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Mar 17, 2012
Nisemonogatari was certainly one of the more interesting anime of the season, not least for its trait of dividing viewers down the middle in terms of who enjoyed it and who didn't; this show, being the continuation of a well-known franchise, has attracted plenty of vitriol in the last eleven weeks, even though many people have been outspoken in its defence. But now that broadcasting is finished (even if the argument over whether it is masterpiece or merely the latest victim of too-high expectations has plenty of fuel still left to burn), I'm afraid to say that I couldn’t resist the lure dangling so read more
Jan 11, 2012
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
Another was one of those series which had me waiting eagerly for Mondays to arrive and wishing that the weekend would end sooner. For twelve weeks, it was my priority above all else to watch this amazing series, and to be honest, I'm already awaiting the release of the OVA in May. If I had to say what makes it so incredible, I would cite the short series length, the clever plot with a brilliant resolution, and outstanding animation as the main contributing factors, although the promise of blood will probably be enough for most people to decide whether this show is for them or read more
Dec 21, 2011
Sola (Anime) add (All reviews)
If I asked you to name an anime from 2007 off the top of your head, I would be amazed if you came up with Sola out of the 200-odd possible choices, but in a 2007 poll, Sola was voted the best anime of the year. It has since been relegated to a lowly 915th place on this esteemed website's rankings (which is short-hand for forgettable and not worth watching. The more discerning of you may conclude that that is why I have chosen to do my first review on it, and you would be correct in your conclusion, as I know that the chances read more