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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Dec 25, 2019 3:29 AM
Watching 13/26 · Scored 10
Jan 6, 2019 7:12 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019)
Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019)
Jan 6, 2019 7:03 AM
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Suki tte Ii na yo.
Suki tte Ii na yo.
Mar 15, 2018 3:59 AM
Completed 73/73 · Scored 7
Hibi Chouchou
Hibi Chouchou
Mar 11, 2018 11:08 PM
Completed 83/83 · Scored 8
Hibi Chouchou x Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Hibi Chouchou x Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Mar 11, 2018 11:07 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 8


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berto64X Oct 22, 2017 11:57 PM
Hehe i went to see what it was and dang it looks so good. haha XD i wanna try it hehe so i see why you like it so much and its your favorite! :3 seriously i'd eat that i swear. XD

Pretty much like here then. varies by year. some better some worse. hehe noted :D so the same as here then. :) dang weather be more predictable please ? nope it never does lol. oh dang sometimes November then some in December.. seems pretty similar to here but it mostly leans to December in that case.

Oh ok :) more temperate, rain more than snow unless its a bad storm that does snow. oh makes sense during mid winter but nothing like the north closer to the arctic then. noted. :) good cause blizzards suck. XD back in 2015 to early 2016 here ? omg it was terrible. imagine hearing the winds howling and feeling like the power could go off but lucky it didn't. then wake up the morning and there is like 2 to 3 feet of snow. it was crazy and it crippled the area for at most a week but alot of snow didn't melt for like 2 weeks after. my parents told me that it was like that bad also when i was 2 to 3 years old back then and im like " damn a 20 year storm then" so i understand. i think your place is similar to like what the American midwest states ? where its temperate. it gets snow but not blizzards unless rarely ? thats what im gettin out of that.

omg wow. XD XD let me know if it really does ok ? :) and how are you doin ? :)
berto64X Oct 21, 2017 8:33 PM
I will! i'll keep you notified :)

Aww darn its always the larger cities it seems. but oh so thats how you tried them. :) in Saint Petersburg . ah no wonder a few times there you tried em all. :3 awesome you're lucky to have a chance to. hopefully i will someday when i go to a larger city. which is your favorite ?

Im glad you're home now! :) oh 4 days ago , i see. ^^ anyway whoa already ? :o ah a mix but still counts. darn but its a sign that winter is indeed coming. but wait its gonna snow even more soon hehe. and ah November thats not far and early at least to me

Oh it snows here trust me. XD our snow varies some years we can get a lot of snow. some not much if anythin. and usually where im at around December but we had some freak events too. but lets say around December so yes it does. one year we had a terrible blizzard. XD i survived that with my power still on back then. but it was awful. im sure you're familiar with terrible snowstorms so i can probably guess you know how it is lol
Hibbington Oct 16, 2017 3:08 PM
Yep, I would fall under Water Rooster which would be Smart, quick-witted, tenderhearted, and compassionate.
berto64X Oct 15, 2017 10:30 PM
YAY! thank you!! :D im happy you helped and oh i can get all this at the local supermarket then :). and easy to make too so alright i'll get the stuff later this week. :3 i hope its so good as you said. im excited haha. XD

Yup haha and good haha we can relate. XD

No i haven't sadly. ima look up how they look. tbh im not all knowledgeable into Korean cuisine but i can say i haven't and i think i want to now :3 but the downside is that there isn't any Korean restaurants where im in. i gotta travel to the bigger cities for that so that i may try. :)
Thank you! ;D i so appreciate it. just send it to me when you can ok ?

Thank you :) i hope so too. and yes lets hope so cause i really wanna get out of this crazy house and do what i wanna do and feel free.

