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Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season
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Jigoku no Enra
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Erzuuhscarlet Oct 19, 11:37 PM
Taker6898 Oct 17, 10:05 AM
snafu_ Oct 16, 9:36 PM
happy birthday darling~ <33
lucidbaek Sep 15, 4:12 PM
MIYU IM SO SORRY IM SO LATE, SKL STARTED- ILYSM LO SIENTO ;; freshman year i heard is the fastest so hopefully cx its not just hopefully, you will visit sk!! (if only i could cook-) CATS ARE LIL BALLS OF FLUFF :o o rlly? the guy you marry better be good enough for you tho no one ever will because you too sweet for this world aND YES REJECT ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY DONT LIKE CATS THEY DONT DESERVE-
ikr at first i was like "y is this a thing", but then i was like "hELL YEA THIS WILL PROLLY BE THE CLOSEST I EVER GET TO THEIR HANDS-" wait that sounded weird. also y1s i got one of kyungsoo omg l0ve- ikr im still not over it, still cant believe it was a thing that happened in my life ;; (THO IT WAS SO HARD BECAUSE I KEPT MESSING UP OUT OF NERVOUSNESS and i got their kakaotalk but we cant rlly talk cuz of timezone diffs and english skills be bad and korean skills be bad ;^;)

S A M U E L D E S E R V E S T H E W O R L D. bruh you lucky, you lucky lucky. ;-; yOURE TALENTED OK NO ARGUING ABOUT THIS DONE. i still did it even tho i looked like trash huehue- OMG DIDD YOU SEE THE EVE????? A N D M I Y U B T S D N A T H E V I D S O M G-


ePIsoDE 12 ALwayS gEts ME q w q and they slapped me because its their notp q u q </3 bro same, too much work too much effort and skl's goin on rn so b u h b y e ;; o i know some spanish. yo soy basura. but im taking chinese now so i forgot everything else- aLSO OO ARABIC :O BUT GL MIYU I BELIEVE IN YOU QWQ

<3333333 boi dont worry, im slow too c"x ummmm if you rlly wanna do it, can i request a drawing of yukine lol, i dont wanna impose but if youd be fine doing it :"D ilysm more wotchu saying <333333 FREE MIYU FROM DIS STRESS AND SKL WORK!!!

I LOVE THESE CONVOS AND YOU ;; corniness intensifies omg no miyu it's you who i have to thank omg D": im always so happy to get a notif that you responded to me and ajdkwahg i just no what did i do to deserve you- QWQ
Shibi9iA Sep 14, 3:02 PM
Potato chan?? Is that you????
lucidbaek Aug 26, 9:42 AM
ahhh silly miyu, stop with the apologizing <3 thank you, but i'll prolly freak out and mess up rip, and omg it's already the 3rd week of school for you :o you will visit sk one day!!! (ikr, plus free homemade food +100000000000) YES ANIMAL CAFES WERE GREAT ESP CAT CAFES BECAUSE OH MY GOSH THEY PURRED WHEN I PET THEM AGHHH and omg smtown was great qwq i bought some merchandise and lmao there were hand statues of the idols???? i wanted to go to YG, JYP, Bighit, etc, but my mom only allowed me to visit one kpop entertainment building because she wanted to sight see the rest of korea ;v; IKR IT WAS SUCH A CUTE EXPERIENCE (SAME THAT WAS HONESTLY ME but i had a dictionary on me so just a lil better rip, and yea i hope i see them agen c":)

ACOUSTIC VER IS BESTO VERSION NGL qwq oh same, but honestly i just have both on repeat a lot ;; hIS MV WAS GR8 KOREA BETTER NOT SLEEP ON BBY SAMUEL L I E K NO QQ ikr, first he couldn't join seventeen, and now wanna one, but ik they're proud of him c": AHHH SAME I BREAK OUT SINGING THE EVE OR FOREVER OR KOKOBOP IN MY HOUSE ALL THE TIME AND MY PARENTS ARE SO ANNOYED BY IT RIP aND yo the kokobop challenge, have you done it? IT GOES DOWN DOWN BABY!! the war has such great songs and i can't- :c they're all so sad in love yourself and i'm shooketh idk if i'm ready-
