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Monogatari Series: Second Season
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Koukaku Kidoutai 2: Innocence
Koukaku Kidoutai 2: Innocence
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One Punch-Man
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Song of the Cloud
Song of the Cloud
May 27, 2013 2:49 PM
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_Cassiopeia_ Aug 5, 2012 2:24 PM
Aoikokoro Jun 23, 2011 2:59 AM
Well they didn't really like the presentation at all. They said it was too descriptive and didn't have enough "critical" analysis and reflection in it. I'm gonna have to meet up with one of them anyway to find out what it was that they actually wanted so that I don't fail it again.

I have had a go at painting something with watercolour. I find it quite difficult really because it's not the style I'm used to; I usually put more detail in whereas with watercolour it's more difficult because all the colours blend into one if you're not careful. But yeah, here it is: not the best attempt but it's a start, also I need watercolour paper because the normal art paper kept ripping >.<.
Aoikokoro Jun 19, 2011 3:39 AM
Hi :)

I've been ok, although I did fail that presentation I did so I'll have to redo that sometime over summer, but it's ok I guess because it's not like it's the only thing holding me back from graduation. Other than that, I decided to try some more painting, although with water colours now because I've never used them before. I'm not even sure what I want to paint yet, I just wanted to test them out really :P.

Well, I hope the exams that you have left go ok and keep trying as best you can ^^. Ok, well hopefully they will be easier the second time around because you'll have an idea of what will be appearing on the exams; good luck with any exams you've still got to do as well. :)
Aoikokoro Mar 6, 2011 12:01 PM
Oh that's good, glad you did well. :)Ah, that's good that you get a second chance at them. ^^ Anything else new with you by the way? And how's it going with the guitar? Learnt any new songs lately? ^^

Lol, it's ok, I'm getting the same with the whole time sense thing. :P Just realised that I've maybe left too little time for my dissertation, 6000 words for 6 weeks time, so a 1000 words a week. ;_; Oh, not related but I had a practice job interview at one of the local hospitals a few days ago. It was actually not too bad, probably because the interviewers were nice and it felt relaxed. Not sure how I did yet though, hopefully not too bad, although I didn't sound too professional with all the "umm"s and "err"s. XD They did keep commenting on how I answered the questions before they asked them though :P although, I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. XD
Aoikokoro Feb 16, 2011 11:27 AM
It's ok. ^^ Good luck with the french test by the way (although you've probably already done it by now, sorry it's late >.<). It's not bad that you've failed one of your exams, they're the first ones you've done so it can take a while to get used to the exam technique. Plus I'm guessing you'll get to retake it so it'll probably be easier next time round. :) Congrats on passing Calculus though, hope the other results are the same. ^^

Lol, sorry but it made me laugh that you mentioned that I could have finished my essay and disseration in a week, :P I'm definitely not that motivated. XD I know what you mean about time pressure though, I only start to get motivated when there's about a week left till the hand in date. :/ Unfortunatly, I can't really do that with the dissertation seeming as its 6000 words long counts for the majority of credits. :( Hmm, reading around the subject and finding documentaries could help, but as you say that would also be a form of procrastination. :P

Ah, mind game does look similar to kuuchuu buranko (googled images of it :P). By the way, the first part of the description sounds kind of like Bakuman (the whole becoming a manga artist to marry his childhood sweetheart), I'm guessing that it'll be nothing like that though. XD
Aoikokoro Feb 2, 2011 6:50 AM
Hi, thought I'd message you to see how you're doing. :)

So, how've you been? ^^ Have you still got exams to do or have you finished them now? I hope the exams you've done have been ok anyway.

I've been trying to do an essay and my dissertation, it's hard to get motivated though especially now that I don't really have any lectures anymore. I am making progress though (although it's quite slow :P).