Im glad yours was good! :D and not bad thats good weather :3. oh my now its getting cold in Moscow and parts of Russia and rainy too, haha when does it start snowing though usually in Russia ? :o

Its ok no worries. :) i understand since you're still in Hungary and you only can use it at the hotel till you're home. when are you heading home again ?
berto64X Oct 15, 2017 1:40 AM
Haha good :) then i'll look for a recipe and do it one of these days. XD

Awww ;-; i kinda did too but i was like " no no no whyyyy?" ( oh hehe :D )

Whoa what Korean dishes did you eat ? :) and nice you tried Japanese before :3. haha good im happy you also love it. Asian food is amazing! :D omg can you tell me them please ? i love watching about food and learning something new and may wanna try. and oh true hahaha XD XD tbh i get hungry easily so ummm not a good mix there. XD )

awww lucky! XD :) good it makes it easier for you yes totally. :)

None yet. im not in college though i want to go to Texas Tech University in Lubbock but i need to find away to pay for that, i'll move to Texas so tuition will be cheaper than in NM. i'll find way or maybe try again to join the military and they can pay for college :) then again if not i'm gonna go become a cop and rise through the ranks and such. :) but oh i want to though rent a place or an apartment but i need to work you know ? and i want to yes i do. right now thats on my mind. getting out, go find work go find a place live independently. feel free. so ima go and do that, i can do it so i will :)

how are ya doin today ? :)
berto64X Oct 14, 2017 11:53 AM
300,000 isn't too big like i been to cities that are 20 miles wide with population numbers of 500,000 to 700.000 then its metro areas go about a million people. 300,000 people would be a mid sized city actually. XD so somethin like that. the closest city to me with those numbers is Lubbock, TX and thats like 250,000 people and its metro is nearing 300,000 . so mid sized. haha.

Oh thats expected. haha but im happy they enjoyed those sweets though! ;D good hehe i wanna try some out someday though. XD YAYY! be proud haha :3

Wow you also watched it before me then. XD it was an amazing movie though glad ya loved it also. and you should! :) just to refresh your memory on it. and yes the ending was sad though. ;-; poor girl ;-; and the guy she liked.

Ah Japanese. :3 i remember eating Japanese one time in Albuquerque. was actually owned by Japanese people and it was at the mall. dang though it was goooooooddddd sadly i think the place is closed now but Japanese food ? amazing! so i hope you like it. :) ( hehe Chinese is amazing though) yes i do i love it! XD if i were to list my favorite cuisines it would go from. 1. American 2. Mexican and Spanish 3. Chinese 4.Japanese, 5. Thai, 6. Italian and so on but i love Asian food, especially Chinese but others are amazing too. the Asian places where im at are very good so i do my best to go to em whenever. :3 and to your other question. sadly no. and to make it sadder i haven't been out of the country at all but maybe that will change someday. even worse i only been to 2 states, New Mexico and Texas. XD oh god i wish my family traveled more but not much money though and stuff. and you ? :)

Alright i won't :D thank you. :) and it is yes :( ugh they're so mean a lot of the time... like a lot of stuff happened yesterday and right now im home alone but i feel better because more peace and quietness and i can finally relax for once. oh i'll answer. yesterday he was turning off my computer and other stuff i have on. turns off the internet. bad talks me, yells at me because hes an idiot, gets me in trouble over stupid shit. tbh i doin't even like my brother. i used to and i tried my best to treat him nicely and care about him... but he doesn't see that. he feels he can do the hell he wants and piss me off and make my damn life more miserable than it is already. he and i will never be close and reconcile, heck same with my other siblings. :/ it just sucks but there isn't much to do about it
berto64X Oct 13, 2017 10:37 PM
Oh like a smaller town or small city ? :o if so i get the idea :) not rural but smaller town or city. oh gosh, what do their parents and elders tell em that its impossible for them to go to uni anywhere like thats a dumb excuse they given out but i feel they take that from their parents, elders and teachers and say that, at least in my opinion but thats sad. but i do agree with you wholeheartedly on what you told them. everything is possible as long they set their mind to it. its hard work but thats how it is in life. not everything is handed to us all. but i agree it depends on how much you/i/us want to achieve and putting that effort. see ? in your case you made it just fine through hard work and dedication to do it. :) you realized parents can't afford it so you stepped up and make sure you can go to college. the kids should look up to you cause you struggled to get where you are today.. you told them right and i hope they understood :) and to me im happy you were able to go to uni free of charge and you're improving your life. congrats, i respect that about you. :) i hope those kiddos know also and they see life in a better manner