YOOOO RITEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND no no it's fine, i lowkey shipped it too ;p; my friends slapped me when i told them this tho </3 korean grammar is kinda hard to get used to as well qwq

<33333 omg miyu it's fine ;-; i'm just happy you're here and said happy bday <333 but if it rlly won't stress you out then ahjgkjskhg :'o ilysm too qwq <3333333 man is high school pressuring you this much my poor bby ;-;

it's our fate rip rip
lucidbaek Aug 24, 12:23 PM
AGHH THERE'S NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE MIYU IT'S FINE!! ik how busy life gets so really it's fine <3 ahh school... it's starting soon </3 AND IKR, EVEN I'M STILL SHOOKETH >.< so you see, my family took a trip to SK because we went to see a family friend (which means we didn't have to pay for a hotel hohoho) and yo it was coooooool ;-; the food was great, animal cafes are paradise, i even got to go to smtown, and ahhhhh the spas were awkward tho... BUT OMG MIYU THE THING IS I MADE FRIENDS (EVEN THO WE COULDN'T RLLY COMMUNICATE THAT WELL BECAUSE KOREAN??? WOT I ONLY KNOW BASIC WORDS) THEY WERE CHILL AND TRIED THEIR BEST TO TALK TO ME IT WAS CUTE!! we mostly just bonded over fashion, food, games, etc. tho (b ut tbh the conversation was awkward still because again language barrier) i'll prolly never see those ppl again and it still makes me a lil sad c':

wanna one debuted omg!!!! so proud of them and their mv is beautiful ;v; sTILL A BIT SAD SAMUEL BBY WAS VOTED OFF, BUT HE STILL SLAYIN SO ;; AHHHHH EXO'S COMEBACK I WAS NOT PREPARED THE SONG WAS A BOP I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I STILL SING IT SO MUCH AND AHFHFJHGJ I'M- I CAN'T- oOOO yea BTS's comeback be coming up and boi i'm still not over exo so??? how can i be prepared??? my poor heart ;;
YOU'RE STARTING GOBLIN FINALLY YESS IT'S SO GOOD RITE I'M GLAD YOU'RE LOVING IT EVEN THO IT'S FEELS TRIP and yo same ik how to read hangul (not fast tho lol) but i'm too lazy to learn korean because yea, effort .-.

ahhhhh no no it's fine really! i'm glad you said it now anyways ehe <333 thank you so much miyu it's rlly fine >v< ilysm too and likewise <33333 i hope you don't stress too much about school tho and rest ;;
lucidbaek Aug 19, 8:52 PM
youwatanabe Jun 25, 7:23 AM
aah miyuki its been a while! idk if you remember me but a few years ago i was korosensei on disqus? I'm not sure if anyone still uses that lol... people have been dropping it and joining it left and right, i dont remember anyone from when i used to use it using it lol
idkk just wanted to keep in touch w some of my older internet friends since I just logged in today and looked at the comments, they were nice and I kinda got nostalgic n stuff
so im guessing you still love yato after all this time? hhhh i really wish i had that kinda dedication, ive been getting into lots of interests in the past two years that ive kinda forgotten about assassination classroom and all the things i was interested in nearly two years ago. at least i got into idol games, which has been for the past year+ lolll... you should try them, especially the male idol ones. they're rly cute heheh
hh this comment sounds rly weird and all bc we havent talked in such a while but yeahh. just saying hi :)
lucidbaek Jun 9, 9:30 AM
ahjdahj I'm sorry too for being late, I was gonna reply sooner but then I got caught up beCAUSE FINALS ARE SO SOON AND I'VE BEEN STUDYING MY ASS OFF FOR THEM AND I'M SO SPOOKED.
