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Dec 30, 2014
Ok. So there's a lot of reviews for this out there so mine's going to be a little different. Bear with me guys. Bear. With. Me.

One. Two. Three Four Five
Everybody grab a gun and c'mon lets ride...

Yep. That Mambo N.5 appropriation pretty much sums up the first arc of SAO II. The only problem is the people driving seem to even more geographically challenged than me, and as the anime's seemingly directionless take becomes apparent you'll find yourself yelling 'For fuck sake use a GPS'. Yep. This anime has trouble navigating itself.

But smash on the beaks and hop on out. Lets step back, shall we, read more
Oct 19, 2014
Click. BANG! That's the signal! Grab your stylish hat, your most powerful gun, and employ your sixth sense (you'll need it!). What Baccano! confronts you with is exciting, fun, mildly disturbing and incredibly unique.

You're all ready to go? Well let me brief you first. Baccano! is a perfect blend of crime, action, comedy and the supernatural bound together in a beautifully wrapped, non-linear style of storytelling. You may be thinking. “That's a bit ambitious!” And it is! But Baccano! pulls it off so well that you'll be left wondering “what is linear even?”

If you're not captivated by the classy opening then the characters will surely read more
Oct 4, 2014
How are you feeling today? Upbeat? Or perhaps a little down? Maybe you've had a long day at work and you just want an anime to take your mind off things. Well, grab your cup of tea and look no further my friend - Magi: The Kingdom of Magic is the anime you've been searching for!

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic has everything you look for in an anime. Pleasing sounds (not in a dirty way!), bright (pun intended) characters who develop nicely throughout the duration of the anime and beautiful art. The characters are interesting, have depth and will make you feel for them, so read more