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Oct 18, 2017
I got interested on the show due to good critics, principally. It didn't seem the we-all-know-what-will-happen-next shoujo. So my expectations on it were big.
It is true that it is not the typical shoujo. We have characters which are University students, they have different realities, and the accident Banri had made the show interesting from the very beginning.
Maybe I was expecting too much from it, so there were certain things that dissapointed me. Some "resolutions" didn't convinced me at all.
If I list those things I liked, I would say, in first place, Nana-senpai. Yes, that tribute to Nana was one of the things that made me read more
Sep 19, 2017
Angel Densetsu is one of those anime you want to find whenever you are looking for something short, funny and original. The absurd humour you'll find from the beggining until the end will entertain you for sure. You'll find so much amusement you'll want more whenever it finishes.
You should take into account that the OVAs have been released during the nineties, so do not expect the quality we are accustomed to these days!
Music is also very good. You will love it!
Moreover, you will find interesting the fact that it was written by the same mangaka as Claymore... So different stories, so unforgettable both!
Jul 13, 2017
Even if you are not a reverse harem fan nor an otome game player you sholuld take a look at this franchise! I am not a gamer but I looked for the gameplay videos and watched them all. Of course, there are different endings on the game (of course) but both stories, the one told on the anime, and the one told on the movies, lead to one pairing in particular.
The first thing you should know is that Hakuoki is not just a romance or lovey-dovey story. It goes far beyond love. As we are dealing with the well-known Shinsengumi you will find a lot read more
Jul 9, 2017
This anime brought a roller coaster of emotions to me. Some of them didn't change. Some others did. What didn't change? Well... the opening is wonderful. I never skipped it, I looked for it, sung it while having a bath, woke up thinking about it. The characters are absolutely lovable: Ochanomizu has a kind a heart, Ran is so cute... and A106... what should I say about him?
A106 is a robot with AI and somehow he is more human than many humans. He is innocent, kind and really wants to comprehend his surrondings. I won't spoil anything. But I assure you, you will end up read more
Feb 26, 2017
Ryuu no Haisha is a two episode special which will take you to a fictional world with wars, magic, bugs and, of course, dragons.
The female main character is Nonoko, a cheerful girl and "Dragon Dentist". This work includes... yes, you guessed right: cleaning dragon's teeth. Now, the dragons are not those kind of dragons you are used to. I sometimes wondered during the episodes whether if those dragons were really alive or they were just machines...
The dragon dentist won't clean those teeth because they are dirty. They have little creatures that look like bacterias or bugs. I won't tell you what they really are, but read more
Feb 19, 2017
If you like fantasy, magic and tons of comedy, this is a great choice. Bakuretsu Hunters was one of the pioneers to some ecchi cliches you are used to see on some other series. You will love its characters and laugh hard at their misadventures and craziness.
Personally, the story might not be fully developed. If you are interested on it you should better go and read the manga. Maybe, the series would have been a little bit more popular if this happened. Anyways, the whole series is really enjoyable and will catch you from the beginning.
One more thing: both opening and ending are wonderful. Just read more