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Dec 12, 2011
The trend of crossover anime seems to be a hot topic this year since many famous shows took it up on themselves to share their screen time with their maybe a bit less known or popular counterparts or rivals in the vast sea of anime. Some good examples would be Toriko and One Piece or Gintama and Sket Dance crossovers, witch were both in my honest opinion very good and gave both starring shows enough room to distinguish themselves. However the Itsu-Ten and DenYuuDen crossover seems a bit, well, lacking in comparison to the previous shows. How ? Let´s see here:

Story: 7
Well the story of ...
Aug 21, 2010
I am invincible. My shadow skills are unmatched. The power of my blow has no equal. With these words Shadow Skill – Eigi enters the arena to determine whether it really is what it claims to be... An anime worth your time.

Story: 8

The story of Shadow Skill – Eigi takes place in the land of Kuruda, which is one of four lands that protect the Holy City of Julianess. (Each land has its own unique fighting style but only Kurudan is actually looked at beyond just name and one move.) Among the four, Kuruda is known for its long history of invincibility due to ...
Jun 13, 2010
Ruin Explorers are just like the name states: Something you look at in hopes of finding a treasure but you need to first search it in order to see whether you´ll find a treasure or just piles dirt. So what does this 4 episode OVA hide inside ?

Story: 7
The story takes us to a fantasy world where people called Ruin Explorers do their work in order to either stay alive by finding at least something valuable or they search for mythical treasures of immense power. In this world Ihrie and Fam are on a search for the “Ultimate Power” in order to fulfil their wishes. ...
Mar 2, 2010
Basically put, Tenjou Tenge: The Ultimate Fight, is a rather short though at times nice continuation of the original Tenjou Tenge anime series. The OVA is way too short for there to actually be anything mind-blowingly awesome yet like the original it does a really good job at staying true to the manga.

Story (Continuation vs. Ending): 7
The story practically continues where the prequel left off, but since it still follows the manga you won´t really get an long-awaited conclusion but rather two nice little episodes that add a little bit of something to the original story yet they once again leave you yearning either ...
Nov 1, 2009
Well, how to begin... Let me start by words that this OVA was rather disappointing. It isn´t bad, NO ! I enjoyed it quite a bit but, I enjoyed the original series a lot more and once I watched this I just felt like this OVA should get a second title: The deleted Scenes or The Alternative version. Why ? Let me explain...

Story: 6-7/10
The story of the OVA is set after the happenings of the original series but you´ll rarely get the feeling it really is taking place after everything because except some small differences the whole OVA looks more like something that didn´t ...
Aug 5, 2009
Writers note: This is my first review so be “gentle” =D

Firstly let me start by saying that I´m not the biggest romance/school/drama genre fan there is but from time to time even I need to take a break and watch something just for the sake of seeing something “different” from what I usually prefer/watch and as luck would have it I managed to stumble upon a jewel that nicely surprised me.

Now that the intro is done let me get straight to the point. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica (later only SSP) can be seen as your every-day normal romance/slice of life/fantasy anime with all the basic ...

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