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Jul 27, 2018
This one little thing is a punch of fresh air in this industry! I've never seen the historical anime produced on such a great level! It should be watched by everyone who thinks that there are not any more anime that could surprise them - this one definetely will be a strong proof of perfection! The story held in the anime make you heart break from the first second, accompanied with the amazing opening, narration, ending, and tension. Art was done in the best traditions of anime - beautiful beyond belife! Sound, Character - everything is spectacular and will not leave you with pokerface - read more
Nov 1, 2017
Oh, dear...<3<3<3<3 ABSOLUTE TOP!
I was keeping from this anime as much as I could and since my friends who was in these OP theme always insisted on watching this, i always said NO THANKS NO NO GO AWAY BYE. And here we go in August when I started watching these.. the first mby 20 episodes I was vomiting, I could not even get the point of it, but my friend said CONTINUE, ONE mORE EPISODE AND YOU FALL IN LOVE!!! And I've fallen - the arc about Sanji was the first when I laughed and cried myself out, the second one was with little tanuki read more
Aug 14, 2017
ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! I wish I've watched this anime when I was 14, I guess I would have been blown away by that but nevertheless since I am 22 it still gave an incredible impact. The perfection of the anime starts with the introducing the characters that are EXTRAORDINARY, all of them with no exceptions!! The plot throughout the series is getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger. The main advantage of the anime is its lightness - you watch and do not notice how time flies. The comic side of the story - brilliant, the dark side of the story - brilliant as well. But the read more
Jul 21, 2017
OHH, I guess I have never experienced the same drive and ADRENALINE that during watching the anime. IT WAS PERFECT!!! The story maybe is too cliche but at the end of the day, it gave a lot of emotions especially in the last season where the events intensify with each and every episode. Characters have been well developed, and as I more love the supporting characters in each anime so here I liked them the most. Kuroko ofc is very nice and his story is very interesting. Music is spectacular because it emphasizes the right moments, highs and lows etc. And art overall was 10/10!! read more
Jul 10, 2017
Orange (Anime) add (All reviews)
This anime doesn't deserve so low rating because it touches deeply inside the heart!! I was feeling like very warmed and frustrated at the same time. Idea itself is not novel but I've watched a lot of animes of the different genres and actually I didn't face any similar to the anime (mby I shouldn't call myself an otaku xD). Thank you for the music, for the voice actors, for the beautiful art and sound, and also great characters that you are worrying for during the whole anime. So I strongly recommend that anime all of you !! Such a great feeing!!
Jun 14, 2017
I would like to say a big THANKS for this story, FOR THE STUNNING MUSIC, FOR THE DRAMA, for the deep word VON and for the PERFECT soundtrack from Iceland <3 Thanks for the development of characters - it made the anime more organic and gave an interest to see what is next. Thanks for the idea of 2 boys that pursue the exact aim. Thanks for the art - classic and too attractive to see. Thanks for the opening - shining gold! It's definetly worth seeing for those who do like stories with the message, who do like the balance between the drama and read more
Jun 8, 2017
I'm writing this review mostly because of the insane fight Todoroki vs Midoriya in the 10th episode. As long as I've read the manga till the last chapter (for now) and I know what is next, I say one thing - I'M JUST DYING TO SEE THE ANIMATION OF THE NEXT EVENTS AS PERFECT AS IT WAS IN THE FIGHT TODOROKI/MIDORIYA!!~~~<3
Hell yeah this anime makes goosebumps with its story, animation, SOUND (!!!!) and characters development. I like the anime about school, but only two animes (Assassination Classroom) were able to develope ALL the characters equally, even the supporting ones. It is brilliant and read more
May 25, 2017
In this review I would combine both manga and anime and for this anime I give 10/10, but for the manga 15/10 and in total ~~~OUTSTANDING GIFT FOR EVERYONE~~~. I could not describe those emotions I had while reading the manga, because it was so dramatic and the main characters's Sho-chan's lives were so unhappy and difficult. I actually had my heart broken and could not soetimes conitune to read as i realized how happy I am with my life. Both anime and manga created a perfect world for us and also touched the biggest problem not only in Japan, but i guess worldwide. It read more
May 8, 2017
I rewatch the last minutes of the previous episode (episode 6) and realize that AoT is ~~THE MOST EPIC ANIME!!~~ It's not the best, but the epicness of that is beyond believe!! and it's achieved by the several things - first is music, OSTs and OPENINGS of both seasons troghout the series is OUTSTANDING that emphisize all the drama main characters face and it may be does not make you cry, but the heartbreak is guaranteed for you. The second is art - I think that compared to manga it is evaluated as much as it could be evaluated!! As titans supposed to be the read more
Apr 18, 2017
AWWWW!! IT'S PERFECT!!! ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!! 2 SEASONS ARE LIGHT AS OUR SOUL!!! I LOST FOR WORDS! i dont know, i just feel so confused and lost, this are the emotions from the INCREDIBLE masterpiece!! The story, the characters, humor and drama - all of this made this story complete and so easy to understand!! You will NEVERE REGRET of wathcing that candy!!! The music, the plot - BRILLIANT!! CHARACTERS ARE AWESOmE. I dont know how to put all my emotions into one review because it is impossible. You have to watch it and write a review after me, so like this description, relax and taste read more