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Jul 21, 2016
This author has a thing for mahou shoujos and extremelly disgusting characters. I found Mahou Shoujo Site after reading Mahou Shoujo of the End. The similarities: a lot of gore, a twisted vision of mahou shoujos and one extremely disgusting character.

While MSotE relies a lot of on its very complicated plot and gore scenes (being a trully horror manga), MSSis all about the characters and their developments. The plot (at least so far) is a lot simplier and less dramatic and the characters are overall way more likeable. There is also way less gore. However, its very enigmatic as well. Why are they given the read more
Jul 20, 2016
Mahou Shoujo of The End had me at the title itself.A dark approach to the usually happy and colorful magical girls got me interested. I was expecting something like Madoka, but its way more like High School of the Dead.

This manga is all about mystery, gore, unexpected twists and really unconventional characters. It also amazing the level of crazyness: the look of the mahou shoujos, their creative way of killing, how the characters develop...The comic relief always comes from the least expected person. The plot itself is also pretty confusing and has some plenty of (at least for me) "i totally didnt see this coming" read more
Jul 18, 2016
This is a review from someone who DID NOT read the visual novel, and watched Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works in this order.

At 1st, I imagine this would be just like Fate/Stay Night with a Rin route, but it turns out completely different from the 2006 anime. Aside from episode 1, its a totally different story. I still recommend watching it so you can get a better understanding of the whole story. And please, watch Fate/Zero before watching UBW.

I could say the initial catch about this show is the animation. Its basically top notch, its so good that makes you wonder how much read more
Jul 13, 2016
The best way to summarize this anime is: wasted potential.

You have awesome animation, interesting set up, great characters... you have everything that made Mirai Nikki epic, but you wasted everything in rushed, pointless plot. The is a whole mess. Its fun to watch because of the points stated above, but it just doesnt work how it could.

Everything after episode 3 seems rushed. Some developments and character choices just didnt make any sense at any given moment. The original ending is overall stupid. Instead of just adapting whats on manga, they decided to make their own thing and its horrible. You keep watching, hoping that read more
Jul 13, 2016
For sure, the first thing to catch your eye on Kiznaiver its the style. Its just very colorful and beautiful, like, everything, but mostly the characters. And this show is all about them.

The show starts with a lot of mystery. Who are these people? How were they pick? Whats this big project all about? All this gets eventually answered, but the show is all about character development, their relations and the drama built among them. You can expect some very touching moments. You get to eventually know and like every character but the MC, which i cant explain he is "like that" without spoilling.

The read more
Jul 13, 2016
Awesome animation, great characters and potential to be epic, but somehow it ends mid way to that.

The character style is great, animation is beautiful, there are some fun comedy moments, but it lacks a climax. Its like the whole season was a prologue. No greater villain, no main plot, no goal. It really feals like a teaser for something greater. A second season could probably be epic, but this 1st one was not. It's still very fun to watch, tho.

The characters are pretty unique in both looks and personalities. We go from the misterious yet comic dazai to the sadistic medic (forgot her name). Even read more
Dec 9, 2014
Having dozens of animes on my HD and sadly short free time, I have to be pricky about what I watch. Its really a bless when one of those turns out to be out of the ordinary, an unique experience, and thats the case with Koi Kaze.

Considering you are at least a bit open minded and able to see yourself in someone's else position, you shall enjoy Koi Kaze. Incest is for sure a taboo in society, but the realistic and mature way KK approaches it makes you completely forget about it and ask yourself "what is the problem? they didnt decide to love it read more
Aug 29, 2013
I''s (Manga) add (All reviews)
It's hard to describe how awesome, and in how many ways its awesome, this manga is. In one word, its perfect.
I hate romance mangas/animes where you go through dozens of episodes or volumes and a couple only gets together by the last episode, or not even that. I"s thankfully isn't one of those.
We watch how the protagonist ( a male tsundere, as rare as it can be ) tries to convey his feelings for his so unreachable crush, and we see how their relationship goes through high school and into early adult life. Being a man, its amazing how the mangaka inscribed all the doubts read more
May 18, 2013
I'm 29 years, its been a while since my high school days, and loves and tears from that time. But reading GE was almost like jumping into a time machine and wath those days again.

I cant say for the girls, but I cant imagine a more accurate image of a high school boy than Utsumi. His dilemmas, his fears, his desires, his uncertains, his mistakes... It was almost like watching at my past self or my friends'. It's amazing how a woman mangaka could understand us so damn well. And imo this is what makes GE so unique: despite being a work of fiction and read more