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May 27, 2009
Eve no Jikan (Anime) add
Preliminary (2/6 eps)
As of the time I wrote this review this series had not yet finished but I already know it will become one of my top favorites. It's science fiction, something I really like, but that's not all; it has a quality that's becoming rare in anime, a certain charming originality despite it dealing with the common sci-fi topic of the line between androids and humans, and the ability to keep people interested without making it looks like it's trying too hard.

Part of the charm of this series is how the sci-fi environment flows into the lives of normal teenagers. As it should be, they don't ...
Jan 12, 2009
Armitage III Dual Matrix

With a futuristic theme and a lot of sci-fi Armitage III Dual Matrix is a must for those who like science fiction and robots. You'll get the classic Matrix style action, high tech battles and a very interesting environment.

Though a few details are left shrouded in mystery, a lot of character development does go on, making it a worth-while movie.

It does have the classic and often overused theme of a robot becoming very much like a human, but it's not sappy about it in the least. While some search for the logic that explains an event proving that humanity, which is not ...
Jan 12, 2009
Mixed Feelings
Angel's Feather

Admittedly I only tried to watch this because one of the characters looks like Sephiroth with Vincent's eyes (Final Fantasy VII), but this anime is nothing like the game.

In it's favor I can say it has some beautiful art, though it is very short and that doesn't give it a lot of time for the plot to develop. It does have a plot though and the main issue will be somewhat resolved, but then a bigger one will be placed before the main cast, ending in a cliff hanger.

The characters have potential but two episodes are no where near enough to develop that many ...
Jan 1, 2009
Bus Gamer (Anime) add
Bus Gamer was made by the same author of the well known Saiyuki series. Thus you can expect handsome men and fun battles, which the anime does provide.

Toki Mishiba, Nobuto Nakajyo and Kazuo Saitou, three strangers in need of a large sum of money, form a team in an underground corporate sponsored street fight. The goal is to steal a disk containing secret information from the opposing team, while protecting their own disk.

The team has its variety in fighting styles and motivation. Each character is shrouded in mystery and the short series slowly reveals hints of why this mismatched trio so desperately needs cash ...
Dec 31, 2008
Strait Jacket (Anime) add
Strait Jacket takes place in the past but there is both technology and magic. The way they handle magic is similar to the concept of an all powerful mutating virus that has a vast usefulness but also big consequences.

Basically, though magic does challenge logic, it eventually mutates the body when it is used too much, causing people to become big murderous insane monsters that cannot be turned back into humans. To be able to use magic without turning into monsters, they developed the molds, which are small mecha armors.

The story revolves around a man who feels guilty over an event that is later ...
Nov 22, 2008
Kakurenbo (Anime) add
Overall this is a fun little movie that I recommend everyone should watch. It's so short that it's not really a question of "why watch it?" but "why not?" If you still want to know why, then read on.

There is an urban legend that tells about kids disappearing in a strange abandoned city, the protagonist is there to search for his sister while other children have their own reasons to venture into that desolated place reminiscent of the Midgar slums from Final Fantasy VII, such as proving they are not afraid or simply exploring.

The children all wear fox masks as part of their game ...
Oct 1, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Leaving aside the fact that the ending itself is a big disappointment; this anime has little to contribute to the actual story. It starts out well enough, but it soon fades into a series of flashbacks and repetitions that take up the majority of the anime.

This is a summary of events that happened with Kenshin and Kaoru, focusing on Kaoru's point of view, but her thoughts are not elaborated beyond what we have already seen in the series. A few small details were changed in the flashbacks, but the contradictions are not huge.

The art and sound are good. The character designs and animation is ...
Sep 6, 2008
Final Fantasy (Anime) add
Aside from the references, this anime isn't directly connected to the Final Fantasy V game. It takes place many years after the game, and though it is said that Linaly, the main female character, is a descendant of Bartz, this Bartz could very well be some random legendary hero.

There are job classes, though without the particular outfits and there are four crystals as in practically every Final Fantasy. The plot features the quest to protect the wind crystal after the others are stolen by a new enemy, a strange alien with advanced technology whose base is located in the black moon, a natural satellite of ...
Sep 2, 2008
Tactics (Anime) add
The story of Tactics is rather episodic, but each mystery Kantaro needs to solve makes the episodes entertaining even if some could be watched in any order and you wouldn't be lost. The series has a supernatural theme with some Japanese mythology mixed in.

There are certain details about things that took place before the series started that are established but left unexplained. However, it's not too hard to conclude what the possible explanation would be. I won't go further into this so as to not spoil what little information is given in the series.

The characters are well balanced; there are cheerful ones, a quiet one, ...
Aug 30, 2008
Shigofumi (Anime) add
Fumika is a mail carrier who delivers letters written by people who have passed away. Each episode holds its own story with Fumika meeting other characters who are most of the time only there for that episode. But it's not as episodic as it may appear to be at first. Each episode reveals a piece of the mystery surrounding the main character and her connections with others are slowly uncovered.

The anime is short but entertaining. Many of the episodes hold some kind of mystery or situation that can be solved, made worse, or only slightly affected with the arrival of a shigofumi, a letter from ...