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Sep 3, 2015
"I want to know the world outside these walls"

Claria is a Queen half a day, and an explorer the other. She likes to explore the outside of the city walls and often goes to this incredible and marvelous world taken from Alice in Wonderland. Fairies, Lizardmen, even giant monkey-like creatures, she does this on a daily basis to escape her responsibilities at the castle, and whilst doing so, she always wears her distinctive steel helmet to hide her identity.

Isai no Hime tells a fantastic story about a world where humanity is not a the top of the food-chain. Humanity has built cities taken from an read more
Sep 3, 2015
Trash. (Manga) add (All reviews)
"The scum of the world belong in one place and one place only, the trash..."

(For +18 readers only)

With mature themes and a dark tone to the overall story, Trash. is about 2 high school bounty hunters/assassins girls that work for the daughter of a Yakuza, and they have the job of putting the scum and most worthless people in the world "into the trash"(killing them, of course...).

Following Marin "Francesca" and Rushia "Bullet", our overpowered and self-sufficient main protagonists deal with a sea of rapists, killers, gangs, and even other bounty hunters in order to make money to buy food and live.

Blood, intestines, and brains, read more
Aug 30, 2015
Who doesn't love manga? who doesn't love video games? But what about a manga about video games?

New game is a short manga that tells the daily life of a high school graduate student in the video game industry. In charge of character modeling, Aoba Suzukaze joins her first ever job into an all women company that makes video games.

Even though it's a slice of life manga and lacks a main plot, it contains lots of information regarding the different aspects of a video game creation, from the different job positions, to the many countless responsibilities they are in charge of, it covers the entire process read more
Aug 30, 2015
Im, Dal Young, famous for the long running manga Freezing, is back with a spin-off that like the name says, is basically a bunch of love stories between the main pandoras and their limiters.

In comparison to "Freezing", Pair Love Stories leans towards the cute and moe on every department, with romance stories that cover most of the main pairs from the main manga.

The stories are very fast paced but carry emotional baggage. Most of the pairs are made around stories that rely heavily on "fate" and cliche themes rather than on realistic backgrounds. Despite that, it does great to engulf you in a romantic read more
Aug 30, 2015
As if Japan didn't have everything already, they also pride themselves on having a HUGE selection of candy and sweets at your nearest convenience stores, and this manga is almost like a throwback to most of the popular sweets in our childhood.

Dagashi Kashi (rough translation) "Cheap Sweets", is an episodic manga about Shikada Kokonotsu, a wannabe-mangaka that is against his father's wishes of managing the town's sweet shop, and Shidare Hotaru, a fan of her father's store and his reputation who also has an (insane)fascination for sweets.

Filled with puns and sweets, each chapter works with a single popular candy to tell the story. From sweet read more
May 4, 2015
Everything in the universe is bound by the rules of balance, Ying and Yang, right and wrong, life and death...

Shinonome Azuma is a very unlucky girl. She lost her parents and ended up living with her uncle's family, but her life went from bad to worse. Child abuse, hate, indifference, are just some of her daily experiences in her new house, and this has driven her to edge.
A strange condition has developed in her called "Alice in Mirrorland" where she sees gruesome and strange monsters through mirrors and reflections in the water. The similarities to an Alice in Wonderland world are many, but this read more
May 3, 2015
Ajin (Manga) add (All reviews)
"Why must one die?" Is being immortal a gift or a curse?

One day, our main character Nagai, Kei finds out the wrong way(and only way) that he's an immortal being with supernatural powers, which is not only bad since the government is after all "Ajins"(Immortals) for experimental purposes but because he's one of the few hundred Ajin's in the world.
His head has a price now, and his mysterious abilities make him the perfect target for everyone around him. Who will remain his friend and who will betray him?

Kei is given a quick introduction into a very realistic world.
Ajin is filled with psychological and read more
May 3, 2015
Would you be able to keep your crush's biggest secret from everyone knowing that you are the most honest person in the world?

MAL's summary of Jitsu wa Watashi wa might put off many readers because it implies it is just another "My crush is a vampire and I have to keep it a secret from everyone in school" but it is more than that. In fact, that only describes the first 3 chapters or so, which reminds me of the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover".

After Kuromine, Asahi(our main character) finds out about Youko's vampire secret, Asahi goes through many absurd and hilarious read more
Apr 22, 2015
We've all dreamed of having superpowers, but what if one day you're told you have one and it turns out to be the worst(or the best???) power in the world?

The story is set in a world where people called "strangers" are the wielders of superpowers and their powers are ranked from E to A(E being the weakest).
Our MC Shimonone Takara is a kid with big dreams of having amazing superpowers. He even practices his future signature moves every day in order to be ready for when his powers "awaken". If only his power turned out to be the one he actually wanted...

The comical situations our read more
Apr 1, 2015
"I don't want to die!"

-->If you are unfamiliar with the prequel and were wondering if you need to read it beforehand, worry not, I will answer all your questions.

As the Gods Will is a manga about tests of courage, intelligence, strength, teamwork, and friendship.
One day, all high school students around the world were given certain tests and games by a mystery man in order for him to single out "god's children". Most of these tests were simple childhood games like red light/green light, left hand/right hand, or hopscotch, but with deadly stakes.
Unlike it's prequel, the kids in this story never made it to school read more