Yesssss, I think you'll really like them. (Ikr the creator gets an A+)(OMG SAME, HWARANG MADE ME SO EMOTIONAL AFTER EVERY EPISODE AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHY BECAUSE NOT ALL OF THEM WERE LIKE TOO SAD??? Ji Soo is such a good actor and he needs more prominent roles soon ;; He's a lil cutie and so precious and he's in one of the dramas I recommended you, and I promise you that you will want to protect the boi ;v;) lIKE IDK SOMETIMES WHETHER TO BE HAPPY THE EPS IN KOREAN DRAMAS ARE ALWAYS AROUND 1 HOUR, OR BE STRESSED BECAUSE IT'S SO MUCH TO FINISH IF YOU AREN'T UP TO DATE.
J-hope: I'm very loser (those are lies Hobi smh) Yeah, whenever an interview involves English, the rest keep quiet and just look to Namjoon and be like "wtf did that person just say". bUT these interviews they actually spoke some English, and I was proud. ;; Korean interviews are definitely better tho, because it's natural. (Ikrrrrr, like Hobi usually talks in a loud volume and sort of high-pitched because he's a ball of energy, but y'know when his voice drops it's just so ahadsjkfh) ALL HAIL THE CREATOR OF THE NICKNAME 'CHIMCHIM'!!!
They're all so long and filled with different topics so liek YOU'RE SO SWEET ADSJSF <333 Yes, you're a Happy Virus because you're a sweet lil thing and all smiles, aND ALRIGHT WE'RE HAPPY VIRUSES TOGETHER ;o Yes yes yes yes pie is amazing and tasty and every human being should worship it (especially key lime pie) AND SURE Y NOT THAT SHIP IS SUPPORTED :))) HONESTLY ME TOO, WE HAVE THE MEMORY OF GOLDFISH (omg yes ofc I have blackmail, I haven't deleted my screenshots and so it's so packed and full of old blackmail ;v; yo why would you want me to blackmail you child Idk what's weird or not anymore tbh @.@, but I don't think it is???) IKR I'M THE SAME MIYU, THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY YOU THE BEST (RIP RIP WE'RE NOT CREEPY)
AWWWW YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE AND SO SHIPPABLE Yes the K-pop world can be so cruel, it won't let you escape ;;

GOOD GIRL <3 Omg that sounds so pretty cuz layers are always nice, and is your hair curly or straight? (Osnap you right, Ima hail the throne and be the queen of pie <3333 And now I crave for it) Speaking of perfume, I used to not really be a fan of it because girls in my school would aLWAYS PUT WAY TOO MUCH and I used to get so nauseous, but I've been going to this local shop and their perfume is so nice and makes me smell like vanilla ahh. It doesn't sound creepy but kinky lol, I see wot you're into now Miyu ouo Ilysm too ;; (Ima keep repeating it because I feel like it'll never be enough) nO, WHAT did I do to deserve you????? ;; I'm so glad I happened upon Disqus, and talked to you and we became so meaningful to each other <333
I KNOW RIGHTTT, THESE ARE THE ACTIONS THAT CAUSE FAN WAYS Y CAN'T THEY SEE THAT ;; Instead, they should be posting things like they're so happy they actually have a K-pop album. THE PHOTOSHOOTS ARE SO AESTHETIC BUT I ESPECIALLY LOVE THE YOUNG FOREVER PHOTOSHOOT LIKE AHHHHHHHHHHH WE HAVE BEEN GRACED ;o; Lowkey, I'd want to steal that album if I were you too ;v; (It's fine cuz they deserve it tbh) It makes me so angry because it's the reason y some fandoms can't be civil and friends with each other sometimes sigh sigh. IKRRR, Y CAN'T I BE AS GOOD AS BAEKHYUN AT EYELINER I'M CRYING, AND YESSS TAE'S EYEBROWNS ARE LIFE THEY'RE AMAZING AND GOALS No problem, no problem, it's an iconic joke and I love it so much. Holy Jisoos. ;o; I use that joke tbh whenever Hobi dances or in that MAMA 2014 vid of Jimin because tHOSE ABS HOLY JISOOS (WE ALREADY HAVE TROUBLE KEEPING UP WITH CURRENT ONES, HOW CAN WE DEAL WITH NEWER ONES, aND they'll slowly become younger than us... Cuz I mean look at NCT Dream)
