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Oct 23, 2019
The YuGiOh manga is a work I wish I could convince more people to read. Most people I know have some experience with the franchise, whether it be through various anime series/movies, video games, or the card game – but very few are familiar with the starting point. This is entirely understandable, given that manga tends to be less accessible for many people. Even though the series is extraordinarily successful, many people seem to have forgotten its roots – this magnificent work by Kazuki Takahashi, which I am very grateful having finally had the opportunity to read myself. Having experienced the level of enjoyment I read more
Oct 9, 2019
I finally decided to watch Grave of the Fireflies. Admittedly, this is a film that I should have viewed a long time ago, given its influence and importance to the medium. Studio Ghibli has long been known to create works that carry subtle but profound messages while employing the use of gorgeous visuals, and “Hotaru no Haka” is certainly no exception. Although I am sure that by now the conversation surrounding its themes and delivery has been well exhausted, I wanted to contribute my own opinions; if only to express how compelling it was to me. This review contains discussions of key plot points.

Interestingly enough, read more
Jun 20, 2015
Higurashi: a rather dark horror/mystery title praised for its unexpected twists and complex storyline. It is told in a series of arcs that all have a similar start point and their own unique ending. While many found the story to be thrilling and exciting due to its sudden change ups and shocking nature, I found it to be an overly convoluted and jumbled mess.

As the story progresses, the many arcs are supposed to reveal information about our seemingly peaceful setting and its many troubles, but this is not the case. They are simply a series of disconnected scenarios. As soon as one ended, the writers read more
Feb 2, 2015
The study of psychology has always been a fascinating subject to me, particularly when it is the focal point of some kind of medium such as literature or anime. One word that comes to mind when I think of Kuuchuu Buranko is bizarre. This series assaults its viewers with peculiar, even somewhat grotesque visuals that will both perplex and amaze you. Prepare to go down the rabbit hole, because this anime is a colorful and confusing journey into the inter-workings of the human psyche.

The story follows the young psychologist Ichiro Irabu, who counsels people with disorders such as depression and obsessive compulsion. Many times he read more
Nov 20, 2014
Wow man, DMC was fucking crazy. I swear that shit was so funny I almost fucking shit myself during every episode. It also made me want to kill and rape every bitch around me. As for my parents — you know I'm just going to stop right there.

Detroit Metal City is a brief comedic anime that is known for its vulgarity. The language is foul and the jokes are wildly offensive. And that's the show's shtick. If jokes about raping and murdering your own mother offend you — *cough* if you're any kind of sensible person they probably should offend you *cough* — read more
Nov 18, 2014
This review contains some spoilers.

I was hesitant to watch Kill la Kill because I thought that it would simply be about scantily clad girls fighting each other for 24 episodes. I wasn't entirely wrong, but it is a little bit deeper than that. It goes beyond what I perceived the limitations of the ecchi genre to be. While I wouldn't call it the "savior of anime" as many have dubbed it, Kill la Kill was an enjoyable series. It had something great going at first, but then fell short of what it could have been.

Before I watched Kill la Kill I was told read more
Nov 2, 2014
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
FLCL, Furi Kuri, or Fooly Cooly is an anime that is about as difficult to review as it is to fooly understand (ha!). People seem to either love this series or hate it. There seldom is a middle of the road opinion. That being said, most people can agree on one thing: this anime has energy. It's fast paced. It's crazy. Whether or not these are all good qualities is up to the viewer.

Growing up is hard, but almost everyone is ready to make that leap at some point. In Naota's case, it is especially hard. He is surrounded by people older than but less read more
Oct 30, 2014
Your review is the review that will pierce the public opinion!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an over the top, in your face show that is fast paced, fun, and almost nonsensical at times. The opinion on this show is split right down the middle. Many people love it to death, while others go as far as to say that it is a non-functioning piece of garbage. My rating may seem too harsh to those aforementioned diehard fans, but there is reasoning behind it. This is mainly because I found the first "half" to be uniquely crazy and exciting. However, I felt that the final eleven read more
Apr 16, 2014
Cowboy Bebop is different from other anime in that it does not focus on a linear storyline to progress through the series. It is like a series of short stories that all use the same characters in different scenarios to see how they react when presented with a challenge. However, not all the sessions are disconnected. As we get further into the series, we delve into the past of each character, which gives us a better understanding of how and why each of them act the way they do. This show is more character driven than anything, and because of the memorable characters it provides, read more