Oh by the way, I watched a couple of the anime that you recommened. :) Firstly, Kuuchu Buranko is really good, one of the best I've seen. It was so unique with the artwork and the plot compared to most anime, I wish more were like that. The psychology part of it was also really interesting and the fact that the psychiatrist changed between the Id, Ego and Superego parts of the personality was an added bonus. ^^

The other one, MM!, I ended up not finishing it. :/ The series did have potential and I really enjoyed the first 3 episodes, but it kind of went down hill from there. I think it's because it built itself up to be a realistic slice of life type, then it suddenly changed to a supernatural mecha type. If it had shown that from the beginning, it might have been easier to accept. But anyway, thanks for the recommendations, I'll watch the rest when I have the time. :)
hollow Jan 3, 2011 12:34 AM
Shnorhavor 2011! :-) I haven't met many armenian people on the net as well, and that was one of the reasons for founding the club. I haven't met many since then, but Helium from the club knows quite many from at least Yerevan :-)
Aoikokoro Dec 13, 2010 2:40 PM
Yeah, university goes really quick, It'll be the end of your first year before you know it (and depending on how much you like the first year work, that could be either good or bad :P). I've never understood why universities set exams in january by the way, it's just after christmas and new year so I don't know how they expect students to be able to concentrate over the holidays enough to study for them, should leave them till march or something. :/

How can you not be sure whether you're looking forward to christmas? :O Does all the christmassy music and decorations not get you in a christmassy mood? (Probably just me then XD) Actually, even I haven't been in as must of a chirtmassy mood because of all the work I've had to do :/ but by the end of this week I'l be done with placement so I can enjoy it more. :D Also, that means I have time to get on msn again so we can have a proper conversion. :D (using too many :D faces, but that's how much I can't wait till I have some free time :P).

Lol, sounds kind of surreal still having near t-shirt weather there when here it keeps wanting to snow. :P But yeah, it doesn't sound like you'll get snow over there with those kind of temperatures. XD Oh and speaking of snow, I crashed my car last week because of black ice on the road. T_T I took a picture - It's all fixed now, the guy who fixed it said it was a lucky crash because it only damaged the exterior and none of the interior, not sure if I'd call any crash lucky though. :P
Aoikokoro Dec 2, 2010 12:22 PM
Ah I see, kinda makes it easier to understand when you see pictures, still looks very confusing though. :P

I see, alot more theory than making things then :( guess it'll help you to actually be able to know how to make the things though so it's not too bad. ^^ Ah, sounds like you've got quite a few exams then, I'm guessing the next would be before the christmas holidays? Looking forward to christmas by the way? I can't help thinking about it because the snow's come early this year. :P Can't wait till the christmas holidays, love all the christmassy things and festiveness :3 (only 22 days by the way, the physios at work have been keeping a countdown XD).

Lol, I know what you mean, try waking up at 6am every morning ;_; so tired. Probably doesn't matter too much if you miss them though seeming as you already know english, more lie ins! :D Lol, it can be hard to get the motivation to read up on theory, but I will try and be encouraging and say that it'll make your exams or essays easier if you do read up on it ^^ (not that I'd follow my own advice, but worth a go :P).

Well I had'nt seen anything like that surgery before I started the physio degree and I didn't think it happened as often as it does so it's not pathetic to think like that. It is very risky surgery though and quite a few people at the moment are having complications or even dieing, fortunatly it's quite easy to emotionally detach yourself from the situation, so it's not too hard having to cope with it all. It does make it better when you see all these other patients getting back to normal and able to go home, makes it worthwhile. :) I didn't have to go and watch the surgery, but the physios had recommended it because it helps you to understand why the patients are feeling like they're feeling after the surgery and it helps with understanding the anatomy a bit more.

Lol, I see looks like one of those phrases that doesn't make much sense but everyone says it anyway. :P Can't think of an english example of that at the moment, but there are quite a few sayings like that.
Aoikokoro Nov 20, 2010 12:56 PM
Lol, how could you think making a computer is simple? XD just looking inside a computer is confusing, never mind making one. :P Wow, you made ram! :O Did you do all the soldering of the circuit boards and everything? (sorry if I'm getting this all wrong by the way :P) It all does sound very complex and confusing, but I bet it's quite fun as well, making a computer. ^^ What other things are you doing at uni then? I guess there'd be theory lectures, but not sure what else.

