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SpiritBridge Jan 23, 6:06 AM

Yes, you can request a forum ser and a profile picture at the same time.

Thanks! :3
AngelHana Jan 22, 6:48 PM
oooo looks interesting. :O
thanks mitsuki. Will look more into it once later ^^
Zarcy Jan 22, 9:00 AM
You're welcome :D
ownitlikeaboss Jan 19, 8:47 AM

Yup for the most part! Although sometimes I'll straight up just forget the ending despite remembering the plot lol
Don't remember the songs at all so I'll listen to them again now Or does the fact that I don't remember them mean that they weren't anything special? lol

Ooooo I own one of the Keroro movies. I think my grandmother bought randomly bought it in China thinking that I would enjoy it lol (She was right. It was a pretty good movie. Even if I didin't know who any of the characters were) That's the only thing from Keroro I've watched though lol
Ahhhh Black Rock Shooter. I still haven't watched that despite it being in my PTW since before I even created a MAL account lmao
I feel like every vocaloid fan eventually ends up watching it. I'll get there eventually maybe. Knowing my PTW list that might be a very long eventually lol
asldfkjaksdf SAO. Well I gave it a 2 so I think that pretty much sums up my experience with the show lol
Definitely Free! That series probably could have ended after they graudated high school imo. They keep introducing new characters that I don't care about asldkfjlaskdfj
LMAO sorry. My friend is a big Persona fan and he's always talking about how the franchise is milking fans of their money so I guess I picked up the phrase from him ahahaha

Huehuehue much thank

Hmm hmm I see. So January 6th then.
Also me just remembering that we have staff birthdays in dorisukai too lol

Inanna_201 Jan 14, 1:08 PM
Thank you *-* <3
I ordered it in Garden of eden club tho, I basically don’t know anything about photoshop :’D

Btw when I logged in, I first noticed your DP among friends on the side of my profile, and thought “omgg such a cute DP”, and few seconds later I see your comment about you liking my Rin DP :D ahahahh such a coincidence ^^
DarkNighte Jan 10, 10:12 PM
if u say so xD
ooo, a story??
ownitlikeaboss Jan 10, 5:49 PM
Late Happy New Year to you too!

Yeah it's too much work to keep up with most of the clubs. I mostly only use MAL for anime tracking and challenges now anyway

Yupppp lol I'm the type of person who forgets the endings of shows after a while even though I watched the whole thing through. (Isn't that how all ecchi is though?? lol)
Hmmmm all I remember about Rolling Girls is that the girl ends up being an alien lol But I do remember enjoying it + the art and animation style was nice.

Seriously? Hmmm maybe sometime before 2014? That's when I made my MAL profile anyway lol But I've been watching things like Pokemon and Sailor Moon since I was a wee little child. But those were just like random episodes? Like whatever was on TV when I turned it on. i think the first anime I watched all the way through from the first to last episode was actually Strike Witches lol
Yeeee I think something like 36 eps
Yeah. Things make money so they keep milking it. I think some series need to left to die in peace

They're not completely unrelated from those things tbh lol
I usually will just put whatever video I'm obsessed with atm in that spoiler. (So high chances of utaite stuff ahahah)

You changed your dp and layout again!
Also I see those birthday cards :eyes: Happy belated Birthday!
When was it? I actually have no idea lol
k3ti Jan 9, 11:03 AM
thank you! you're welcome ^^
and again, thank you heh
DarkNighte Jan 8, 7:39 PM
no problem~
u think so? lol thanks tho :)
AngelHana Jan 8, 4:09 AM
Happy new year to you too, Mitsuki!! Thank you <3
Wishes the best for you as well this year. :)
Zarcy Jan 5, 4:28 AM
no problem ! it was Christmas ohoho
Zarcy Jan 5, 4:21 AM
You're welcome !

shuuuushhhh don't tell anyone !

Happy New Year to you :)
LuffyTheStrawHat Jan 3, 7:47 AM
Thank you!~~

I'll update the list with these! Thanks Mitsuki ^^
LuffyTheStrawHat Jan 3, 6:13 AM
Hey Mitsuki! We've finally got this month's Newsletter ready to be delivered!

Here is the link the the newsletter: here

If you check the list here, you can see which members to deliver to! We just recruited two more newsletter deliveries so the workload isn't too much! Thank you, let me know if you have any questions ~~
LuffyTheStrawHat Dec 28, 2020 11:40 PM
Haha you're welcome! ~~