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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie: Take On Me
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie: Take On Me
May 25, 4:31 PM
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Anmitsu Hime
Anmitsu Hime
May 20, 8:56 PM
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Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara OVA
Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara OVA
May 20, 4:02 AM
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Murasakiiro no Qualia
Murasakiiro no Qualia
May 14, 6:50 AM
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May 14, 6:50 AM
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Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
May 10, 1:40 AM
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animeiscool561 Yesterday, 5:58 AM
Makes more sense, was thinking she referred to some of the more fun animation cuts. Regarding Death Parade, if it was just the body language, I probably wouldn’t complain but….they have cocaine face in this show trying to deal with these issues seriously, can look kinda ridiculous. Maybe it was to show how flawed their system was that a lot of the show was spent on executing, that it would lead people to such emotional extremes putting people at their worst, but they might’ve done a bit far in that regard. Overdramatic revelations were one of the things I complained about in my tag for the series. Overanimation probably isn’t the best in that context. A much better example of such would probably be the scene in which Envy reveals he killed Hughes to Mustang in FMA Brotherhood, for both of them. For Envy, it makes more sense he’d have a crazy expression on his face given that he isn’t a human and it fits with how manical and sadistic his personality is, and for Mustang there, because they didn’t go SO ridiculously extreme with it and they used that to show that he would be heading down a dark path himself the way he tortured Envy like that, to which there’s a great scene where he’s reassured by those close to him (and Scar). Roy's mad rage and Envy's pain and fear are better shown through this, plus FMA has more leniency to be over the top in my eyes than Death Parade. That’s an example of overanimation enhancing a scene. Re:Zero had a few moments of this as well (like when Subaru was being tortured by Betelgeuse) though for some reason it didn’t bother me as much there.

Regarding the side side side note...............true, definitely could've worded it much less harshly, that was moreso a gut reaction than an earnest thinking one. Also, it was not meant to be directed at you or your personal feelings on those at all. If so I would've told you. I didn’t say “Utena and Evangelion are bloated pretentious trainwrecks riding on symbolic jibber jabber in the hopes that anyone could like them”, I was mainly suggesting what they showed onto me in comparison to the one other show mentioned, Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Basically just that I like the certain vibe more.

There's a difference between what a product leads you with versus what a product actually is. “This sorta comes off this way” versus “this is shit” is not the same, and those two are not shit on any level (except maybe the quality of their initial dubs). It's not like I was calling Sword Art Online or Guilty Crown actually better than all of those, the only show used in this context of comparison was LotGH.

I don't think any of them are BAD shows by any means, and they all stood the test of time for very good reason, that's mainly just a vibe that I get from how they show themselves, predicating on the audience saying how deep, unique and interesting they are moreso than because they are good quality shows. Not that they AREN'T persay, their presentations (like, directing wise and stuff) are great, the characters are there to properly show those points, and I'd recommend them pretty easily to those curious so they could get something out of it, but to me, it kinda felt like they were flaunting how intriguing and deep they were. The genuinity is what's hidden underneath the layers of symbolisms and metaphors and existential questioning of existence, gender roles, or purpose. Basically it's harder to buy into something I'd need advance understanding of symbolisms and metaphors while talking or puppet shows, or visual storytelling chops. Can take me out of the experience a lot of the time.

If you want an example of something that comes across moreso as feeling truly genuine to me, Kiki's Delivery Service is a great movie for that in how earnest its presentation is and the relatability of the protagonist. That’s not the first word I’d use to describe Utena and NGE. “Deep and intriguing” moreso.

