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Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season
Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season
Nov 7, 2021 6:29 PM
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Senryuu Shoujo
Senryuu Shoujo
Oct 10, 2021 9:48 PM
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Oct 9, 2021 9:38 PM
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Aug 14, 2021 12:02 AM
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Rainbowsalt007 Jan 25, 2:42 AM
I've a whole chapter left in maths to complete and now the teacher has started another chapter and has already completed half of the exercises ≡(▔﹏▔)≡ but I'll complete it tomorrow anyways!

ikr! His voice is just so good even at this age. I can't believe he is 65 years + the energy! this statement makes me wanna watch the pv again As long as they handle anya's expression correctly, the anime is tend to be a hit ajshshshnn can't wait for the meme train which is gonna happen soon! I'm excited to see who'll do the sxf opening too >< really :0 I didn't knew about it

My favorite movies ? well I don't watch much movies so I hardly have any but maybe 3 idiots, shoplifters, escape plan and stree ( ̄▽ ̄)"

yusa_96 Jan 25, 1:13 AM
Yes ikr.
Well pretty good. Not too hot or cold
Do you read webtoon?
Rainbowsalt007 Jan 23, 8:27 PM
Simple. Because they don't want us to live happily :")

Lol Me who opens mal and discord before my periodic tests

I swear if A1 pictures don't bring back masayaki suda back, I'm going to protest with all my love is war Stans lol Apart from Love is war, I'm excited for spy x family's anime too >< wondering who will do the opening and when they'll air it since the date is still not confirmed (?)
I'll for sure watch it :D Maybe after I finish Monster I'll for sure let you know! The story looks interesting~
Same! >< It was a bitter sweet feeling! I wished that the mangaka included their after graduation story too but the story would've been too long and might felt rushed or dragged :")

Thanks! ❤️ Btw, nice pfp! Did you made it ? :D
Rainbowsalt007 Jan 23, 11:15 AM
I'll do it for sure! No matter what, I'll complete my work tomorrow T T Must suck >< I'd do anything to get rid of Maths lol same lol I was pretty much hard working even till the half yearlys of my last grade but our school just kept bombarding us with school works and all as if we were sitting totally useless and idle.

I'm really glad to hear that :D
I'll finish the layout before my finals begin anyway >< I've this Maths work to do and I'm scared I can't complete it on time ): I really hope I at least complete the exercises

I'm excited for many animes >< This year is gonna be a blast! Kaguya sama is certainly one of the animes I'm looking forward to this year! If I'm not mistaken, BSD's another season is coming too, right ? Have you watched ? I might watch it after finishing a couple of animes
I've finished it now! :D It was really nice~ Specially there graduation and miyamura sneezing right before sengoku's speech

Also, sorry for this late reply ><
yusa_96 Jan 20, 3:30 PM
I see. I do remember everything because it is a master piece to me. I liked the ending song.
About enjoying aot I wouldn't say i am enjoying it anymore because the ending is a huge disappointment. I am just waiting when this huge disappointment will come to me again. i read the manga long ago so i was a lot disappointed back then.
Rainbowsalt007 Jan 19, 2:09 AM
T T 'cause Maths is boring. Ikr! Today our teacher took like 4 extra mins :")
SAME! I'll for sure pay attention from next week huehuehuehue
I have so many exercises from a chapter T T what should i do ?!?!? Maybe in 11th grade, I won't choose Maths :D So I can at least rest for 2 years... Yes I can't sadly.... no it was a classwork 💀 She won't :)) She won't even notice imo SAME! My roll no. is last + I barely speak... I feel like I haven't learned anything in these 2 years T_T Good for you :D ah I see. Most of the kids go in public school so it's kinda understandable why we've them

I'd probably completing my work on weekends 💀 at this rate, I don't even think my works are even going to end. Yes :) Oh SCB has pretty good gfx'ers there 👀 I've seen that club but it's kinda dead atm sadly.
YAYY! Thank you :D I now have lots of school work and stuff so it'd take a lot of time to be completed T T hahaha it is because I sit idle during my vacations. Now, since my classes have started again, you won't be able to call me productive any more for the time being.....
I'll try that :) Thank you~

