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Jul 5, 2016
This short anime has made me love it and hate it at the same time.My poor lonely heart can only take so much cuteness and torment from all those couples' interactions...


What would you expect from a 2 minute anime?It's exactly as it sounds.Boyfriend and girlfriend interactions(at the aquarium,at home,while studying and boring stuff that I won't get to do myself anyway.And families interactions with a mother,father and daughter(Daddy stole his kids' favorite candy and another child tells his papa that she loves him).Simple enough of a stab to my decaying soul.


Art is nothing out of ordinary,pretty much like standard shoujo manga(Bokura ga Ita maybe?).Some of read more
Jul 5, 2016
A likeable ecchi harem anime at last!I am thoroughly impressed that there is something of this genre that I actually enjoyed.I did enjoy Kore wa zombie desu ga though for the comedy.But this one is more romance oriented and it has plot,well,both kinds


The theme in one word is kissing.Everything(almost) is solved through kissing.Do you like to see smoochies?Then this is perfect for you!Oh,and if you are homophic that ain't good 'cause there is all kinds of action.
First half is mostly the introduction of characters and the creation of the ''Supernatural Studies Club'' and of course, finding out our protagonist's weird power while the second read more
Jul 3, 2016
Starmyu (Anime) add (All reviews)
I am a quite big fan of music anime and handsome anime guys so it's a given that I would like this anime.But I don't think you would regret watching this even if only to laugh at the boys' weird dances(and songs) that pop out of nowhere.


At first I didn't know what I was getting myself into,I just knew there would be music so that was enough for me.The story isn't all that new and was fairly predictable but it still was entertaining.
The main character,Hoshitani once saw a boy dancing when he was in middle school and it captivated the protagonist so much that he read more
Jul 1, 2016
Oh dear Kami-sama of anime,how could you allow such a piece of to be born?We are not worthy to watch this for it will change our views in life forever!How could I judge such greatness?
*Ahem* Enough with the pleasantries.I loved Mirai Nikki with all its faults, uniqueness and eccentric characters.But this?This,my dear readers it's a Big Mess,some crappy clone of it that shouldn't exist.


In most anime I've watched,I could find the heart to give it a bigger score for one reason or another.But with this dung,nope!I just want to burn it and throw it into a black hole for no one to see!The first read more
Jun 30, 2016
What better way to make friends is there than making them feel your pain?...Is most likely an accurate way to describe what this anime is about.


Kiznaiver is an anime that focuses more on the characters and their development rather than the story.Because of that,there is the imminent confusion to where the plot intends to go.
It starts with Katsuhira and his dream of a blue haired girl telling him that ''he'll definitely get his pain back''.Because of his lack of feelings,Kacchon is bullied and extorted money from.One day he meets a mysterious girl who pushes him off the stairs.The protagonist wakes up in what seems to read more
Jun 29, 2016
The Lord of anime has graced us yet again with a no more than average creation.Same ol',same ol',I could say.For even if their powers are fairly refreshing,the plot is still ordinary.

*I more or less summarize some aspects of the story because I don't want to have to rewatch it again later to remember

I will have mercy in this area because the idea of super powers named after different japanese books and their use appeared curious.But it still managed to dissapoint quite a bit.I can't even remember the characters' names except Dazai and Kyouka so I will look on the info to refresh my mind.Atsushi didn't read more
Jun 27, 2016
I can't believe it but I actually enjoyed something with super heroes(Ok,I liked One Punch Man too...)I was tired of the same recipe those shows had and am glad that this anime is progressive without some Bam! I can do everything,just leave it to me!


All things considered,the story is average at this point because it's mostly an introduction to the real core of the plot.In a world full of people with ''Quriks'' and of heroes and villains,Izuku dreams to become someone like All Might,the symbol of peace.The problem is,he doesn't have any powers,just his intel on the heroes.One day when he tries to save his read more
Jun 22, 2016
Mayoiga (Anime) add (All reviews)
Mayoiga is one of these series with high expectations that aren't quite achieved.Even if it says it's horror and mystery,I believe it's actually pretty straightforward and didn't give me many reasons to contemplate.

Story(6/10)(Some spoilers here,sorry!)

The idea of a story seemed interesting and unusual.A group of people want to get away from their old life and scars so they get in an ''excursion'' to a new place no one knows.After they arrive though,there isn't anyone there so they use what they find freelly.Because of some conflicts between those guys,some try to leave but guess what?Something is preventing them to leave!And guess what else,it's their trauma materialised!But read more
Jun 20, 2016
Oh goodness!What did I just watch?!*ahem* This is a...different setting for a shounen ai.I shall tell you now why


Aggh,the fujoshi in me has awoken!
So,pretty much the story goes like this:Haru's mother adopts a child she found on the streets in America and names him Ren.The lil' boy is so wild and taken away from society that he sleeps outside with the dogs ,doesn't bathe and evits human contact.That's where Haru comes in.Being on a holiday at his mother's villa(?) he is given the responsabilty to babysit.Despite Ren's attempts to push him away,his ''big brother'' takes care of him in...every way possible.Ren promises to come to read more
Jun 20, 2016
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
This anime is the one that made me start watching anime seriously but now that rewatched it wholly,it feels quite dull somehow.Let me tell you the reasons:


The story is pretty simple,Ichigo who can see spirits meets Rukia and because he warant to protect his friends and family from Hollows,Rukia gives him (supposedly) part of her powers.Because that wasn't allowed she gets sentenced to execution and Ichigo and his friends set to save her and of course,to do that he has to fight all kinds of enemies who become his comrades later on.From here,it gets quite repetitive and he has to save someone every time and read more