I'll respond to the rest of this later when I have more time, probably in a PM
poetic_dreamer May 26, 3:47 PM
As for NGE, I don't think its the greatest anime of all time like many people say but its certainly not horrible. In fact, I can definitely see why it is praised so much. It is kind of like a darker version of gurren lagann. The concept are larger than life, the atmosphere is overly dark, and the characters each represent archetypes seen in anime nowadays. I find nge to also be a critique of our society in a way. It deals with the fear of rejection in a very unique way that emotionally resonates with the viewer. However, for all those positives, the show had a couple negatives as well. Also, am I the only one who feels this is the anime you show to someone in a mid-life crisis lol? Overall, it was a very intriguing psychological journey filled to the brim with epic moments. However, overly emphasized themes, slow pacing, and an innumerable amount of unanswered questions hinder it from being a masterpiece in my book. I know its a show of expression, but I would like to know way more about the events and situations of the characters to relate to them more.
animeiscool561 May 26, 2:01 PM
There are just certain times where I hear very specific less than stellar things about certain dubs, but that only happens once in a while. I don't see what exactly makes them an awful company. It seems like they're doing a lot to pick up certain shows and dub them, and give people access to all these shows through their website. They tend to have some of the more professional voice actors and their dubs tend to leave a lot more of an impression than the Aniplex dubs (though I like what I've heard of Shigatsu's a lot) or the unimpressive Sentai Filmworks ones. They dubbed shows like Noragami, Soul Eater, FMA, Black Lagoon, Baccano, Hellsing Ultimate, Spice and Wolf, Panty and Stocking, Code Geass, Samurai Champloo Kekkai Sensen, Rage of Bahamut, Assassination Classroom, etc, ones that stood out more than most. Granted, those are more in the A-list, and they release a ton of other dubs for forgettable or trashy shows too, like any company. It's more difficult in the sense that I feel like English voices of a character stick with me long after the fact (may be for recognizing an actor or not), but the Japanese ones tend to not, and make me think of assumed voices for certain types of characters. I haven't seen enough subs or know enough seiyuu to recognize people by talking.

It's not that I can't hear them, it just feels easier to like a specific joke when I hear the tone of voice, lead up, or timing of the punchline.
I feel similarly to Arkada in the sense that I feel comedies are best watched in your most fluent language. If the adaptation staff gave a crap, the material WAS good and it wasn't Nichijou, (which apparently perfect how it is) I notice subtitles get in the way of comedic timing since humor works best when you're hit directly at the correct time, rather than scrolling downwards and delaying the punchline.
czxcjx May 15, 7:31 AM
I forgot to add dense research into setting or narrative conveyed in a very easy & palatable manner (the history lessons & sword technique discussions in Hanachirasu, discussions of Art in Sakura no Uta etc...)
czxcjx May 15, 7:28 AM
Personally I'm a sucker for

Mysteries that tie to psychology & characters & are crafted with logic or interesting folklore (like Monogatari, Zaregoto or Boogiepop)
Fast-paced insane banter & comedy with multiple jokes per second (like Monogatari or Romeo Tanaka's stuff)
Logical & Complex Action Scenes & Dense Politics (like Hanachirasu or Horizon)
Heavy Philosophical Undertones /w large ideas about life (like SubaHibi)
Knows how to use Artifice (like Penguindrum)
Complicated & Emotional Romance Triangles
Calm Slice of Life Moments of Pure Beauty
Chuuni Incantations (like FSN or Dies Irae)
General avoidance of the most cliched cliches - or usage of those cliches for a higher purpose
Genre-blending to transcend genre
Genuine moments of poesy

Anything that contains all of the above + more would be top in my list subjectively. Supposedly Soukou Akki Muramasa has all of the above, except maybe the romance triangles.
czxcjx May 14, 7:09 PM
Of course I do, but I usually drop shows that don't grab my attention after a few episodes - so I don't give those any ratings. If I manage to last 13/26 episodes to the end then that must mean that the show still had some quality that hooked into me.

If I were to be really objective, say, like Alex Sheremet - almost no anime would warrant a 10 or a 9 in comparison to other mediums. The medium is still too young & too trapped in certain pits - like say, still mostly dealing with adolescent issues (or grown-up issues in adolescent ways) - and the difficulty & manpower needed to actually make an Anime also ensures that innovation is stifled because it is harder to enforce a focused vision from a complex organization. Although, at the very least, it's better off than the state of the industry in the West.
czxcjx May 14, 9:12 AM
Most of it is personal bias & scores from a long time ago that I haven't bothered to fix. I watched Cowboy Bebop, for example, when I had less of a critical faculty - and so I hardly remember the episodes now. If I watched it again my opinion would probably change.

I'm obviously weaned off Steins;Gate now, but I still can't deny it as the first drama that I was really invested in - so I left it as a 10.

