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Aug 28, 2015
Precure All Stars Movie: Haru no Carnival♪: Feature Dance Presentation is a music video created by Toei Animation featuring all Precure from previous seasons, with the song "Ima koko kara" of Morning Musume idol group. I feel they tend to bring songs from real groups into Precure, rather than from the voice actors.

Story (6/10)
This video is too short to have a real story. It's just about a group of magical girls singing and dancing in 3DCG. However, the choreography is quite good.

Art (7/10)
Maybe the best part(?). It gives me cute and cheerful feeling. Character models are well-drawn and move smoothly. The background is colorful and read more
Aug 26, 2015
As a fan of Precure, I was eager to see this movie. But the movie was not what I'm anticipating. Maybe Precure movies are getting worse and worse.

Story (4/10)
The worst part of this movie. This movie has no real story. Boring and stupid. It makes me feel like a copy-and-paste from previous seasons, a Precure advertisement and a Highschool musical copycat. Nothing new was added.
Art (6/10)
The art is not special nor better than the TV series. However, the background is really well-drawn and the CG dance is good. Fighting scenes are short, but nice.
Sound (5/10)
The sound is mediocore, not special. Although the scores were composed read more