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Apr 4, 2017
*This review covers both seasons, and is spoiler-free.

Oh, Ashita no Joe, where do I even start... how about the beginning?

I only watched this after reading online that a lot of people enjoyed it, and that there were some extremely good anime that were created long ago (1970!). So, why not, I started up the first episode. Man, was the art bad. The sound caught me off guard too. Everything just struck me as bad. And yet, I kept watching, giving it some leeway while taking into account its age.

And so I watched another episode. And another. And another. And 2 months later, I finished it. read more
Jan 6, 2017
"Vatican Carrots!"

Look at all of the bad reviews. How many episodes have they seen? 1 or 2 episodes is undoubtedly not enough to give this anime a holistic and comprehensive review.

Don't let this anime's synopsis fool you. If you take this anime seriously, then its score of 3.91 will be no shock to you. But this anime is not meant to be taken seriously. Its story is actually just a background for the refreshingly candid and original humor. The animation and voice acting are deliberately this way to perfectly fit the anime's theme. It's just satirically hilarious.

Granted, its humor is not for everyone. Mahou Shoujo read more
Dec 21, 2016
"These types of wounds will heal with a little spit."

This review is for the entire series.

Major, to me, is arguably one of the best anime ever created. Its story is truly paralleled by no other. Watching Major is like being gently yet purposefully guided along a path filled with twists, bends, steep inclines, and difficult obstacles, but the experiences along the way will be remembered for the rest of your life. I have a special place in my heart for Honda Gorou, the main character throughout this series. After watching all there is to watch, all 6 seasons, both OVAs, and the movie, I'm left read more
May 26, 2016
I stumbled upon this randomly, and since it was only 7 minutes long, I decided "What the heck, I'll watch this."

It's basically just a bunch of lines and abstract art across a wall next to a window. Honestly, it was pretty mesmerizing. The 7 minutes didn't feel that long, and the art and music combined was actually soothing in a way.

There wasn't really a story (unless you want to get really deep and philosophical with art) and no characters. It's just art and music.

Give this a watch if you have 7 minutes to spare. It's definitely not a waste of time, but it's also read more
May 14, 2016
When I first began watching Whistle!, there were many things that could classify it as a bad anime. Granted, it is old, but the animation was very choppy and uncoordinated. The main character's voice actor was not the best either, and a lot of the lines were delivered without clear articulation and emotion. However, despite these, there was something about it that drew me in. Next thing I knew, I had finished the last episode and was craving more.

The story for Whistle! revolves around Kazamatsuri Shou, a 2nd-year junior high school student who has an unquenchable passion for soccer. Throughout the anime, most of these read more
Dec 21, 2014
Hopefully this review can convince you to give this anime a chance, despite its low rating.

Natsuiro Kiseki is a combination of my favorite genres: slice of life and supernatural. It deals with a story of friendship, and this circle of four girls experiences a tremendous amount of growth and maturation throughout their summer adventures.

The story is amazing. I would even dare to say that it parallels that of Anohana. These four girls all start their journey as a circle of friends, but really not more than that. They have fun together, but they also argue and disagree on many things. Throughout the course of their read more
Feb 7, 2014
Steins;Gate. Where do I begin this (very) belated review?

Steins;Gate was undoubtedly the best anime I have ever seen. It is a heart-wrenching suspenseful anime, with comedy, mystery, and romance. The story is a very unique one, basically dealing with time travel and the butterfly effect. From the moment I met Okabe Rintarou, the protagonist of this utterly phenomenal anime, I knew that I would not be able to leave my computer for a while. The art is fairly well done, as is the sound. The character development was absolutely amazing and captivated me for the entire duration of the anime. Finally, I completely enjoyed this read more
Jun 29, 2012
Konjiki no Gash Bell was a very interesting anime in its own ways. There are many times of extreme laughter, as well as times when tears will fall. The storyline was pretty well-written and the characters were unique. Overall, I could only give it a 9/10 because many episodes were boring fillers (don't get me wrong, some fillers were actually pretty funny).

Story: 9/10
The story is a 9 because I've never seen one like it before. There are some pretty sudden twists in the story that kept it exciting and fun to watch. The fillers could be funny, but they were mostly pretty boring. Also, the read more