Me tooo, like even when BTS and EXO had those concerts in the US, I was still crying because I'm broke and couldn't see the, ;; HOPEFULLY WE GET TO SEE THEM ONE DAY. IKRRR? And I try so hard not to laugh because I find the idea that someone has a crush on them so weird because I don't see anything attractive about them either :P Honestly me too, it's affected us so much ._. You will def get married one day but that man has to get my approval (like Aaron already did tho) I want to do the Xmas event so bad because I heard it was cute and ughhh ;; They rlly are hard to keep up with, especially with how busy life is making us be. I'M THE SAME. Like I have so much hourglasses, but I don't want to use them at all and I have to spend minutes debating whether I should recover a chatroom I was too late to get to, or just leave it. WE BECAME ELIZAEBTH THE THIRD BASICALLY and you rite, but honestly that's so trueee, and that's true with Zen's and Yoosung's route too lol (That was me, like I read over my message cuz I thot there was something wrong with this sentence, and I finally realized that I typed up Jiminie instead of Jumin, so I had to fix it rip) SHE DESERVES SO MUCH MORE LOVE AND AN ACTUAL ROMANCE ROUTE IS DEFINITELY NEEDED; yea like I know she's a woman and Korea's still really conservative about the LBGTQ community, bUT COME ON HIS CINDERELLA PHONE CALL THO ;; aND I WAS THE SAME, BUT ESPECIALLY IN JUMIN'S ROUTE WHEN YOU HAD TO BE SO HARSH TO HIM ;A; The songs are so catchy, and omg, V's song :((( It made me want to cri so hard. BUT SPEAKING ABOUT MM SONGS, DID YOU LISTEN TO JUMIN'S VA SINGING? AND ARUVN'S COVER OF MM'S OPENING?? I love how the song is really implying that it's between 707 and MC tho. And lol remember how all of the MM characters are like "DID YOU EAT?" ME TOO I'D BE TOO EMOTIONAL TO LET GO ;A; YES I DEF WOULD BRING YOU TO KOREA TOWN IN NY, OR THIS PLACE NEAR WHERE I LIVE WHICH IS LITERALLY A TOWN FILLED WITH KOREAN STORES AND EVERYBODY THERE IS KOREAN ACTUALLY ;v; Embrace the weirdness!! TOO BAD, ILY, BUT TOO BAD Gasp hopefully one day you'll be able to get time to watch assclass ;; <333
aND AND AND "MY SCALE IS... INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY." KOOKIE IS SO PRECIOUS AND SUCH A MEME. (Jungkook saying "Charlie Puss", I died) I WATCHED THAT VIDEO UNTIL THE END AND I DON'T REGRET IT. I just want to pinch Namjoon's cheeks honestly <3 NAMJOON LOOKED SO GOOD AND CUTE IN THAT VLIVE!!! THIS BOI WANTS US TO DIE FROM CUTENESS OK I SEE HOW IT IS NAM NAM NAMJOON. And I bet he knows the effect he's having on the girls in interviews and us ARMYs that boi e-e And then there are some fanfics with horrible grammars and I cringe ;; AHHH JIKOOK HAS SUCH AN ADORABLE RELATIONSHIP DYNAMIC THO I have saved gifs, downloaded the video, and took screenshots of that iconic moment. It will forever be engraved in my mind because it wAS BEAUTIFUL. NAMJIN REALLY IS AMASHING. You got the hella fabulous and pretty pink princess momma Jin, and the supposed to have an IQ of 148 but is really clumsy and helpless but adorable yet bullied father Namjoon. I got a lot of my friends into K-pop because I've shown them MV's and they're like "Who's that hot guy?", and they've already signed a deal with the devils... TuT THAT'S GOOD <3 Yesss, I get wot you mean. Like, when I first clicked onto their debut song, I was like "THESE LYRICS AND THE DANCE AND THEIR VOICES BLEND SO WELL TOGETHER. IT'S SO DIFFFERENTTT." Yesss which is why we need more coed groupsss. ;v;
RIP OUR PARENTS WHO ARE GONNA BE LOOKING AT US CRAZY ;;; Awwww I get wot you mean :DD Every fan means so much to the K-pop idols. I share the same feelings, which is why I always look for those talented underrated groups and support them and try to get my friends into them ;; Yea, I'm honestly so proud BTS has gotten this big. I honestly didn't know about BigHit until BTS, and they've really made a name for themselves. <333
<333333 You couldn't have told it any better ;v; There's always so much to talk about between us and it's fun having these convos with you ajkhfsj <3 I'm, again, really grateful we've become so close, Ilysm too ;v; <3333 WE CAN BE AWKWARD TOGETHER I'M GETTING RLLY GIDDY READING THESE MESSAGES IDK Y, THO YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY TOO LIKE I CAN'T DESCRIBE IT SJJKL <3333

lucidbaek Jun 3, 1:46 PM
Goblin: I don't think I gotta explain why you should watch it
Introverted Boss: Mkay, warning, this kdrama is a hit-or-miss. I personally liked it, but the story is about this boi who's a boss but he's a social recluse and is scared of talking to people and is overall awkward. And then whoop there's this girl who's dead set on finding out who the MC really is because he doesn't show himself in public.
