't clever, it doesn't subvert the viewer's expectations, it just safely meets them. For this reason, the show can be very boring at times. If you aren't personally interested in an arc, you'll just have to suffer through it.

Visually, this show is read more
Oct 1, 2019
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏᴘ ᴄʀᴀғᴛ ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ɪs ᴀ 𝟷𝟸-ᴇᴘɪsᴏᴅᴇ ʙᴏʀᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴘʀᴏɢʀᴇssɪᴠᴇʟʏ ɢᴇᴛs ᴡᴏʀsᴇ ᴀs ɪᴛ ᴄᴏɴᴛɪɴᴜᴇs.

This show was a serious letdown for me. I thought that I'd found a diamond in the rough, but really, I found a boring, surface-level, waifu-baiting, white-bread anime.

COP CRAFT is another anime that seriously harms its credibility with out-of-place fanservice. I don't know why, but it seems like literally everyone in Japan is in a constant state of pure-horniness. Like, it's obnoxious. In the last episode, for example, the stark contrast between the tones of the A-story and the B-story completely takes the viewers out of the story. It's read more
Sep 23, 2019
Hensuki was way better than it had any right to be.

You can probably imagine the mentality that I had when I started this series. "Oh look, another ecchi harem rom-com. Great". Yeah, needless to say, I wasn't expecting much. The premise of the show made this feeling even worse. However, my expectations were crushed and hit way out of the ballpark. For a while I was considering giving this anime a 10/10. Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to that standard by the end.

Since I've gotten bored of my old review format, I'll just list the pros and cons and add extra thoughts at read more
Aug 30, 2019
[Obligatory Prerequisite Knowledge]

Since this information is relevant to any JoJo review, here are my ratings and critiques of previous JoJo parts:

Part 1: 7/10. Boring, but establishes the through-line of the JoJo vs Brando rivalry.

Part 2: 10/10. Fantastic. This part represents everything good about JoJo. Off-the-walls action, ridiculous writing, and beyond-charismatic characters.

Part 3: 5.5/10. Lame. The action is off-the-walls, but I only found half of the crusaders to be at all interesting. The scope of the story is also too large to make any individual fight feel important.

Part 4: 9/10. Nice. A much needed change of pace for the franchise. The transition from a world-spanning battle read more
Aug 19, 2019
[Prerequisite information]

JoJo's is bizarre. I believe that any reviewer worth his pixels should summarize their opinions on the previous parts before they start their review, since these opinions are integral to the reader's understanding. So, that being said:

Part 1: A bit boring, but does a good job at establishing the JoJo vs Brando rivalry. The quintessential hero JoJo.

Part 2: Best part I've seen so far. The Pillar Men are good antagonists and Joseph is the best protagonist. The quintessential anti-hero JoJo.

Part 3: [CONTROVERSIAL OPINION ALERT] Worst part I've seen so far. Would take too long to explain, if you're interested, PM. Basically, very overrated, but read more