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Liz to Aoi Tori
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Planet With
Oct 21, 2018 7:05 PM
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Mononoke Hime
Apr 1, 2017 8:13 AM
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Koe no Katachi
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Cardcaptor Sakura
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Hoshi no Samidare
Jun 29, 2015 6:56 AM
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JinKRavet May 20, 2:18 PM
Thank you for that Oregairu review:) It really struck a chord with me as I also have started wanting to change because of the anime, I find it hard to believe how powerful this anime was and how many people I can relate to, this was the only thing that made me go out of my way to make actual friends and go on a journey to find that which is "genuine". Thanks and good luck with your life as well:)
FantasyAces Feb 4, 8:30 PM
Only thing aids is you liking Planet With
vininadal Feb 4, 5:58 AM
Thanks dude, brilliant review of oregairu. I wish a plenty of success in your live.
RebelPanda Jan 26, 11:16 AM
Thanks man. Your review of Oregairu is great, coincidentally it's one of the shows that Bunny Girl aped the most.
Zax1e Dec 28, 2018 11:54 PM
Just wanted to thank you for writing that Oregairu review. Hope you've accomplished your inner goals since you wrote that review :)
MrSubarashi-dono Aug 18, 2018 7:27 PM
Well i'm here to say that your "inner review" of Oregairu touched me! It's nice to see some anime or manga existing in the world left a trail behind on many people.

Just another "keep catching up" commentary :)
Yuki_Nonaka May 14, 2018 11:07 PM
Astros Aug 8, 2017 8:34 AM
You still holding onto that chance?
Kudo Jul 27, 2017 2:06 PM
amazing review.
Harkov May 3, 2017 6:26 PM
sorry for taking this real long to reply back! i've just gone done settling moving in and my studies have quietly died down a bit, so i actually get to have some free time for myself.

wow, that's incredibly rough man, almost crazy that it was just a train of continuous wrecks one after another. just having all that rain upon someone while they're due with something scares the hell out of me! i'm glad you got your stuff in one shape at the very least, i can understand what it feels like to pretty much have a computer break down on you, god knows how many times that has happened to me at the worst moments when i needed it the most, especially for school stuff. having that motivation to get back into just working on stuff is just real hard, i can feel ya on that one.

i actually haven't watched battery passed the first episode, but i thought you would be interested since it's a very low-key character drama. as for why it seems rather dry and somewhat middling in its own production, is that i remember it being rather behind on its own scheduling for its production (which meant that they had to rush their work most often than not), so it's not very polished to a shine like some shows could be. it also didn't help too much that the show didn't have the resources nor the director didn't have the connections to bring on some talented people on board. in its essence, it's a low-key production for a rather low-key show! funny how that works

i believe the main thrust from what i know from battery is that it is actually primarily a children's novel for a wide demographic, that's why it was adapted for the noitamina programming block, usually reserved for aniime that go beyond their own target demographic. it actually focuses on some rather universal themes from what i've heard from other people who actually read the novels, concerned with the ideas of family and a look at japanese society and how it affects certain individuals, most notably about the relationship between the parent and the child and how that fits and also conflicts with their own coming of age, so it's less about baseball and more about the kids.

as for the great passage, i actually haven't finished that either! though i'm confident enough in that show to know that it was definitely something i liked. i loved the way it used something as dry as a subject as dictionaries to talk about the complexities of language and its many faces, and how that factors to us in our everyday life. it has passion for its subject that it never feels too impersonal about what it is trying to express in regards to its characters. i'm not sure what else happens later on, but i am hoping it is as great as you hope too!

been having a pretty alright few weeks, though i'm mostly happy that i'm done just moving in and what not. i hope you've had the chance to complete some papers and return from your assignments since then, see ya soon!
Harkov Apr 7, 2017 10:11 PM
don't worry, i get that feeling of disillusionment with mainstream taste quite a lot, but i find it's better to understand why people would like such a thing than to put it down, i feel. just kind of goes hand in hand with wanting to broaden my perspective a bit and to never be too narrow minded about what i personally think is great. though i'm not sure if it got more people into anime...that's a tricky question since it's universally compared to ghibli who think their stuff is apparently above anime! and i think western popularity isn't too big, at least i think it isn't nearly as big as japan, i know it's crazy that your name of all things has personally reached the top of MAL's rankings, but the other stuff you listed has a much bigger exposure than your name.

