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Aug 19, 2015
Mod Edit: this review may contain spoilers.

Sword Art Online... You know, I hear alot of fanboys say that the second season is much better than the first, but I say they're dead wrong. When I started watching this season, I told myself that I'm not taking anyone's word for it and will let the show speak for itself. If you ask me, Sword Art Online should've ended after, y'know, Sword Art Online. Even if Aincrad was a terrible arc, it would've ended with at least some dignity. But nope, Fairy Dance just had to drive whatever dignity it had into the ground.

The second season of read more
Jan 12, 2014
I'm gonna start off by saying I've always hated Infinite Stratos. I was unfortunate to be invited in by the concept alone, expecting some good science-fiction action. I was very upset only to find it to be a very poorly written and generic harem with few redeeming qualities. However, I looked forward to the second season with almost no expectations, only to find that it had slaughtered said redeeming qualities from the first season.

In case you didn't know what Infinite Stratos is all about, let me remind you: It's set in the near future where the eponymous weaponized armors are the norm in military warfare. read more
May 24, 2013

Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana) may very well be one of the most controversial, polarizing anime in a while, mainly due to its unnatural animation. The use of rotoscoping, if you will. From the first episode alone, it was met here with most users either dropping it immediately, rating it at 1/10, wrote first episode reviews claiming it to be the worst anime ever, or all of the above. My question is does the rotoscoping really make this the worst anime in existence? Then again, take a look at read more
Apr 10, 2013
From the uncreative mind that dumped Sword Art Online into your face comes his other famous light novel series, Accel World. I really don't see how people actually think Reki Kawahara's works are good. They're not. They're merely otaku-pandering wish fulfillment that's all style and no real effort put into them. Although Accel World is better than Sword Art Online, only by a little.

This 24-episode adaptation by Sunrise is set in the year 2046, where people have wireless access to the internet using NeuroLink, which is basically a computer built into your body. The story follows a junior high school student named Haruyuki Arita, who read more
Jan 16, 2013
Why does J.C. Staff think their idea of comedy is funny when it really isn't? This is why no one likes them anymore. And Aria the Scarlet Ammo (Hidan no Aria) is yet another piece of awful on their ever-piling list of mediocrity.

The premise seems interesting enough. You have this school where students are trained to become mercenaries and law enforcement and such. The main character, Kinji Tohyama, attends this school and he has this strange power that makes him more badass, but it's only triggered when he gets sexually aroused. No idea how that exactly is supposed to work. Anyway, he's relunctant to become read more
Oct 28, 2012
Sword Art Online... You know, at one point, I was actually really excited about watching this show to the point that it was THE show I was looking forward to that season and all the other shows were just fodder, but as the show went on, and its problems became more and more apparent, I grew a burning hatred for everything about it that it began to define me at one point. Word of advice: Just because something is popular does NOT mean it's good (Just look at Justin Bieber, Twilight, and Call of Duty), as you will learn the hard way with this.

First of read more