You're Beautiful: It's a classic that all K-drama fans have watched.
Secret Garden: Another classsiccccc.
Secretly, Greatly: This is a movie, but it's so great and is def one of my favorites ;;
Sassy Go Go/Cheer up!: It has Eunji from Apink and N from VIXX in here, and it's also really cute and kinda lighthearted!
These are my recs for now because I don't want to overwhelm you rip rip. (I CRIED WHEN HANSUNG DIED!!! Hyungsik is legit such a great actor I love him so much ;; Bo Young really is so adorable, and Ji Soo as usual, in every one of his dramas, was perfect ;v;) GOOD LUCK, CUZ THE EPS ARE ALL SO LONG
Suga: Infires man ALL THESE ENGLISH INTERVIEWS WITH BTS ARE A BLESSING, BUT THEY'RE SO AWKWARD (ikr Hobi be singing it allllll the time, I find it funny those are the only words he knows; Hobi is such a cutie ;;) OH TONY~!
I had to look back on the previous messages because I forgot wot we were arguing about tbh rip YOU'RE AMASHING, AND PIE IS AMASHING <3 you're an adorable lil potato, actually wait you're a Happy Virus ;v; yES I'M STILL OBSESSED WITH PIE, LIKE VERY MUCH :'))) Lololol I think I remember that, but I also remember someone apparently shipped me with it because I constantly talked about pie did I rlly I have memory loss too Miyu ;; (but I still remember some things because I think I still might have a bit blackmail material from Disqus? Maybe even some on yOU) Omg same, I know stalking is supposed to be weird but like it's oddly fascinating??? (I DON'T MEAN IRL I'M NOT THAT CREEPY)
Aaron: Miyu, I love you
Miyu: Awwweee Ily too Aaron :D bUT YOU JUST E-MAILED ME 30 SECONDS AGO

You're welcome, and yOU SHOULD BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH ;; speaking of hair, is yours still a long length?? (all hail the great, majestic potato queen and savior, Miyu *all take a bow*) ._. Tbh I would prolly try to bite you every single day, because I've recently been craving things like mashed potatoes and baked potatoes. Omg Miyu, Ima crii ;; Ilysm too, like you're legit the best online friend I've ever met and ashfj you're so amazing too, and I feel like I'll have to keep repeating it for you to understand how much Ily too :')))) <3333333333
;;;;; It's such a horrible thing, I don't get y anyone would do that aND Y WOULD THEY POST THT KINDA STUFF ONLINE LIKE ARE THEY LOOKING TO CAUSE FAN WARS omg the HYYH album series is so beautiful, I want them all so bad and omg that reminds me of wot I did with my friend's BTS album; She gave it to me to look at and I legit cried right there and just laid down with it because I prolly will never get a BTS album in my life ;; Ikr? Like we were all in their shoes at some point, but there are some that just do those ajfhsk things and I'm