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Aug 10, 2022
Preliminary (4/12 chp)
I have just finished Redo of Healer tonight, looked through MAL and discovered that this manga existed, and read what chapters were translated to top off my night!

As opposed to the revenge-porn series that this IP is based on (which I enjoyed in its own right for the anime, to let things be clear), this manga explore the same characters is a wholesome sitcom environment. The harem aspect is oddly still present a little, but everything is so lighthearted and cute, without any ill intent for anyone. It puts the biggest impact "redo" possible on the entire reality-warping scenario to go from well... what the ...
Aug 10, 2022
Well, this is an awkward one to review, mostly for the misconceptions about it I had going in. Really wish I hadn't gotten into any MAL forum debates about it until the series finished airing... and it took me a while after that to get back to it, admittedly. Right off the bat, saying it here: the plot is a rape victim getting revenge by raping his rapists. This series is "ecchi" in the sense that there are sex scenes that would make this hentai except for the fact that no one's privates are shown, but believe me there is nothing comedic about this series. ...
Aug 9, 2022
I feel like everyone knows what to expect going in. If not, what a wild ride!

So Ghost Stories was as bland of a supernatural high school series as they came, but the dub company was given permission to do literally whatever they wanted with the lines, along with some minor exceptions like the names of ghosts and other characters. The end result is a dub that is more parody or abridged series than anything else - with an infamous sense of humor!

It is some of the most offensive humor you will find today, including any number of slurs (both conventional and weirdly creative), and I ...
Aug 7, 2022
There was no reason not to bring this adorableness over to the Western Blu-Rays. My roommates and I were watching this after having rewatched the series and movie, and honestly, this would be a great foundation for an Ein-centered anime short series. Certainly a better new idea of what one could do with this IP than what they had been doing at Netflix.

The art style is simplistic and storybook-like, though it is more like a picture book slideshow than anything actually being animated. For how short and sweet it is, that just adds to the charm.

Cowboy Bebop has a myriad of reasons to enjoy ...
Apr 23, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Wooooow, auto-generated subtitles are bad, lol. I'm getting flashbacks to the Joestar Inherited Soul event... Raphtalia called Naofumi "Bun-sama" and now my FFXIV-addled mind pictures him as a pouty Viera boy XD

So anyway, this was a recap video posted on Kadakawa's JP youtube channel, covering a good chunk of season 1 of Shield Hero. It's literally just a recap video. And one without proper subtitles. It's pretty to look at. But there's really nothing else to it. You could easily skip it, but then again it's only 5mins... the exact reasoning that sends me down the rabbit hole of the more obscure anime snippets put ...
Apr 22, 2022
Mixed Feelings
So... this is pretty odd.

First and foremost, this special is at a disadvantage compared to reviews of the series for each individual season. When you review a show like this season by season, it is more often than not just about the general vibe from popcorn-watching these shorts, just binging a full hour or more with this anthology. If one story doesn't appeal to you, then you can see if the next one in a couple minutes is more your speed. If all of them were just ok and none stood out to you, then you could just cozy up with the vibes and ...
Apr 22, 2022
You want more horror shorts? You got more horror shorts. I don't see the complaints of the decrease in quality. The art and story-telling feels largely the same to me throughout, with minor differences being that some seasons feel more atmospheric and some seasons having more gruesome art design for whatever the story was about. That's about it, unless it's a season that has a gimmick (like last season following a pattern of animals from the lunar new year celebrations).

I will say that this season finished on the idea of a horrible "100th Story" being told, which would have been so much more fun and ...
Feb 4, 2022
I feel like I actually like it more than others here, and that's not saying a lot. Honestly, as far as anime adaptations go, I much prefer the dark comedy shorts that came before it. That series had characters we knew and setting, puzzles, monsters etc to toy around with that felt really fun. This is trying to take the concept into a more theatrical story, and it just doesn't work.

At the opening of the movie, it starts with the folk tale of the Oni and I couldn't begin to describe my RELIEF when it changed character focus to modern kids because the kids in ...
Feb 4, 2022
Something brought me back to 2012 youtube with its rpgmaker horror craze, Ao Oni being probably one of the biggest names among them. When looking up the most recent version of the wiki, imagine my surprise that there are numerous new games, a couple of movies, novels, and anime based on it! So I recently gave this anime a watch.

Honestly I think people are being too harsh on the series overall. Most reviews I see either give it like a 10 or a 2. That's not to say that this style of comedic shorts are for everyone or that every joke hits the mark, but ...
Dec 25, 2021
Mixed Feelings
I'm one of those people who looked up this music video because, at the end of video before the credits play, we see the only animated version of Jota Kujo, a fan-character created by CLAMP as an Mpreg (except for with an egg) BL storyline with Jotaro and Kakyoin from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Jota being their egg-born lovechild. You can look up that manga where he premieres in, but knowing that he was animated I just had to see what happened.

And to my surprise... a music video, celebrating characters from CLAMP. I only watched and read a handful of CLAMP properties, the majority of which ...