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Dec 21, 2021

Mushoku Tensei is a modern classic. If you like stunning visuals, powerful soundtracks, fantastic character development, and unmatched worldbuilding, Mushuko Tensei is for you.

Note: Mushoku Tensei has mature content and themes which some watchers may dislike, but add substantial meaning to the story in perspective of its world and character development.

Mushoku Tensei is essentially "Redemption Arc: The Anime" with a lot of quality exposition and accompanying art.

At first glance, you may find Mushoku Tensei's plot similar to many modern anime: where the main character is reincarnated, but don't let this stray you away. The source material Mushoku Tensei is adapted from is heralded as one read more
Dec 3, 2021
Prior to watching SAO Progressive in theatres, I rewatched all of SAO for perspective and gave the shows an average of 7/10. Going into SAO Progressive, I expected a higher production-quality rehash of the early events from season one, and was not disappointed. The art, animation, and sound design are substantially better and, though it wasn't the best I've seen by any mark, the fight choreography and implementation of CGI was much better than that of the early episodes of season one. Given the story is essentially the same as season one (and rightfully so; that is the point of the SAO Progressive read more
Sep 25, 2021
I loved Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, I gave it an 8/10! But this show, Yuutousei, does not live up to its predecessor whatsoever. The premise of this show is that it takes the exact same events from Rettousei, dumbs them down, and adds more incest. The best part about Yuutousei, in my opinion, is the sound design, not really a great compliment in perspective of my other ratings since this is a TV series and not a CD. The art is good, but the characters seem flat and one dimensional. This show is a hollow shell of Rettousei with all the goodie scooped out. Yuutousei read more