like y? A REASON Y I WANNA BE PART OF THE HYUN FAM IS BECAUSE I HONESTLY WANNA TAKE SOME EYELINER MAKEUP TIPS FROM BAEK BECAUSE DO YOU SEE HIS EYES AFJSJFJKS!! Ahhhhhhh, Holy Jisoos comes from the time when one of their members, Joshua Hong/Hong Jisoo, dressed as a priest during one of SEVENTEEN'S fan meets and we started dubbing him as Jisoos. The joke's used when SEVENTEEN does something "unholy". (Ikr, like there's groups even I still haven't looked at and kfasfhgkgdf ANF THEN EVEN NEWER GROUPS TO COME TOO SO AHHH)
Korean idols are so far away ;; It hurts to be an international fan right T-T Ahhh sameee, but like most of the "attractive" bois at my school have terrible personalities so like, nOPE! I have some guy friends who are pretty decent, but they're rlly just like annoying younger bros ;v; Honestlyyyy, and then I heard there were some new updates in MM so I rlly wanna do that Valentine's event thing ;;;; he's so hot, and tbh Yoosung ain't the only Yandere because legit Jumin did not want the MC to leave at all lolol oMG SAME, MY WHOLE FAMILY JUST LOOKED AT ME CRAZY CUZ I WAS PLAYING DURING A PARTY ;; IKRRR??? LIKE JAEHEE DOES NOT GET ENOUGH APPRECIATION TBH, BUT SHE'S SUCH AN ADORABLE CINNAMON ROLL AND HER FRIENDSHIP nah I bet her and MC are secretly gay for each other but it wasn't shown in the route, totally not bitter WITH MC WAS GOALS. Zen is such a gentleman and in his route, I died so many times because tHE PET NAMES WERE TOO MUCH FOR ME AND HE WAS ACTUALLY PRETTY PURE TBH. Yoosung's secret ending tho lololol "I'll put a baby in you so no one gonna think I'm a baby" I think that's how the quote went Ikr, MM is such a well-made gameee. AND THE OPENING IS SO CATCHY IT HASN'T LEFT MY HEAD YET. I'D LOVE TO MEET YOU IRL TOO LIKE OMG I'D HUG YOU IMMEDIATELY ;v; IF YOU SAY I COULD KIDNAP YOU, THEN I'D KIDNAP YOU AND TAKE YOU TO KOREA TOWN BECAUSE Y NOT Idk is it I don't rlly know anymore, aND YOU'LL FOREVER BE A SMOL ADORABLE MIYU Idk why but I just suddenly laughed like Koro-sensei ;e; <3333
sPEAKING OF CRINGEY LINES, "IREUMEUN JUNGKOOK". LIKE NOT ONLY NAMJOON BE MAKING ME CRINGE, BUT JUNGKOOK IN WE ARE BULLETPROOF AHHKDHFDSJ ICONIC. Lol rite, like ARMYS love Namjoon and his sweet dimples, but the boi gotta chill sometimes, or else we will be sent to the hospital ;v; NO I'M ALSO SURE NAMJOON HAS A DADDY KINK TBH, HE LOOKS LIKE THE TYPE OF PERSON... and the fanfictions I've read don't help, bUT HONESTLY ME TOO. NAMJOON Y YOU SO BIPOLAR, well actually, y is all of Bangtan bipolar all the time smh And and and and when jIN KISSED NAMJOON ON THE CHEEK AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT'S SO CUTEEE I CAN'T. IKR I LOVE VMIN'S RELATIONSHIP SO MUCH ;;;; THEY'RE SUCH GOALS.
