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Sep 9, 2012
I really love this manhwa~ It got me hooked really fast.
Right now only 2 chapters are available, but that's why i can't wait for the next chapters!

Story 10/10:
So, it began like this, a womanizer taoist, searched long for a beauty to get the most perfect gorgous daugther or son. That Daughter was Boreum.

Her father took her away and hid on te gold mountain, Boreum couldnt go outside and was only making embroidery(i think), other then that she had read all books, and was really bored, on the other side, her dad always went outside, searching for woman, but then met a flute-playing guy. Turns read more
Aug 29, 2012
"A deliquent-like guy and a super-smart girl"

Story 9/10:
The basic is not really original, because more mangas are about a goody-two-shoes and a deliquent, but how this manga was drawn and written is orignal in it's own way.

It's about a smart girl. Haruko Nanase, she's the smartest of the class, alright. She met that deliquent guy and the story goes on~ The deliquent, Hachiya wasn't really much at school, mostly skipping it, because he wasn't really smart or something, but Nanase understoood that he just didn't even try to learn. So somehow they ended up as a kind-of-friends or something? Ahum, just go read the read more
Aug 29, 2012
I must say i loved this manga, with only 5 chapters (atm) it already convinced me!

Characters 10/10:
"A super-smart-gentle-demon Prince & an innocent-sweet-pure-hearted-human Girl"
---and later some peoples join the story~:
"An easygoing-very-long wolf-clan-head Guy and uhm a super-justice-kinda-angel Girl"
Man, i hafto say that these characters are original,... well especially the super justice angel,
But about the main: Hana's looks are cute in its way, her hair is short, i, at first disliked that it was THAT short, but i gradually came to like it.. also i think the mangaka made her hair a bit more puffy, so yay~ Ahum, so the guy, Jirou, kinda a read more
Aug 25, 2012
Hello~ My second review here, hope u'll enjoy ^^

"A naive Ojou-sama and a stubborn-prince-like High Schooler~"

Story: 10
I think the story was really original! The jokes aren't as cliché either.
So the story is about a girl, Towako, raised in a isolated place, every birthday she would get a picture, of the guy she would marry when she became 18. (It's a tradition to marry a guy who was born in the same year on the same day and time. ) He looked absolutely handsome, like a prince. So when she finally met him, the guy, Yuuga didn't know of anything, and even though Towako read more
Aug 20, 2012
"A Cute Boy & a Handsome Girl"

Story 10/10 (edited):
This story is about Akira, a tomboyish girl.
So when she was small she met Suzuki, the guy, told her that she would look cuter with long hair, the girl began to like that guy and let her hair grow, prepared for an confession in middle school and all (w choco)...but then...!! oh no the choco was....!!! ..... go read it further in the manga~ ;)

I think this story was really original. A girl in love with a popular boy who got a girlfriend who is actually a boy, and that boy who got interested in the girl.... read more