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Sevy-Chan Jul 28, 2018 12:38 AM
Update: I know I seemed soooo very hateful towards my brother in the last comment. I just couldn't believe he skipped out on court with my name on the line. He figured he would run. Well, they got him. Ugh. Crazy circumstances, man.
Sevy-Chan Jun 29, 2018 3:30 PM
I was about ready to slightly open a can of whup ass. Lol. This forced password change had me worried. The email I used for this account was from 9 years ago and I couldn't sign in here or the long lost email. I was seriously batshit crazy for a minute 'cause this is my life summed up in years of logged anime. Also my way of replying to you. Luckily, they had a way to send me a temporary password on my current email. So yeah. That's resolved. Whoo. Deep breath definitely taken. XD

Maybe it was fate saying damn that girl needs a shiny new desktop computer. Lets do somthin' about that. Lol.

Oh yeah. They gave me a reason. That MY MEDICAL RECORDS DIDN'T SHOW EVIDENCE OF WHAT MY DOCTOR STATED. What??!!!??!!?!? Yeah. You're not reading the words wrong. Literally the reason they gave me. Bullshit judge, man. See? Alot of these people get it with knowing what shit to talk to their doctors and blatantly lying to get their way and just faking alot of the time. Speaking of those types of people, my mom's probably getting it, too. She only is so she doesn't have to work any longer. She never wanted to work. Only job she ever really had was for 5 years because she had to to keep a roof over me and my brothers head. People like her just piss me off, dude.

That's right. Biscuit is my baby. No way I would have went anywhere without him. Rain is nice. Especially on a tin roof. Even though I can hardly fall asleep now that puts me out like a light. :P

Well, maybe those people could have put that shit somewhere else. I mean, how ya supposed to get out without working your asses off to clean up the mess THEY left at the end of your driveway or tearing your car up because you have to get to work. It's called consideration people. You have to get to work just like them.

Yeah. I shouldn't have took that route. Now it's taking forever to grow back. @_@

I hope you got/get to see them. It sucks not seeing family sometimes. About family. My brothers an idiot. Took the fall for some drugs that were in his friends car. He drove the car to their job site and got stopped for speeding. I bailed him out a year ago with help from my mom's ex.He didn't go to his last court date. 3 hours away or not they will find him. Wish I could help but it might straighten his 24 year old 'gangsta' mentality ass up. Sometimes the best thing to do is sit back and hope for the best.
Sevy-Chan Jun 28, 2018 1:13 PM
Ughhhh. I'm so sorry. I haven't forgotcha or nothing. I wholeheartedly promise to be on tomorrow to respond.

Sevy-Chan Jan 20, 2018 12:55 PM
And FYI, I just got my letter.....

Sevy-Chan Jan 12, 2018 4:46 PM
I most certainly will. A shorter time period would be awesome but you know how it is. The people who need it can't get it and the people who don't can. Hell, I know a guy who got told he'd only have to wait 30 days. I know it sorta depends on the juge but damn. It's really frustrating. I just gotta wait it out. Times passing by pretty fast, though. I don't have too much longer to go. ^_^

To be honest, it didn't take the huge sum of money I was thinking. I mean, it took a lot. I just thought it'd take way more. I've never had alot of money growing up, and what it cost to build was a boat load compared to what I was used to. His dad also helped tons by getting discounts on the wood that had minor damages. To make a long story short, it took Shawn 2 years to literally bust his ass to save up, and here we are. Lol. Yeah. People who rent are iffy. We were actually searching for a little while. They were all asking way too much for too little or they didn't want dogs or smoking. I damn sure don't wanna freeze my ass off to smoke a cigarette in the winter. Also, they can't just deny my dog. That's my baby. XD Dreams are a good thing. Who knows, maybe it'll happen one day. I know I never pictured myself in this place. Compared to anything that's ever happened, and I'm here. It's crazy, man. So yeah. Keep dreaming. :D

Lol. Okay . Scratch the mohawk. Hated it. I ended up turning it into a pixie cut. I haven't dyed my hair anything but black for 12 years. Blue and black once. And my nurse at the hospital has been trying for a REALLY long time to get me to let it grow out my natural dirty blonde. I just can't go back. Does. Not. Work. For. Me . Lol. Maybe some sorta change would do me some good, though. .

I will not rest until you get back into it ....... Nah. Just kidding. I know it's not something to be forced. Ya gotta fall back in love. XD Oh, yes. Monster. It is the best. Been in my favorite manga for years and never replaced. Mmm. Yohan. Love him. @_@ I would even say it deserves a spot in my favorite anime, too, but I don't like to duplicate favorites on my lists on here. I'm particular like that, I guess. Haha. I finally got Shawn to watch Ouran. I'm glad to say he actually liked it. I did not think he would. Lol.

Oh yeah. Did your family get to come see you? I know you said they planned to in December.

Sevy-Chan Dec 15, 2017 7:28 PM
Ugh. I always read back over my comments. I meant I already had the hearing. They said it'd be about five months for the decision.

But yeah, just hearing the words I need to get back into anime is awesome. You really should. ^ ^
Sevy-Chan Dec 15, 2017 2:39 AM
Let me ask you a question.......

