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Jul 22, 2015
If you're looking for a manga with a bittersweet ending, I definitely recommend this one shot. It depicts a girl that falls in love with a tree spirit that she has known since she was very young. Through the story, these two forbidden people feel what it is like to go through a first love.

Story: I've watched anime and read manga with the same story line, so this one is nothing new. Nevertheless, it still is a refreshing manga to read as these types of innocent and simple love stories are quite rare gems to find.

Art: The art is very similar to other shoujo mangas ...
Jul 22, 2015
I found this movie from searching for an anime that had a bittersweet ending, and when I found this I feel like I have been changed. This movie shows just how time can be something that people take for granted and that it can be cruel at time. It shows how deep a person's first love can effect them emotionally and through their life.

Story: The story is about a girl that has known a spirit ever sine childhood and every summer, whenever she sees him, her feelings grow into something more than friendship. Her visits affect this spirit as well as he too slowly ...
Jul 21, 2015
This anime is just.. completely legendary. It brought out some new emotions that I've never felt before. At first, I never was interested in this anime AT ALL, but then I saw some wicked edits of it on Vine and the animation seemed pretty unique so I thought I should try it out. Woah boy, I did NOT expect the emotional train ride I just signed myself up for.

Story: The story really is quite captivating, I could not stop watching each episode and finished this whole series in one sitting. As you can see from the summary of the animation, it is based on the ...
Apr 13, 2015
For starters, I just watched this anime because it was a reverse harem. As there is very little in that genre, I thought I should give it a try, and I'm going to be truthful and say that this anime was quite a waste of my time.

Story: I assumed that the story would be something interesting, but it turned out to be a rip-off of Yumeiro Patissiere. This was incredibly uninteresting and evoked no emotion from me.

Art: I give a tiny bit of kudos to the "bishounen" styled art as they had good sense of fashion and the colors complimented each other, but the fact ...
Apr 13, 2015
THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE GEM. Caution: Massive amounts of sexual references in this anime, as well as cursing.

Story: The story is one that is unique from any other, each episode has a different story and the things they come up with always puts me in a surprise!

Art: The art is quite childish, almost reminding me of my childhood show, The Powerpuff Girls. Except, of course, that this anime is absolutely lewd. In a hilarious context! There are scenes here and there with the typical anime drawings, but otherwise, it's mostly drawn like a kid's anime.

Sound: Hmm.. Nothing that I can complain about here! The soundtrack ...
Feb 21, 2014
Gakuen Alice (Manga) add
At first I had no interest in reading this before but then after remembering how much I loved the anime I figured to give it a chance because you know "The books are better than the movies" am I right? Well, starting off on the first chapter I was already laughing at the childishness of it. But in an absolutely good way! Next thing I knew, I could not stop reading it. Approximately, I finished the whole thing in 5 days. 5 straight hours of reading it per day because it was that great! Now I'm going to start going in detail.

Story: 10
The story is ...