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Sep 8, 2014
I did not find this story to make much sense at times and it seemed like a few holes were occurring. I had a hard time focusing on it.

The art and music were nice and typical of and Detective Conan episode.

The characters were well done and thought out. I did like the humor of them. From the tiny grandmother to Yaiba but I am not sure I would want to see them in another OVA.

While I love Detective Conan I was not overly thrilled with this OVA. The story just seemed too weak for me.

Overall it was nice for a read more
Sep 8, 2014
I highly enjoyed the story of this OVA. While not a high profile crime occurs a mystery does happen and Conan sets out to solve it along with help from Heiji. The story was strong and fun. It was nice to see the gang work on a case that did not involve a corpse or anything along those lines. Struck me as more of a funny story that was meant to cause a few laughs.

The art and music are typical of Detective Conan. Nothing super flashy happened but all in all both were solid.

Due to this having so many characters in it was read more
Sep 8, 2014
I felt the story line was a little weak on this OVA. It seemed to lack the well developed flair that most Detective Conan episodes have.

The art was just like any other Detective Conan show.

The music and sound were right on.

The characters I had problems with. Personally I do not care for characters that copy other characters. Since the three children were basically knock offs of Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta I did like them at all. Their personalities were slightly different but it was clear they were suppose to be knock offs.

The OVA was cute for a one time watch but that read more
Sep 8, 2014
I am a huge Kaitou Kid fan so I was very happy to see an OVA that featured Kaitou and had Conan as a background character. I loved the story, it was believable and everything fit in place nicely. The story flowed smoothly and it was nice seeing Kaitou's thinking process.

The art is very typical Detective Conan and like a normal episode of the tv series.

Like the art the music is also typical of Detective Conan and it fits the story well.

If you are a Conan fan then you will most likely be disappointed since he is not center stage for this read more