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Jun 30, 2019
First of all after watching more than 750 anime with their sequels i consider myself as an anime lover, and my best genre is romance, and i am not from the type to be satisfied easily, i won't give any spoilers or talk about the plot or the story to not ruin it for anyone who sees the review, from the rating i expected another dull romance comedy with school themed but i was surprised really it was enjoyable from the start to the ending with a lot of funny moments even that i don't 100% understand the Japanese humor since i am not Japanese read more
Mar 18, 2019
When i first saw the rating for season 2 i thought it will be just a waste of time to watch it but when i saw a couple of episodes i really find it enjoyable to be completed (next is some kinda spoiler) i thought the ending will be sad ending as the ending of the original Tokyo ghoul, but likely it was happy ending because for me i really hate sad endings, they could shorten the plot and the characters development as there are tons of characters in this anime and a lot of conflicts happening between them, and they try each time to read more
Jan 12, 2018
normally i don't write reviews i only give ratings, and i can say that i watched quite a lot of animes that i can be aware of the basic elements that can make any anime a success, this anime black bullet was one of the few animes i saw and i felt satisfied at the end of it because of it's story and characters develoment specially the three main characters, i am not the type who writes any spoilers but i really wish for another season for it even it seems now hopless that it may happend, so i really recommend anyone who see this read more