Skipping lectures so early into uni? :O (joking, I did the same thing. :P Some lectures can be a bit of a waste of time so no point in sitting through them if you have something better to do) I see, I guess it would make sence to learn english to do with computer science, seeming as it's included in the course. ^^

Lol, you know I watched the heart surgery on tuesday, it was really interesting at first, but then after 3 hours you tend to get a bit bored (I think anyone would after that amount of time :P). It actually turned into a complex surgery as well, because the man who ws having it had more problems with his heart so they had to replace the whole of the aortic arch (well that's what I think it was anyway). Sad thing is that the man had a stroke in both sides of his brain during or after the surgery :( not sure what is affected exactly at the moment, but he's not really been moving one side of his body. Guess that's just something you have to deal with and get used to when working with people who've had surgery, can get a bit depressing though, especially when all the family of the patients are there. :/

The whole placement this time is so tiring though, with the travelling, and consant thinking when on placement, then I've got an essay to be done before christmas to do when I get home. D: I really can't wait for christmas now though, just so I can get a break from it all and actually relax. :P Oh and by the way, sorry if my replies get a little late because of this (really wish I wasn't so busy ;_;).

Lol, there's not a specific thing you say to people who've got a new car here. :P Just out of curiosity, what does the greek phrase translate to? At the moment I really am enjoying driving it though, feels so much safer and drives smother than the crappy old punto I had. :D It's a 2002 model, so it's not that new, but it's new enough to have an electronic dashboard so that's ok by me. :P
Aoikokoro Nov 6, 2010 11:25 AM
Those laboratory lessons sound quite interesting ^^ it does sound difficult to make a computer though, even if it's a simple one. :P What is the computer which you're creating going to do? Is it like a very simple desktop computer or have I got this all wrong? :P

Oh, well guess it's a bit harder than over here then :( but at least there's a few that don't count towards it. ^^ By the way, I didn't know you did english in the course as well, is that english terminology for the computer parts or is it actual english lessons?

Lol no I still haven't tried it because there's never any plain yogurt in the house, well that and I don't think I could stomach it, I dunno, it's just the idea that puts me off I think, plus I don't even like yohurt with fruit bits, never mind spaghetti. XD I guess what I'm saying is, I'd probably only try it if someone made it me and then gave it to me to eat. :P I can't believe you found other people who eat it as well though, maybe it's a greek thing. :P

Ah I see, here they are open to all first years but they have to pay for them. There are burseries and loans though that can help with uni costs for thise who can't afford it all though. About the brother and sister thing, they probably think that they're parents have less to spend on them because they have more children. That shouldn't really affect them too much though unless they have say over 5 brothers and/or sisters, so I guess it is unfair.

Lol that was lucky; for the internet people. :P Maybe they knew you were going to cancel it so they decided they'd finaly set it up for you. XD

Yep, it is over now. :P Nope it was just for 6 weeks, that's how long all the placements are for, starting the next one on monday actually. ^^ Next placement's in the town with the beach that I told you about before, although it would have been better going there in the summer than now when it's all frosty and cold. T_T Anyway, i'm gonna be working with people who've just had heart surgery, doing things like helping them to breath, getting them back walking etc, oh and I get to watch open heart surgery while I'm there, so it's sounding good so far. ^^

Oh, by the way, I bought a new car a few days ago and I get to pick it up tomorrow! :D I wasn't actually planning to buy a new one anytime soon, but when my car decided to break down twice whilst on the last placement I thought it'd be safer to do so (apparently my current car will only last another year anyway so might as well have got the new one now :P). Anyway, it's a toyota yaris, so it should be quite reliable from what I've heard. :)
Aoikokoro Oct 23, 2010 3:14 PM
Sounds like the lessons are quite hard at the moment then. :S I guess you do have to do all the theory before you do the interesting things though, but still that many hours of maths sounds like too much. :/ Just wondering, is the first year of uni in greece like it is here where any exam results etc from the first year aren't counted towards the final degree result? Anyway, if it is try not to worry too much thinking it's difficult because you'll have enough time to make sure you understand it all properly. ^^ If not then the only thing I can say is keep on top of any essays or research that you get so that you don't get too much at once to do. :)

Haha, yeah I know what you mean about dishes. :P I always seem to be left with the job of cleaning them because I'm the last one out of the flat in the morning, not that I ever do them then though, I usually just wait til I come back home to do them (can't help but procrastinate XD). Well I have had spaghetti a few times whilst I've been up there so I do get at least one healthy meal a week and also I have a banana everyday so that's not too bad. :P

Ah I see, it's not too bad living with other people though, as long as someone doesn't go in the bathroom in the morning at the time you usually go in and nearly make you late ¬_¬ (speaking from experience, :P but it only happened once so it's ok now). Hmm, it's not right that you aren't allowed to stay in uni accomodation because of things you can't control, I guess it's not too bad for you though if you didn't really want to live with others anyway.

