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Days: 57.5
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Rilakkuma to Yuuenchi
Rilakkuma to Yuuenchi
Oct 27, 9:44 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Oct 15, 6:15 AM
Dropped 2/24 · Scored 5
Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara
Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara
Oct 4, 2:00 PM
Watching 5/13 · Scored 8
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Days: 3.4
Mean Score: 8.65
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Aug 10, 1:56 AM
Reading -/20 · Scored -
Youkai Kyoushitsu
Youkai Kyoushitsu
Aug 10, 1:52 AM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 7
Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae
Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae
Jul 10, 2:47 AM
Reading -/11 · Scored -


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Murrin Oct 15, 6:08 PM
Hii thanks for accepting my friend request! How are you doing? Any good shows you've been watching lately?
Valentine_Faye Sep 27, 9:20 AM
Hi, no problem. I really like Levi too, Erwin, Mikasa, Sasha, Armin and a little bit of Eren, my favorites are these.
Valentine_Faye Sep 24, 7:57 AM
I like Twelve a lot but I can't explain why hahaha I really liked the development he had with Lisa.
When I watched Zankyou in Terror I had become very involved with the story, and I thought it was just wonderful, and that heartbreaking ending ... I cried.
Valentine_Faye Sep 22, 11:33 AM
Thanks for the indication, most of them are already on my list to watch.
I also love the game Beyond: Two Souls, which is what I'm playing at the moment.
Valentine_Faye Sep 22, 7:46 AM
Hi, thanks for accepting, I was looking at your profile and we have a lot in common, I really like your favorite series and games.
ivymura Aug 31, 11:53 AM
You're welcome :D
haha i totally understand that feel, some years ago when my favorite anime so far finished i can't find anything to watch, even with a huge plan to watch list, but bit by bit i restarted watch some titles, take some time without watch anime is a good thing too
SC and Your name are probably two of the best things i've watched at all, in special the first one, your name i confess i liked more before watch weathering with you, currently all my love destined to your name are steal for this new movie xD but i need some time to decide which i enjoyed more ^^' Do you have watched space dandy or cowboy bebop?

Well, recently i'm only watching the new digimon and the third season of oregairu, but manga i'm trying read more since i stopped playing, recently i finished man of many faces, daiya no ace (finally!) domekano and saint seiya ep g assassin, and started other many titles, in special a sign of affection, i love this manga so much, i wanna read more volumes soon xD
ivymura Aug 31, 9:17 AM
Hi, thanks for accept my FR ^-^
How are you? watching or reading something good?
Shiekai Jun 13, 12:11 PM
yep, it was really heartwarming :D

fr? damn i didnt know that, no wonder its so seamless and clean. i still have to get around to watchin cowboy bebop, but thats cool that you like zankyou so much, people never get around to loving that series.
vincent_0 Jun 11, 1:36 PM
Apologies for the late reply.

Paranoia Agent is good so far, definitely. I enjoyed Perfect Blue and Paprika, so it was only natural that another of Satoshi's works would be interesting to me. The way how his works are so character-driven is really appealing. The way he creates psychological conflict in such a unique way is impressive.

Thank you for suggesting those! I have been meaning to play the Danganronpa games alongside the anime, so watching it alongside it should be no issue. In all seriousness, I am looking forward to watching those with all the free time that quarantine allows for. Thank you!
Shiekai Jun 10, 7:34 AM
nice nice

oh damn i didnt know the author made a spin-off, def gonna check that out

aah ok. i understand that people dont really like shoujo that much (i mean now that literally everything is shounen now, its kinda weird with shoujo because it has a completely different pacing than shounen) as well as the fact that shounen is mostly action based while shoujo is flooded with romance

facts, people pushing their own opinions onto others is kinda annoying. i get it, you like what you like and you dont like what you dont, but theres no need to attack others

i just started samurai champloo, love it so far. it has a really cool feel to it (especially with that like early 2000s feel, and the lofi beats)
Shiekai Jun 9, 7:04 PM
yep, im gonna rewatch a ton of shows on crunchyroll later to support :D

facts, i started out watchin highly recommended shows by my friends, like your lie in april, naruto, tokyo ghoul, etc. but ye, after watching anime for a while, you start to get into the shitty part where the hype just dies quite a bit. i still have some mainstream shows to get through, but i might just start watching seasonal soon for a change of pace

omgggg im so dumb my bad, i phrased that wrong xD. i really liked the ending, i was expecting it to be somewhat kinda cliche but the fact that they didnt even get together really showed that the show wasnt messin around and shit doesnt always go the way you want it to. i just wish that more people would recognize how solid of a show it is, i think that most didnt like it because