Scores also help me keep track of what I would recommend to certain close friends of mine /w the comparison button - because we were all in it together since long ago & we always swap recommendations. So I might rate in terms of how I view they might feel about it as well, and just keep it there as an easy ref when we talk about anime. I keep all my scores above 8 as a habit from a long time ago when I decided that I wouldn't give 'bad scores' - and they indicate the subjectivity of my rating rather than critical objectivity.

So, basically, I have my own uses for my scores - mostly as a cataloguing kind of thing. If I have something that I would really want to recommend to my friend & I forget about it, I just stick it in 9 or 10 so that it sifts up to the surface.
animeiscool561 May 2, 1:53 PM
As for Boyhood, I enjoyed the concept of the film more than the film itself, it went on a bit too long (could've likely ended it at Mason's graduation, or last talk with his mother) and the characters were passable even if the general acting of some like the mom and the sister suffered somewhat (not bad tho), but it was a solid film overall and despite not being the most stylistic movie, I have to admire the work the director put into this project to film certain scenes every year. The specific transitions from age to age were quite well executed and Ethan Hawke gave a great performance as the original father.

One could argue that the story being nothing special is the film's greatest weakness and its greatest strength. It could be seen as unentertaining and not fun, since besides the boy growing up, nothing really happens and it celebrates the unexceptional, OR that it's engagingly different because unlike some other movies, it shows not every life is a spectacular journey even if it's not amazing. I'd personally say it's pretty solid overall even if I didn't love it

Have you seen any of the director's other films? I've heard great things about Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, and the Before Trilogy.
Momot98 May 1, 5:45 AM
It's an idea I had a while back, and instead of hoping for someone to make it I decided to make it myself. It's relatively biased right now, and the only way I can imagine that bias disappearing is if the club gets bigger, so... who knows?
ktulu007 Apr 22, 12:05 PM
It's less about not wanting discussion and more about not wanting a futile argument. With most people who leave walls of text it's not "I had this differing opinion on *insert anime here* because of these things but I still respect yours" or even "could you elaborate on these few points a bit because I felt..." and more "you are wrong about *insert anime here* because *insert 20 paragraphs here*".

It especially becomes burdensome when it comes to certain popular anime (Evangelion especially) where I've read variations on the same walls of text so many times that I can list the spiel myself. It's gotten repetitive to the point of meaninglessness.
ktulu007 Apr 22, 3:00 AM
Go ahead.

And I'll just hope this isn't one of those "wall of text because I disagree with you" situations.
Momot98 Apr 21, 1:31 PM
I quite loved Persona 4 Golden, my only problem was that the characters weren't even close to as interesting as I hoped they would be, and that's a pretty big problem for a series that's all about interacting with and developing relationships with the people around you. I really only found myself liking characters because they looked hot or cute, not because they were well-written. I'm hoping Persona 5 fixes this problem, I would like to see a cast of characters I care more for.
ktulu007 Apr 21, 12:55 PM
Quite a few. Not including anime films, I really like a lot of Mel Brooks' comedies. I'm really fond of Lang's Metropolis. Wrath of Khan will always be a classic. There's also Ghostbusters (not the remake) & the Goonies. More recently, I really loved Big Hero Six.
Momot98 Apr 20, 5:45 PM
I finished Final Fantasy XV yesterday, it reeks of amateur game design but it's ambitious enough to be fun. I also finished Persona 4 a couple of days prior to that, was a very well-made JRPG. It convinced me that modern turn based JRPG's might not be as dead as I thought, and now with Persona 5 getting very high scores, I'm even more convinced. Perhaps Final Fantasy XVI can reach the importance that the first ten titles had on the gaming industry, that is even if it will be turn based (or have the ATB system), which I certainly hope it does. I do like the combat system in FFXV, but I prefer the original battle system the games had.
ktulu007 Apr 20, 1:43 PM
Unfortunately, no. We're very much a local publication. The reviews I've done for it aren't even anywhere in English. They are similar to the reviews I do on MAL in my own time. They just use a five star rating system instead of a 1-10 scale and I don't talk about the ho-yay factor. They also have word limits so there are times when I can't get out everything I actually want to say. Honestly, my MAL reviews are probably better for that reason. I can make them as long as I need them to be.