LOL! me who hasn't watched it fully....... this reminds me that we're gonna have s3 very soon >< oh and I'll finish horimiya today :D
yusa_96 Jan 19, 12:40 AM
Yeah I am watching durarara and aot s4 part 2
r u watching aot?
yusa_96 Jan 18, 1:50 AM
yeah it's been long we haven't talk. I am doing great. what about are you upto?
rubixuitous Jan 17, 10:00 PM
Ahh of course :3 And, I try to learn from everyone's gfx, including yours! You have a lot of experience making cards, which definitely helps. I wish I had some more time to practice haha. Have a good day too ^_^
yusa_96 Jan 17, 1:56 AM
OMG thanks you for the Gift mitchi ur mah best tomodachi in mal UwU
Rainbowsalt007 Jan 16, 8:08 PM
Yeah same! My Maths class is the last class and seriously I start feeling very sleepy at that time too not to mention that the teacher often ends up taking 10 extra minutes T T Maths seriously sucks! I'd for sure get rid of it in 11th >< Sorry ^^;; Though my father would teach me Maths at times, this subject has just so many works to do that I can't help but pay attention in the class..... I took a screenshot of a question before the winter vacations but by mistake deleted it :") I don't have of contact of any of the students in my class too. Yeah same. My name starts with Y so it's pretty rare for teachers to ask questions from me. No, a public school

Yes! Tysm!~
Now that my vacations are over, I'd now have less time too.. Yes :) I myself wouldn't consider a request like this coming from an absolute random stranger. Lol really ? The club was enchanted pixels I assume ?
Thank you! I now get it :D oh yeah I saw that too. I'd refer to it if I'm having problems with it
Yes lol thank you ❤️ I was actually thinking that I put just too much bubbles so thank you for pointing this out :) I'll work on this when I finish my friend's layout also change the about me xD Ooooh then maybe I'll add the BP heart or wait no.. 💀 it'd look pretty cringey. Thank you for telling~ I'll work on that too. Thanks to the photographer who clicked that type of photo of them haha

Yes I'll after finishing the manga :D ooooooh I see :)

Rainbowsalt007 Jan 15, 11:39 PM
Yeah lol I don't understand a thing they teach tbh but at the same time I can read mangas without getting caught lol THEY SHOULD! MAY OMICRON SPRAED MORE FASTLY IN MID FEB... AH WAIT I TOOK IT TOO FAR LOL Naisuu! The vaccines are available for 15-18 yrs old but since I'm 14 I'm saved :) I don't really want to take the vaccine so, let's hope that the virus slows down greatly in Feb-March time.
In our school, we were taught swimming till 1st grade and in 1st grade, even though I used come wearing the swimsuit, I didn't go to the pool since there was my this friend who never used to brought hers lol I regret it now tho T T

Thank you so much! <3 Thanks to Zero senpai and Enjumi who pointed this out in my horimiya layout~
YAYYYY! I hope you finish it soon! The draft looks really nice, seriously! haha nice to hear that~ That must be so frustrating!
I got a request to make a profile layout :) I've made the template but I'm feeling very lazy + have to finish my hws so will probably complete it later this week. Btw, do you know how to use the slice tool in photopea T T ?
I also started making my March layout and it's like 98% completed heh A small preview of it:

I'm LOVING horimiya! I plan to read the manga after finishing the anime too. All the characters are really likable but I loved Hori and miyamura seriously! Who are yours ? since I can see horimiya in your taiga layout too :)
Rainbowsalt007 Jan 14, 10:45 PM
SAME! I thought that finally I'd be getting a break from these online classes but hell no! It is continued till now... I really hope that everything gets in control soon.... uhm but finals should be held online *cough* I really hope so :D Tbh, I don't wanna get vaccinated.. I mean I saw my parents' state after getting vaccinated and I don't wanna be like that... I hate being sick
LOL! Same.. I thought I wasn't scared of heights but, I just slowly started knowing that I was wrong.. The same thing goes for swimming. I thought that I could swim when I was like in 2nd-3rd grade but I woke from my dream soon after :") Ah ic
from the end of July to whole September is the rainy time here. I live in the Northern part so, luckily I get to experience all the 4 seasons heh

Eh you really think so ? I'm so glad to hear that :D It's now completed too haha
DAMN! Really ? But, still you should take your time and make it... It'll surely turn out great~ It's more like I don't do any of my works and just keep making them for few hours straight :")
Yes! I'd love to see it

Rainbowsalt007 Jan 14, 8:54 AM
Will the pandemic ever be over ? I really thought that COVID will end this year but the cases started rising again TT only God knows when it'll over
Oooh sounds nice :D
I too won't ride hot air balloon 🤣 I want to though but I kinda feel scared of heights. Really ? I thought that the weather would be kinda medium..... like 34 degree or something around that ... Ehhh is that so ? June is the hottest month in our country ;) It's pretty cold in the Northern side but the Southern part is hot as always hehe

Thanks! I'm making a full layout too. It's like 99.95% complete already.... will probably use it in Feb
rubixuitous Jan 13, 5:46 PM
Hi mitch!! thank you so so much for the really cute dp~ I was definitely debating between you and and someone else as my SS, but ahhh it seems like luck wasn't on my side xD thank you for your hard work <3 Your gfx skills are amazing!