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Aug 12, 2011
Skin and Bone reads like an R.L. Stine book, mostly involves schoolchildren, and is one of the goriest manga I've read with such simple character designs. In yet another compilation of short stories, Hideshi Hino continues to prove his mastery of simple but disturbing horror stories. I'm not sure whether or not his intended audience was children, but it wouldn't surprise me.

The individual short stories were fairly good, or as decent as one can be in 30 pages.Traditional "ghost story" plots, girl gets killed or tormented, comes back to haunt and kill classmates, but they move you quickly to the end of the manga. read more
Jan 25, 2009
This has got to be one of the most bizarre one-shot's I've ever read. The story kind of goes like this: man meets pretty girl, man kidnaps the pretty girl and takes her to his rinky-dink fishing boat, man is thwarted by the devil himself and a Mini Cooper. Seriously?

I'm all for religious parodies, but this goes so far beyond ridiculous it's no longer funny. First of all, there's not a likable character in this thing. The main character, Vulcan, is so vile that I don't know who could possibly think he was funny (unless attempted rape is hilarious to you). Nazareth I assume is read more
Dec 27, 2008
I'm a huge Resident Evil fan, and I've been waiting for Capcom to jump into the film business for a long time. That said, this movie really feels more like a long trailer for the upcoming RE:5 than an actual movie. The story's basically the same thing as most of the games: two characters, Leon and Claire, are propelled through a series of action packed gunfights with zombies and all sorts of twisted T and G virus mutants. While some of the earlier fight scenes are nice, the latter half of the movie has a dreadful amount of drama in it. I read more
Dec 13, 2008
There's one word that perfectly sums up the Blame! Special/Collapsed Data: pointless. Utterly pointless.

This is just a bunch of clips from the original Blame! OVA, blurred up, with added computer voices and a bunch of flashing symbols. It seems more like some sort of brainwashing tool than something you're actually supposed to watch.

The art, when you can actually see something clearly, is okay. Honestly, there was only about 5 seconds of clear viewing.

The sound will give you a headache. Really. It will.

Character? What character? There's no character to be had, except in the very end when you see an image of Cibo, or what read more
Dec 13, 2008
This is going to be a very short review for an anime that takes a little over 6 minutes to complete.

There isn't much of a story unless you were an avid reader of the Blame! manga. Several enemies appear, Killy destroys them, Killy continues with wandering the giant cityscape. End of story.

Now a good art design, this has in droves. This OVA was created by the same people who did Appleseed (04) and Vexille, so of course there's a high level of detail in the backgrounds. The city looks great, and it keeps that grungy, almost decayed look of the manga perfectly. The read more
Dec 5, 2008
I, like many people, picked up this manga because of my love of the movie, and Tezuka in general. What I didn't know was how immensely different from the movie this is. There's no Rock, no politically driven story or romance: there isn't even a "Tima".

The story focuses on a gender-bending young robot named Michi, who is very like Tima in almost all respects. Both befriend Kenichi, have run ins with Duke Red (who isn't nearly as charismatic as he is in the movie), and both are, for the most part, innocence incarnate. Many recurring characters in Tezuma's world make appearances, and even some hilarious read more
Dec 4, 2008
I've never seen or read Bleach, but from reading this, I don't think I even want to bother. The story is typical shonen fare, which normally doesn't bother me if it has something out of the ordinary. Forbidden powers? Check. Wacky villains? Check. Annoying pipsqueak sidekick? Check. Chick with abnormally huge knockers? Double check. The Rings of the Dead were an interesting concept, but immortality has been done before, and it's really just another fetch quest. The action is okay, but other than that, there's nothing to be had. The humor is either way out of bounds or just plain not funny.

The art is read more
Nov 14, 2008
Real Drive is tough to write a review for. As promising as this series is, it has a major downfall: it can't find its balance. The 1st and 2nd episodes are a great start, giving you all of this information and an interesting and slightly mysterious lead in Haru. I found myself immediately wanting to know more about the Artificial Island these characters inhabit, and, most of all, about what exactly happened 50 years ago to Haru. While the main character may be Haru, this series really switches the focus up after the 4th ep. After that, it becomes Minamo's show until a little read more
Sep 21, 2008
I'd heard that the story was damn near incomprehensible, and whoever wrote that was right. It jumps all over the place, and it’s pretty hard to follow. It's not that the writing is difficult to understand, the story just literally doesn't make sense. If you consider it to be more of a collection of random short stories set in the same universe, it seems to make it more understandable. Since it was his first work, though, I'll cut him some slack.

The art isn't Shirow's best, and the detailed backgrounds you come to expect from him are nowhere to be found. There was even one read more
Sep 18, 2008
Because MAL does not have a separate page for both of the Dominion manga (which are vastly different, by the way), I'm going to attempt to write this review to suit both of them.

The original Dominion has got to be the lightest read I've ever bought, Shirow-wise anyway. It was funny, had decent artwork, and had more tanks than you could shake a pistol at. Released in 1986, this is his third work, and one of the easiest ways to get someone at least interested in Shirow. There's no huge glossary you have to memorize, no notes to take or side stories to follow. read more