hahaha im happy it went well! :) and wonderful :D and what was their reactions to what you told them on their little comment ? :) i don't think i heard of those, ima look em up now and see what they are. XD im Hispanic btw so i mainly know more of Spanish, Mexican and other dishes but i'll go look now. XD and damn hahaa XD XD but hey it was all worth it right ? :)

we did :) a friend of mine that lives in the UK and i watched it. it was actually an anime movie :) its named Hotarubi no Mori e and it was good i recommend it. :) we watched it together on rabbit . its a site where she streams what she gonna show to me and others and anyone can join :).

WOOOO!! YAY! haha :D XD Chinese, Japanese ? :o

and sorry for the late reply tho i know you'll say its ok but i had a very terrible day tbh. family problems, my mom kinda bitched me out for the dumbest reasons. my idiot brother gives me too much trouble and i nearly idk i guess lost a friend of mine but didn't but she and i kinda had a spat. guess im ok though but i wanted you to know that i wasn't ignoring your comment. stuff happened and i couldn't write back till now. everything is fine now thankfully and i hope it stays that way.
Hibbington Oct 13, 2017 6:50 PM
Yeah it is quite weird honestly that the Chinese Zodiac is based on year. So everyone born in that year will have the same assortment of traits but when i keep asking people it does seem to be accurate. But hopefully you'll stop by the club during the season we could definitely use some more people involved in our seasonal discussion thread.
wubbalubba126 Oct 13, 2017 12:14 PM
Of course
berto64X Oct 13, 2017 10:45 AM
Oh 6 weeks so lasted that long then. :o

Dang now that's sad. :/ i came from a rural background myself but i always was taught that i can do anything as long i set my mind to, but then again i live in America so that type of mindset is everywhere here. but for there.. i guess these kids just see whats around them and not beyond their small villages, towns. they just feel that there isnt much to do other than just stay in their towns and keep it going for generations to come. like a closed in community kinda. but then again some are kids still but even when we were kids we were allowed to dream on who to become but what you told me there is sad. :/ good :) they needed that and im happy you got motivated to motivate them . and exactly it is. I feel its also their parents that don't tell them that theres a big world out there for them to see and explore and that they can do what they set their minds to. instead its all about they got a place in their town or something, seems so close knit tbh but in a sad way. i hope so too. :) i gotta say you're really doin God's work though so yes lets hope so haha. XD :3

Wow its even political when really its humanitarian...but i guess things just end up goin that way. i kinda know some of politics there but really they seem more concerned about the refugee crisis than gypsies but at least theres some dialogue. to me its easier to deal with gypsies than those refugees for reasons. to me those gypsies are already Hungarian citizens unless otherwise and they at least have a chance to assimilate into their culture and nation. but those refugees that are coming from the middle east. thats a touchier subject so lets leave it from there.

hehe good you know :D and yeah i do say howdy a lot, even in real life! XD but yes you know im from the south, well southwest US but still the south. im basically living around the state line area of NM and TX so that explains it too :)

Im glad you're doin fine :) and had a good breakfast and sleep. :) i know its been several hours after cause i slept haha how did the presentation went ? :)

and me i woke up earlier but i had problems with my mouse and other shit came up so kinda had to late reply sadly but im here. :) i slept alright, tho i could use more sleep but i will later. and i just ate some leftovers from last night, about it :) but yes when i commented earlier it was night yes. aha
Kunii Oct 13, 2017 4:44 AM
I need to try some one day xD What was the the memorable thing that you've eaten over there?