Honestly me too. Sometimes I wonder how I fell so in love with these people, like it's so strange. THESE KPOP IDOLS MEAN SO MUCH Y THEY DOING THIS TO US ;; IT'S K THHAT'S ONE OF MY CHARM POINTS ;o Whenever I listen to KARD or watch them, I always get such an American vibe, am I the only one? ;u; IKR THEY'LL DEF BE SUCCESSFUL!!! <3 And their voices blend so well together, because you got the sweetness of ladies and the velvet tones of the bois
iLL BE SURE TO SHARE THEM W/ YOU BECAUSE WE GON NEED IT A LOT. K-Pop is harsh in general and it hurts so much to see talented ppl be so underrated ;;;;;;;;;
<333333 I'm so glad it isn't awkward talking to you tho ;; Since it's been a long time, I thought it might be a little awkward because I'VE BECOME A LIL TEENY BIT AWKWARD but it isn't and this reminds me of how much Ily ;;;;; <33333
lucidbaek Jun 2, 9:08 AM
Lol same, which is why I'm making my messages a smaller font ;p; But I don't mind tbh
lucidbaek Jun 2, 9:06 AM
YOU'VE ONLY WATCHED TWO?!!! OMG IMA BE RECOMMENDING A LOT IF YOU DON'T MIND LATER (ofcc I watched them, I'd been hearing so many good things about Strong Woman and so when I finally checked it out, I fell in love, and I gotta admit that I only watched Hwarang because of Tae lol) WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY IS SO GOOOOOD!!
Namjoon: You got no jams Jimin IKR I'M STILL SO SHOOK THO, IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT (and when they sang Despacito, omggg Hobi) YOU LIKE MY $3 DOLLAR GOLD CHAIN?
I feel like if I keep saying no, we'll just keep going back and forth with 'NU' and 'YOU ARE', bUT STILL NOO <3 I DON'T GET HOW THAT MAKES ME A CUTE BEAN STAHP, I'm really just pie tho eue I'm not courageous enough to stalk all them familiar people lololol DISQUS WILL NEVER BE RITE, AND I RLLY MISS AARON (I'd collect your tears and put them in a jar//shot OAHFJKS YOU NEED TO STOP MIYU YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME A LEGIT TOMATO AND THEN I'LL BE USED IN A SALAD OR BE SENT SOMEWHERE TO BECOME KETCHUP, BUT CAN WE JUST AGREE THAT YOU'RE V IMPORTANT AND I'LL RELUCTANTLY SAY I WAS KINDA not rlly IMPORTANT)

YOU DID NOT LOOK TERRIBLE, YOU LOOKED BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE AND ALL THOSE POSITIVE COMPLIMENTS, and nO I was not, I was a potato (you were always so obsessed with potatoes lol) Omg Miyu you need to stop, more like, how did I become friends with such an adorable and precious friend holy shiitake mushrooms <333333
We all should just be a happy K-pop family. THAT IS RIDICULOUS Y WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT, LIKE THERE ARE LEGIT PPL oUT there that would kill to get a BTS album cough me. It's usually the much more "newer" fans who do stupid things like that (from what I've seen), and I'm like :(((( We do not tolerate this behavior. THE HYUN FAMILY IS GOALS LIKE I LOVE HOW CLOSE THEY ARE TBH, and yESSS CARATS ARE LEGIT SO PEACEFUL AND SO MANY MEMES (yooo you dooo, Seventeen are derpy dorks who are all so adorable and beautiful; my bias tho is Hoshi)
(Lolol honestly riteeee, it makes life so much easier when you need to get into the moment and reply to 2D bois who will prolly be better than any guy irl because c'mon, well except for them idols. There's like no time for MM now ;; Jumin's route is daddy hot af and 707's is just so angsty but cute but my feels???? WARNING. aND OMG JAEHEE, I AM SO GAY FOR HER TBH LIKE SHE CAN GO AHEAD AND SLAP ME AND I WOULD BE FIEN WITH THAT. She's so hot it hurts. Yoosung is my precious and beautiful husband like omfg and right his yandere traits were 11/10. TOO BAAD YOU'LL BE SMOL AND CUTE FOREVER, AND TBH I WOULD BE ONE OF THOSE PPL awwe <333
("WHAT'S POPPIN GIRL" I'M SORRY I CAN'T W/ NAMJOON IN THIS SONG ESPECIALLY. AND IKR LIKE WOT ARE THOSE LYRICS. I'm pretty sure Namjoon has a foot fetish cuz y'know Converse High HONESTLY MEEE TOO, but my OTP gotta be either VKook or Yoonmin, but I think we all know that Namjin isn't a ship, because they've already reached their destination and are happily married. :)))) Jikook and Sope are cuteeee tooo!!! AND VMIN ARE LEGIT SOULMATES TBH.