They've still not connected it? :( Hopefully they'll do it soon because it has been a while since the date they said they'd do it on. Oh lol, I didn't think about the possibility of a hard drive full of anime. XD

Yep, the moving was more annoying really, but it's all fine now and anyway, I've only got one more week there then I'm done with the placement! :D It's not that I didn't enjoy the placement that I'm happy about finishing though, it's just that I prefer sleeping in my own bed, the one up there gives me neck ache. >.< Ah, the roommates are fine, I get on with them really well actually, so that's made the whole experience better. ^^ They're both very talkative though so when there's 3 of us I'll mostly just listen because it can be kind of hard to stop them once they start, but it's ok anyway because as I've said before I prefer listening really. :P

Yeah, the whole studying thing isn't too bad now because I nearly know everything I need to know for the ward work, and with the other work I can just ask for a second opinion if I'm not sure on something. Lol, you do usually work mornings and afternoons whilst on placement becuase we work the same hours as qualified physios work, but yeah studying on top of that is hard, but there is time in the evening and weekend to cram it all in. Oh the joys of placements.XD

Oh, maybe it was yogurt then? I dunno but it was something like that anyway. :P By the way, it's still sunny there? :O Wish there was more here now, it's starting to get abit cold and frosty in the mornings now. :S
Aoikokoro Oct 9, 2010 2:44 PM
Ah I see, ^^ not really sure how much difference 10 days would make to the heat really but they must have done tests or something to make a policy like that . :P How's your course going by the way? Is it what you expected it to be like?

Oh, I thought you'd be sharing a flat or something, well I thought It'd be the same for you as 1st years here where you stay in university accomodation for the 1st year. Anyway, are you ok living on your own? Just thinking, it might get a bit boring at times if there's no one else living with you. :( Hope it's all going ok anyway. ^^

Lol, yep that's the hard part of cooking :P Luckily I haven't really had to do much so far, just heating up food that my dad made and froze for me to take with me, buying food that you just need to heat up and eating out really. XD It's a bit unhealthy, but it's not for much longer so I don't mind really. :P Lol, don't you get meals included with accomodation fees? Shouldn't be too much of a problem for you then. :P

It's ok, you can't help it if you haven't been able to access the internet. :) Sorry about my late reply, having a similar problem at the moment :P although, finally got the internet working on my phone without needing a wifi connection so it shouldn't be too bad now. ^^

Lol, might as well update you now seeming as you'll see it when you do get internet (or have you got it already looking at all the recent list updates XD). Anyway, got to the flats and found that we were sharing rooms when we were promised our own rooms, plus there was no where it eat in the kitchen or sit and relax so we wern't too happy on the first night. We complained anyway and a week later got a new flat with our own rooms in it, but this time the flat was filthy and all the kitchen stuff was old and dirty, but we couldn't really help that so we just made do (and stole all the nice, new kitchen stuff from the old flat :P). Been a bit boring in the flat at night though because we've only just got the tv working in the past few days (and even now we can only get bbc channels ¬_¬) but we're kept busy with reading up on physio research anyway so it's not too bad.

And about the actual placement, :P I've been working on the wards in the mornings, giving people physio who've had things like hip and knee joint replacements and in the afternoon I've been working in physio outpatients treating everything and anything. :P I'm enjoying it, but it does get difficult trying to keep up with studying for both areas because they are so different, but I'm managing so far so it's all good ^^ Oh by the way, on the ward there's this greek doctor who's basically said that everyone in england should live in greece because we wouldn't need to do so many hip and knee replacements then (something to do with greece having lots of sun and people there drinking lots of milk = nearly no osteoporosis = less joint replacements needed). Lol, just thought I'd tell you that random fact because it is relevant to you. :P

I could write more about my whole placement experience but that would turn this message into a huge essay so I'll leave that to some other time. :P Anyway, hope to here from you soon ^^ (depending on your internet of course :P)
ikuto Oct 6, 2010 3:17 AM
yea~ true true~
ikuto Oct 1, 2010 4:58 PM
wowies~~ nice ^__^
haha~ ok~
sounds busy~

um~ exams :(
they are nearing and I need to study~ :P