Oh cool, nope i've never been to one before, how is it?
berto64X Oct 13, 2017 12:26 AM
Haha yeah i apologize a lot. XD its a habit i have that sometimes i shouldn't say it too much but its hard i swear lol but good ;) i won't worry. :3

I hope so too. you spent 2 months of your life helping out these people there, teachers,students and others, hopefully it will have a lasting impact for time to come for these people. it doesn't surprise me that so many people don't know to speak English still but helping out others to learn it is always a good thing. :) oh ok so y'all had to teach such topic in English and students there only speak Hungarian at most ? dang that sounds like its more of rural schools and small town schools if anything. bigger cities there will be more people that will likely speak English but depends on the person. good some did know English but most seem to not have not much skill or any at all... it seems kinda tiring though that you gotta teach these classes that know nothing and can't count ? damn.. just damn haha XD. but i hope y'all's help changed that though! :D

( fyi if you're wondering why i keep using y'all instead of you guys. i live in the southern to southwestern part of US so now you know. XD )

Thats very good to hear that there are those good ones that are adapting to society there. :) but yes i know about those others, that still need to see the error of their ways and try to be better than what they're doing now.. to me maybe gypsies just need to be educated you know ? like any willing to learn and adapt and want to live a good life ? then they should be taught to assimilate into that country's society and life and improve. education to me is the solution to all this. anyway, exactly thats why y'all go there to solve problems that are tiered to social, educational etc so i understand the purpose to volunteer :)

Now you do after being there. i always heard of it on TV since even in America we get European TV shows and news sometimes and we see the problems there. its sad it still exists .whats sadder ? governments don't do much to solve this problem. they just let em do what they desire and im here in America like.... " why ? " if America had that problem, i can see the American government and even state governments try to solve it but i guess every place is different. idk... though if any gypsy did their crime here, theyd get shot.

Yes lets ;)

Ah good she told you then. :3 if you can get it in Russia then go for it. i hope its cheap to pay for memberships. and you're welcome! :3

how are you doin today ? :)
Teebs9719 Oct 12, 2017 5:24 PM
No I haven't, I'll have to give it a look!
Kunii Oct 12, 2017 3:11 PM
Good luck on your presentation :) must of been tons of tasty stuff to eat there :)
That's cool, is she an anime fan too?
berto64X Oct 12, 2017 1:13 PM
Haha don't worry i can tell its not. XD like you did say you went to Hungary for what you're doin so i can tell you aren't from there. XD sorry if i seem i misunderstood though, i have a weird habit sometimes on that. ._. anyway, i understand no worries. ^^ oh English lessons then even from a non native speaker you're doin a lot of good helping. :) hehe awesome i can't believe something such as helping teachers teach English brings everyone from all backgrounds together, thats so amazing! :3

Oh god gypsies. i live in America so i never have problems with gypsies cause they aren't here that i know of. its more of a European problem really but i hear alot of how they misbehave in public, they go as far as to steal people's money and everything else for their personal gain. and even you try to help them, they take advantage of that. so in that regard i can understand because well sometimes people can be stupid and do stuff that isn't socially acceptable in society you know ? but still dang i hope none given you problems though. :/ i understand you don't have any stereotypes or prejudices but i can see why your answer is mixed cause of them. besides that seems like a ol sleepy town that doesn't offer much, but hey at least there's internet though. :)

Oh hey you're from Russia, its pretty rare to meet someone from Russia, i did before online an di had a classmate that was of partial Russian ancestry and they treated me well. and you seem like a wonderful person so hey lets me friends! :D good i hope you do. you're welcome. :) let me know you reach home safe and sound please ? ;)

I'll tell ya :3 most of the anime my friend and i watch is from a website named Crunchyroll. its this big anime site, you can watch for free but with ads or pay a small amount a month to watch without and have other perks and features. other places are Netflix ( now avaliable world wide from i know but check to be sure for Russia) Hulu though its mainly in America and Japan, Funimation has a paid streaming service but affordable but all i know its only in America unless its also for Canada. for you though your best bet is Crunchyroll and Netflix if you can pay for it :). other than that the usual anime sites you go to and you watch it for free on.