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Jun 12, 2019
Sieg Reich! Id like to say but unfortunately this is "your average seasonal anime" After withstanding till the end I can honestly say this anime is a huge disappointment. The story was interesting within the first five minutes but after that it turned into a huge cringe fiesta. Lets talk about the characters. Most of our characters are braindead or straight stupid for the sake of the story. The writers of the story had no clue it seems to continue the story properly or in a interesting way. Oh lets talk about a huge secret just randomly outside that make us lose 100% and during read more
May 29, 2019
What an huge disappointment this show is. My friends and I were waiting so patiently for a second season now its finally here and its straight bs. J.C. Stuff killed every nice aspect of this show like humor or animation and produced garbo shit. The speed of the show is on one piece level. Pathetic! It makes me so sad... that this season is so bad.

My expectations were low but common dude I saw you guys doing better on others shows. Holy... You guys dishonered the original work and slapped every fan who waited in the face for what?

One of the worst things read more
May 25, 2019
Kenja no Mago boring as hell anime

First few episodes especially the first episode was kinda promising I guess. The animation and the artstyle was fine to me but after five episodes in im bored to death right now. The last episode was so paintful wo watch I had to skip most of it because it felt so dead to me.

Nothing special, everything is the same like in every other isekai anime, literally copy paste. Holy moly this anime is even worse. The mc is a stupid kid who likes to annoy the viewer. Overall this is even worse then our average seasonal anime read more
May 15, 2019
Wow what a huge disappointment this show is. I have to pass this one after watching fives episodes of it. The opening is ok I heard it once thats enough for sure. The animation is fine so far and the story also. The way how the story or plot idk is presented is new but also bland. It feels not fresh. It feels like a old bun from yesterday you found in the kitchen you bought but forgot. So next are the abilitys. They are interesting first but later very annyoing how they are being used. It pissed me really off. First four episodes are read more
Jul 1, 2018
After 12 episodes I can say this season is by far the worst. I thought the end of season two was the worst part but nah, it was only the tip of the iceberg phui. I dont want to spoiler at this point but to summarize it: the third seaon is almost one piece/fairy tail level. The first season started good, new, fresh and promising, but unfortunately, now it is getting annoying/boring.

For example, like how often the mc break his body parts. No one cares at this point. Sorry, one scene where the doc says, dont do it again boy or the next time your read more