;u; Ikr, it makes me respect K-pop idols a lot because they're so strong with all these negative comments, bUT THEY ALSO GOT US LOVELY FANS. I hope you doo!! My fav girl group will slay you once you listen to them :'))) yES I AM AREN'T I SUCH A GREAT FRIEND, AND RITE RUMOR IS GREAT, LIKE YES, but honestly all their songs are really catchy so it's hard I'm sorry. I wish their more co-ed groups now, after looking at KARD ;v;
It's gonna break my heart and I already reserved a very special tissue box filled with EXTRA SOFT TISSUES for when the top 11 will be finalized ;; SAMEEE, I hope they receive as much success as IOI >.< IKR AND WHEN REN, MY SOFT LIL CHOI MINKI CRIED CUZ HE GOT MOVED DOWN, I LEGIT BROKE DOWN WITH HIM AND AHHHH ;;;; I love them so much too I rlly wish they all make it in T-T
Likewiseeee, like I look forward talking to you <3333
fatedKujo Jun 1, 11:37 PM
Long time no talk
lucidbaek May 31, 7:10 PM
the iconic you got no jams Ikr, it rlly has, and omg have you seen the vid where Suga talks in English when Halsey (I think) visited them? HIS ENGLISH IS SO GOOD TBH LIKE DIS BOI WAS LYING IN AHL
NO I'M NOT, YOU IS <3 ;; e///e yo you know my skin is pale af and now it's become the shade of a tomato sTAHP; tho, talking about disqus gives me much nostalgia (no I will never stop because you were that important to everyone including me and I will not stop drilling it into your mind and oMGAISH SYTOP NO I'M NOT, YOU'RE 100000X MORE GIRL)

:(((((( ikrrrr, it makes for so much controversy too ;; I still question why a lot of ARMY and EXO-Ls gotta be nasty towards each other, like, y???? IKR BAEKHYUN IS TAE'S MAMA AND I FIND IT SO CUTE LIKE AJDHSFK; when will that day come tho ;; I pray for it
(tbh ritee? I try to avoid playing MM actually on purpose because it's so addicting and when the chats come on during insane hours like at 3 am or during class, I stop everything and talk to the precious bbies; ZEN WAS MY FIRST BOI AND I WILL FOREVER LOVE HIM!! He's honestly such a romanticist and soft marshmallow and his calls made me wheeze ;; I miss 707 and Yoosung so much tho, cuz I was so loyal to them lololol) You're plenty funny girlll, aND yes you are cute smh; THEY'RE CALLING YOU SMOL PROLLY BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH Ily :)))
I rlly hope you do!!! Those crack vids are legit gold and I die so much from laughter
maknae line is r00d af, but tbh hyung line is too ;; rip rip (THAT SONG IS LITERALLY THE R00DEST BTS SONG AND IT HURTS) ritee?? also do you have any ships in bangtan?
Yea I hate it when ppl say things like that about girl groups, like they work just as hard as male kpop idols and then ppl go ahead and just degrade them??? :((( Yes yes yes, Mamamoo are my gay lil beans, but their vocals are so explosive (tho my fav vocal is still Queen Ailee) AND WHICH KARD SONG THO IS YOUR FAV? Ikr Jiwoo and Somin are queens, but so cute in those precious reaction vids ;;
It makes it so hard to keep up with Prod 101 rip ;; OMG I SAW THT TOO, IT WAS CUTE BUT HILARIOUS; I rlly hope so too man, ahdsdfjsk it's gonna be so hard to see who the top 11 are because I like a lot of ppl and want more than 11 to be the finalists and I rlly want all of NU'EST members to be a part of it too ahhhhhhh!!! NU'EST MEMBERS MAKE MY HEART HURT IN PROD 101, LIKE I CRIED IN THE BEGINNING OF EP 2 BECAUSE THEY SHOWED THOSE RLLY SAD CLIPS OF HOW HARD THE IDOL CAREER WAS FOR THEM
because the love is very high :)))