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Dec 12, 2017
Did you read the description, right? Don't rush to stigmatize the series as yet another "Schoolers are going to save the world" and then skip it. I've almost made this mistake and I'm glad I forced myself to watch it.
Here's the main twist: that creature - is a perfect teacher who really cares for his pupils even though they are going (it's rather "want") to kill him. And still he even teaches them hot to do it. This contrast runs like a red thread thought the series and does it perfectly. Without any "HOLY SH*T" drama moments, where a girl in the back of the read more
Dec 10, 2017
First, I want to warn you. It will be a tall order to watch the series if you're at least remotely sapient human being.

I like stupid moments in anime. I do really like them. But in this case... well, imagine all crazy sh*t you saw in Azumanga and (AND!!!) Lucky Star and (AND!!!) Nichijou (76 24-minutes' episodes) compressed into twelve 12-minutes' episodes. To make things even worse (Is it even possible?) it all comes from a single person who is the MC and always in the screen. It is almost physically painful to watch, you want to smack that stupid b**ch as hard as read more
Dec 7, 2017
Yet another Naruto-like piece of well-known-substance... wait a second. Studio Pierrot? Oh, sh...
But speaking seriously can be advised only for Naruto fans. I'm not one of them. I can't stand constantly screaming retards as main heroes. Seriously, I wonder why there are so many people wo can enjoy watching such persons' adventures.. or should I say "hysterics"?
Villans so-far-seen are very stereotyped. You literally can say if this person is bad or not. I want some intrigue!
One more hint - when you see that "previously" part takes more than two minutes that means that authors out of ideas, they just need fillers. In this case it read more
Aug 22, 2017
If you ask me, I'd rename this series to "Simplicity". It would've been "Logic" if the story was more complicated. That's why only 5 to the story.

The main hero is OP as F. Since the very VERY beginning. No drama and hard learning for 2-3 episodes like in other series. Convenient. And simple.

A sample from an episode. A companion "Oh, no! We are surrounded! What do we do". The MC "Spell: find all the enemies. Spell: lock onto them. Spell: paralyze them". And so with other dangerous situations. Convenient. And simple.

Another sample. Enemy attacks!! The MC "Spell: Death Ray! Didn't work. Hm... Hey, you! Make read more
Aug 20, 2017
Very. Very. VERY intense survival action thriller. A lot of spectacular fighting scenes. The story is decent, with some exceptions. A LOT of interesting characters you literally want to empathize with .... and the MC, that weak, cowardly, spineless, annoying MFer, is NOT one of them. Be ready to cuss out a lot because of his stupidity and blindness. I wish there were someone like Dr.Cox to sign a medical prescription for two balls and a transplantation operation. The rating could have been 10 wasn't it for him. I literally shocked that this is anime №9. People, what's wrong with you? How can you love read more
Jun 8, 2017
A guy enrolls in a recently all-girl school where all the males are forced to look, dress and act like girl... "in order not to traumatize girls mentally" what came to my mind when I read the desctiption. Then I imagined the MC trying to hide his manhood during body checks, his "YAAAAA" in girls locker room and during the hot springs trip.

But atfer a couple of minutes into the first episode I cound distinctly hear the creators say "YOU'RE WRONG!!!! GO F*** YOURSELF!!!". That's what the MC decided to do which immediately draws attention of the stongest students (not a big surprise I guess) read more
Apr 28, 2017
First, I want to make a complaint that there's no "zero" and negative numbers for scores. Second, if you have a unique and useful ability to skip through the episodes USE IT without hesitation. I honestly watched first 10 episodes without skipping anything. Than 5 more skipping some moments. Then, in about 30 minutes I "watched" all the 35 episodes remaining. "Are you retarded?" you say. " How can you do this and say that the series is a big steaming pile of shit? You haven't actually seen it !" And you would've been right... wasn't it for the fact this is Sousei no Onmyouji. read more
Apr 28, 2017
Someone with super powers moves to another world and then decides to become the strongest there. We all have heard this story for many-many times. But in this implementation I find two positive moments that let Mondaiji to stand out:
1) In this series the main heroes are asked if they want to stay there. Personally, I've never seen anything like this in the genre.
2) "The series is only 10 episodes long" people say. But "only" is an extra word, when you finish the last episode you will realize that. Less episodes means that the story is condensed and there's no place (and need) for fillers.
Now, read more
Apr 16, 2017
I know people who immensely enjoyed the anime. I'm the one who really disliked this series. Here's why. First, positive things about it:
1)Fighting scenes( nothing spectacular, to be honest, but they're are decently directed);
That's all. Now on to negatives:
1) I don't understand the MC's reason for killing all the monsters. The only thing that comes to mind is "Because... this is an action series, that's why".
2)The series is completely CGI made. I know it can be good for some massive battle scenes or really complicated effects, but seeing only cell-shading feel-like-480p environment and characters ... urgh... annoying;
3) Pathos. Pathos is everywhere. Directing. Speeches. read more
Mar 27, 2017
The series would've been a really good one for me wasn't it for the relations between the two MC's. I really don't understand why she calls him a pervert and beats him so brutally because of.... what? He didn't fall on her breast, didn't see her naked swimming in the pond, didn't see her underwear. He didn't give her a SINGLE REASON for this. I understand, this is an anime series and beating a man is mandatory, that's what I've got used to long time ago... but WHY?! There were enough possibilities for him to kill her, I was literaly screaming "F*CKING DO THIS ALREADY!" read more