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Feb 27, 2015
I had previously harshly criticized the first SAO, for all the imaginable reasons except soundtrack and okay visuals. But ever since then, whenever I heard "SAO" all that came to mind was bad written story, shallow/annoying character, lazy plot and a terrible script.

Before SAO II, I was almost harassed to read the light novels. I tried, but as a person who genuinely loves reading, those texts were simply too bad to present any kind of interest.
I started SAO II out of sheer curiosity and because naivete can push one to go back and try again even in the most hopeless of situations. I read more
Sep 21, 2012
Gantz (Anime) add (All reviews)
10 for the guts.
Gantz is the most straight forward anime I've watched. The most disgusting, inconvenient, uncomfortable truths about human nature are just there, in your face.
Gantz has no shame at all and does not know how to tell beautiful lies, regardless of teh subject.
Gantz does not sugarcoat its characters because Gantz doesn't need heroes.
Gantz makes you laugh or makes you want to punch the characters, but all these contradictory things are entwined beautifully in a situational comic that is a rare gem these days.
Gantz is not to be taken seriously, as Gantz is merely a parody of the ugly side of read more
Aug 22, 2012
Started this because I was a hardcore gamer once. I thought this would be funny because I heard it follows the main character, Kirito, throughout the completion of Sword Art Online, which happened to be a mmorpg unlike otehr shows about card games and such that never interested me and I always thought were shitboring.

I think this could have been a good show, a very very entertaining one. BUT only for the people that actually play mmorpgs. Why ? Because there are certain "inside" things that "normal ppl" wouldn't really understand or better say perceive as being utterly hilarious.

For example, if you are read more
Aug 6, 2012
Blood-C (Anime) add (All reviews)
There are shows that, because they are part of a great franchise, never get appreciated by what they are alone, but through the already unrealistic expectations of being a much better settlement of the franchise's reference point. It's the case of Blood-C, having met a cruel and unfair depreciation because the Blood fanbase, who is responsible for watching and evaluating this show, are crazy in love with Blood+.

I haven't watched Blood+ and I couldn't care less about the Blood franchise either. Wether this is better or worse in my opinion doesn't have any relevance because as it stands alone I found read more
Jul 19, 2012
Hakuouki is probably one of the top anime dramas around and Hekketsuroku, not counting the latest - currently airing - prequel, is by far the better one.

Hakuouki is tagged as "shoujo" because it is based on an otome game (a game designed for girls) but I can tell you for sure that the anime and it's plot are not really centered around the needy, rather colorless main female lead, but on emphasizing some historical facts about the military force of the time known as the Shinsengumi.
As many people are put out by the female character, who, during the first season, looks really out read more
Jul 5, 2012
2012 summer season's series seem to deal with light drama lovestories, among which this one seems to be worth the effort: not being too deep or too dramatic in dealing with actually gloom themes like death and lost love, it makes the perfect choice for a lazy summer evening watch, granted the fact that it has a strong lead male character and very good visuals.

While the plot/summary seemed to put you through some exhausting story about a love triangle including the ghost of a dead husband, the first episode depicted a show fresh and invigorating like the soft summer rain. From the color palette, with read more
Jun 8, 2012
To be completely honest, by the name of this anime I wouldn't have watched it. It couldn't have possibly appealed me less than it did, along with the character design itself which to me seemed too child-like. Hell, I am an adult and all, maybe 10 years ago this would have made a logical choice, but now by the looks of it just wasn't something to look into.

My gosh I couldn't have been more wrong.
Why did I start this in the first place? I was looking for a decently looking comedy with some action so that I could pass a couple of days without thinking read more
Dec 13, 2011
This anime is very a shoujo combination of Kuroshitsuji and Angel Sanctuary.

Gotta say, IF you are a shoujo genre fangirl, then this would probably get a 9. I don't mean it in a bad way, I am quite happy with it too. That's why i gave it an overall 7 (good): i do enjoy cheap dramas at times and i definitely love guys BUT my no. 10 shoujo anime is much better. so keep in mind that I gave it this 7 as within the shoujo genre.

I'll start with why I needed to see this and why I absolutely loved it. This series right here read more
Dec 6, 2011
First of all, this graphic novel appeared after the Gundam Seed Destiny anime so yea, the story is exactly the same. And probably that's the reason it is not very popular either. For a fairly long anime adaptation, these 4 volumes are pretty rushed.

As a huge huge Gundam Seed fan it is hard for me to try and stay fair to the actual quality of this hence why I actually bought this in the first place: if you really really love something buying it feels like the right thing. Plus I am pretty sure at a first glance I couldn't even find any online source read more
Dec 4, 2011
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
How to write a negative review without sounding like you hate the show?

Firstly, let me confess I've been trying my absolute best to like this show, mostly because I had heard a lot of good things about it. I have yet to finish watching it as I am pretty stubborn and I like to believe I watched all there was before making final statements.

But I just can't forgive Clannad for being this poor for more than half of first season. I will explain why.

COnsidering the tags and people's reviews, I was expecting a peaceful slice of life show, with a tiny bit of everything in read more