Well, I suppose I can forgive you for taking so long. Haa. See what I did there? That wasn't a question at all. But seriously, though. I'm just yankin' your chains. It's all good in the neighborhood. XD

Yeah... About it being custom built

Oh man. I knooow. Feels like an eternity. I should really apologize for my absences over the years. You are the only person on here I've really opened up to and stayed in touch with. I'm really glad you kept your notification's going. ^ ^

Hmm. No worries there, Sweets. I'm just the same. The majority of the time I watch anime, and play poker with Shawn and his uncle. Literally nothing else. My social anxiety has worsened X a million since we last spoke. Totally went ghost to the entire world except our parents and siblings. Call me crazy but I like it better this way. Everyone has the right to complain all they want. Lol. I don't blame you. I know I couldn't handle a work environment. Oooh. You serious??!?!!?? You made my night. I've eagerly been waiting for those words. It's been a while since you have watched anything. That you've logged on here anyway. Oooohh. Congrats. You deserve a virtual hug. :D

Oh one more thing. I cut all my hair off. Gave myself a mohawk then realized I have my dad's forehead. Lmfao. :P Doesn't look half bad, though.

And hell no. They said it'd take 5 months to even hear anything. Ughh. I hope it works out.
Sevy-Chan Nov 18, 2017 4:34 PM
Lol. No you're not. It's ok, though. XD

It's actually news similar to yours. After 8 years together, Shawn and I finally got a house........
BUUUUTTT it isn't just an ordinary house..... It's a house that we built ourselves. Well, his parents helped us build it, but we did it from the ground up. It took about a year, and we've been here for a year now. His dad has spent his whole life woking so he can do pretty much anything. I can honestly say not one person helped us. It's so awesome to know that we did this. I'm the brains behind the interior design. Everything from wall colors to kitchen countertops to the stain used on the cabinets. It was so difficult putting it all together in my head, but it finally came along, and I couldn't be happier about it. I had to get it just right. Annnnd we're way back inthe woods. Which I love 'cause HELLO!!!! Nature. And it's peaceful. But yeah. Thats the news. Isure hope the anticipation was worth it. :D

And your welcome. ^ ^ I'll be there in a few. Probably still feeling like a kid. Am I right? Lol. :P
Sevy-Chan Nov 1, 2017 5:19 PM
Happy one day late birthday. :D

Sevy-Chan Oct 5, 2017 6:20 PM
I know that's right. The medicaid alone will be a gigantic help. For 9 years, they have expected me, a person with no moneys, to fork out almost 6 grand every month. Don't see how it's expected of anyone really. But I'm hoping to say good riddance to that damn hospital bill soon. I don't think I do either. A little luck never hurt, though. >:)

Ooooooh. That's spectacular news. I'm so very happy to hear that. I always knew things would get better. It's awesome to be on your own, huh? HEY! Nobody ever said there is anything wrong with being a fully functioning adult, and still feel like you're 13. Lol. To be truthful, I still feel like a teenager, too. Ehh. What can ya do? XD That's a long time to go without seeing him. I know I'd miss mine like crazy, too. I couldn't imagine. For your sake, I hope everything works out with them coming to see you. =)

I have more good news to share in my next reply. I have to cook dinner, and my thumbs are tired because of this PlayStation controller. Lol. :P
Sevy-Chan Sep 28, 2017 2:22 PM
I was talking about my ssi, by the way. I just noticed that I didn't really make that clear. Lol. :P
Sevy-Chan Sep 27, 2017 4:08 PM
I am, too! I missed you tons. Thought about ya a lot, and stuffs. Good things have been going on since we last spoke. First things first


I started working with a lawyer 3 years ago, and I finally got to talk with them earlier this month. I've got a hearing date in October, and everything. OH MY GOSHHHHHHH, right? He's even got commercials on tv, man. In NC anyway. They're the only people who have actually tried to help. My hearing shouldn't take anymore than 20 minutes. He also said I have a very high chance of getting it. I better after all this damn time. I have waited for soooo long. You know that. What really helped was my doctor finally figured out I can't work, and signed the paper stating everything that's wrong with me. Fuckin' took her long enough. But yeah. Like I told you a long time ago, *fingers crossed*. Lol. I've been okay, though. No worries there, Sweets. :D I hope you've been well. Sooooooooooo, spill it. XD
Sevy-Chan Sep 25, 2017 3:58 PM
AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I totally had faith that you still got notifications. Holy hell.

I got so excited to see your reply. I MISSED YOU, TOO. I didn't think I was ever going to get the internet. XD
Sevy-Chan Sep 25, 2017 3:10 PM
Not so sure you even keep up with this thing anymore... `Tis worth a shot.

Sevy-Chan Jul 20, 2015 9:09 PM
Oh. That is just fine. I understand. :)

It seems to me that family should/would want to act the complete opposite. I just don't get it. How could someone find it in there self to be so cold? Maybe I'm not the most perfect person, but I damn well know how to treat others. It makes me sick. Your mother, though. Different story. How you've described her, it seems like you may be better off without. I know she's your mom, and everything, but a relationship of that sort should be treasured. Not trampled upon by bashing just because you're not happy or whatever the issue may be. It didn't even happen to me, and I can't believe it. I honestly didn't think I would come back to some news like that. It's harsh as hell to think about. Buuut thankfully, someone was there to take care of you, and you don't have to deal with all of that any longer.Aww. I love you, too. Just glad to know you're in a better place than before. XD

Dude, hell yeah I did. I've always known about Berserk ever since I started watching. But I'm quite glad I waited until I was older, ya know? XD I told Shawn I didn't mean to give him the aniflu. Lol. Here recently, I've been showing him really good ones. He's gotten more into it over the past few months. So, he watched Berserk with me, and he loves it just as much as me. And I only changed those because I thought it was about time for me to revise the anime in my list. It has been 5 years after all. :P

Ohoho. I got the damn letter in the mail the other day, and of course, I was denied. Buut, that is just fine. My lawyer sent me the paperwork for an appeal, and we shall be gettin' things going as soon as I send it back into her. *Fingers crossed*