1) its shoujo (idk why so many people have problems with a female protag now)
2) depressing af, not really as romantic as other shows (no shit, not what the story was going for)
3) the "awkwardness" of some of the more "graphic" scenes (i actually kinda understand this one, it was kinda weird when it got to some nsfw shit, but it didnt fuck the show over entirely)

and yea thats what ive heard from other people's opinions about the show ig
Shiekai Jun 9, 7:19 AM
facts, hyouka was absolutely great, really impressive how kyoani was able to have that quality of animation in 2012.... left me speechless (cool that you watched it on crunchyroll, i should prob do that for series that i enjoyed instead of just pirating a bunch of shit xD)

dw dw, happens all the time(titles are confusing tho). aaahh same man, i felt that first season was slow (although when i was first watching anime, it felt that every show i watched was god tier, idk why) but it def picked up in s2. i purposely dont read the manga for series that i really enjoyed (demon slayer is the only exception), so im mad hype for s3 and whats gonna happen :D

brooo scums wish is the SHIT. mad fuckin underrated. i was not expecting that level of intricacy when i went into the show (i heard a lot of people talkin shit about it, saying that it was too depressing or whatever) but when i watched it...... damn man it sure was sad as all hell, but really well done and showed the realism of love. mugi x hanabi ftw xD. i also dont really like the female teacher, i think that was the only flaw of the show, it didnt pace her change in personality quite right, it felt like they rushed her change of attitude a little bit at the end, still really well done. but honestly she made some real bitch moves

thats one of my fav op's as well, i really like the song and the actual phrasing of it, matches the flow of the show perfectly

Shiekai Jun 8, 6:15 PM
so trueeee, hyouka was really cool because you got to see a character grow and develop by being influenced from his friends, a really quite fun show to watch

mmmmm yea, it would clear up things a lot more. tbh tho, i dont really think its gonna get another season :(, because if it got one, it probably would be mostly fanservice ig. what i would love to see instead is maybe like an OVA, which would be cool to watch, and it wouldnt lose the spark of the original (tho im still prayin for s2 dw xD)

snafu/oregairu was one of the most solid SoL's i have ever watched (it was one of my first animes as well :D) it was really dope to see how the characters interactions led to further development, and had one of the best mc's to date. plus it was just a fun ride, mad hype for s3

when i think of love triangles, i think of scum's wish, although that was like a fuckin love octagon bro there was so much going on lol
Shiekai Jun 8, 1:36 PM
straight facts

oreki was just a great mc, he had really nice quotes and his outlook on society was interesting. aaah ok, i get that. i kinda feel the same way, it really kinda depended on who you shipped katsuhira with, if you liked chidori you prob didnt like sonozaki all too much and the ending would have been bittersweet. sonozaki's actual character development didnt start untill you were well into the show, which is also another factor

hope for a second season too :D

damn man love triangles and stuff like that gets me so hype tho, its really interesting for some reason
Shiekai Jun 8, 6:08 AM
brooooo it was such a well balanced show, and all the characters were perfectly portrayed

katsuhira, and his attitude and outlook on society were really quite interesting in the beginning (i love characters who are mysterious, like oreki from hyouka and hikigaya from oregairu). i actually liked sonozaki (but maybe thats just because i like her character type, not really the role she has in the show) plus she was hella cute at the end :3. as for the others, they were great and accentuated each other

it really is quite pretty, the op was really cool and futuristic, and i dont think many other studios besides trigger could have made this show as great as it was