as for recommendations, i think i got a few up my sleep for recent stuff though i'm kind of loss for words since i haven't been too impressed with airing anime recently! but for some stuff i personally liked recently, mob psycho 100, rakugo S1 and S2, hibike euphonium, the great passage, kizumonogatari (though perhaps it's needed to watch bake first). as for you, i think you would like relife, orange, march comes in like a lion, battery, unless you've seen some of them, not too sure! and if you want recommendations outside of the airing anime zone, just holler and i'll think up some, just thought of listing some recent stuff first.

sorry this was a late reply! i've been busy with moving and also my studies so i haven't been able to watch anime or focus on anything else
Harkov Mar 28, 2017 5:02 PM
i sure did, i saw it with my brother at one of the premieres here in california, which was rather exciting and also surreal since the theater was packed with film critics and such.

i think the main baseline for why it got so popular is that its core, it's an evocative and fantastical spin on the simple, but cheesy romance story with a extravagant twist to the formula. it helps that it's pretty much a huge, spiraling spectacle of a movie, with ostentatious cinematography combined flashy animation work through its abundance of shinkai's trademark gaudy and expressive approach to digital filters and effects. it's a lot more light hearted than most shinkai films too, so it has a much broader and conventional appeal that makes approaching the more dramatic elements easier to swallow, i would assume.

i totally agree with your criticism though, how the entire film is pretty much a cluster of ideas that essentially became a convoluted and blaring mess of a story, the allusions to fate and destinies was handled rather awkwardly in such a vague and almost superficial way, never letting the characters speak for themselves and only letting the excessive narrative and thematic beats that feels maudlin and silly. while i enjoyed the two main characters for being rather charming and active protagonists, i never did feel that chemistry and love that was thrown all over the movie.

i think the thing with shinkai is that he's rather self-serious and a bit conceited? which is funny to say considering the interviews i've seen of the guy seem rather humble. but all of his movies, i presume, seem to value an emotional, universal truth in general and it seems that your name is the cream of the crop of those ideals. i suppose it's hollow in the way that it never tries to understand the truth that it is saying, but trying to jarringly blare out those truths without reflection.

i do think shinkai is a talented guy and has a penchant for digital animation, but i would love to see a more restrained, mellow take on his ideas. he clearly has the talent to make something pretty, but i feel he has a lot to learn in how he wants to present them. the next miyazaki thing is just funny to me really, shinkai himself seems to loathe the idea and has quite literally tried to downplay that in recent interviews, he just wants to be known as a guy who has a passion for film making and animation, nothing more.

i don't think i would mind rewatching it either, but i'm not sure if my opinion would change too much. nonetheless, i think it's a fascinating movie because of its seemingly huge cultural impact on japan at the moment.
Snakes Mar 25, 2017 10:00 PM
Interesting self-insert Oregaru s2 review. I'm only a little confused why you didn't submit it for s1.
Harkov Mar 25, 2017 6:03 PM
it's really no problem, just glad you're still out there! i'm glad you feel better about it though, i really appreciate the sentiment.

apart from college and still working towards my degree...really nothing much from that end, apart from the endless swamp of projects and deadlines. i've been mostly busy with my hobbies, trying to catch up on my ridiculous anime and manga backlog, as well as trying to watch more films and read more books. some intriguing new stuff i watched recently and last year was your name (which i thought was fantastically enjoyable fun for a shinkai movie, but ultimately batters down to some of his greatest weaknesses and felt rather hollow and jarringly unfocused, i completely understand why it was such a hit with people though) euphonium S2, kizumonogatari parts 1 and 2, mob psycho 100, and even love live sunshine. can't think of anything else at the moment, but these are definitely the titles that left quite an impression on me last year apart from some backlog stuff.

due to me being more busy with school, i've gotten really lazy about writing stuff unfortunately. i actually did start up that blog though! but it doesn't have many entries since it doesn't really have a set schedule of a sort...and the fact that i'm just really lazy to boot. i feel like i want to write more though, but i just haven't gotten that itch yet. i have plenty of ideas, but nothing immediate that tempts me to write it out in full, it's a bit frustrating but i'm happy that i'm fickle about it since i'm sure to have something great to write someday that i'll be happy about.

oh apologies then, just thought i'd give my stance on it! completely understand though, i just like reading a lot of analysis about anime whenever i can, helps builds my own view and ideals onto things and keeps my perspective engaged and clear with a variety of ideas to keep me from being insular. wasn't the biggest fan of flip flappers myself, but reading other people's analysis on it have been really intriguing.
Harkov Mar 21, 2017 12:31 PM
whoa, you're back on MAL? where've you been, yo?