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Dec 22, 2018
Aggressive Retsuko is a very interesting anime that combines Sanrio's cute looking animal character designs with a more or less adult themed story about adulthood and corporate office working life.

The series is super short, but handles all aspects sufficiently in that span of time. I think the 15 minute format works so much better than the previous 3 minutes. It gives the show enough time to develop a consistent plotline per episode, but also prevents it from becoming too repetitive.

Aggressive Retsuko also manages to develop most of the characters, both main and secondary. This is a great accomplishment considering plenty of longer series fail read more
Nov 4, 2018
Awful adaptation of a bunch of Junji Ito's stories. Most of them have been cut short and have no conclusion whatsoever. The artwork is incredibly poor compared to Ito's originals (sans a few), which heavily minimizes the shock factor. Most of the stories involving monsters are awful because if this. Needless to say, the best of the bunch are the ones which center around a concept rather than on shocking imagery (mostly due to Ito's storywriting).

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this. Only to Ito fans, but only because there are no other animated adaptations of his works (Gyo was even worse than this).

Notable stories (both read more