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Oct 23, 2013
Okay let me tell you this before the review, I LOVE SHUGO CHARA. I am a hardcore Shugo Chara fan and Amuto fan. You could say I am biased, but please let me explain why.

Sometimes when you have your mind set on liking something, you most definitely will like it. This is Shugo Chara doki for me. No matter how many problems people point out in it, I can only find good things about it. The story leads away from the manga's plot for a new arc, the Lulu arc. Now yes at first just like everyone else, I hate Lulu. But as her read more
Oct 5, 2013
Have you ever had an anime that you had such high hopes for that almost no matter what you just have to rate it high? Yeah, this is that anime for me. Was it as good as I hoped it would be? No. Did the ending disappoint me? Yes. So why did I rate it a 9 and even thought about rating it a 10? Because I loved the idea of this anime and the video game so much that I just had to.
The story is this anime's selling point. I mean 15 high school students trapped in an academy where they have to kill read more
Oct 5, 2013
Oh, Watamote, how this show played with my feelings without a mercilessly. The ups and downs I went through, all over just twelve episodes.
The story, basically goes nowhere. No huge plot development, no big grand scheme. But it's very relatable. This is one of the few shows where people can actually be like "gosh, that's so much like me." And they cringe at the thought of it. You feel sorry for her while laughing at her at the same time. It's a tragic story, covered up by light humor. The sad part is there are so many girls out there just like Tomoko, suffering. read more
Mar 10, 2013
This anime is different from the ones I've seen before so I was worried about whether I'd like it or not, and I did. The story is amazing, pretty sad and somewhat confusing if you're slow like me lol. Every character has their own story that conncects to everyone elses. The art was pretty good, nothing extrodinary.
I loved the opening, the ending was okay. They did a good job with the voice actors, really suited the characters.
The characters were as great as the story, some of them I hated because they were so mean.
I overall, enjoyed it a lot. It was nice read more
Jan 19, 2013
This manga may seem cute and carefree but it has so much more heart to it. It starts out pretty typical and I admit I got bored at some parts but keep reading, I assure you it gets better! In my opinion, the characters have great backgrounds that you find out about. Very sad and tragic sometimes. There will also be a HUGE plot twist that will make you wanna cry. Please read this while it is cute it has very heartwarming parts that really moved me.
Nov 28, 2012
As another reviewer said a very "syrupy" read. Filled with "they became my sun" and "I was lost in the darkness because everyone ignored me" sort of thing. Though filled with sayings lik that, it was very good. The art, in my opinion, was one of it's strongest points. Beautiful drawings, definietely my style of manga. The story was pretty good and relatable too if you read the summary. It keeps you going though I must say it's pretty obvious who Hikage ends up with. If you've ever been bullied this is wonderful story for you to relate to.
The characters were very cute, their read more
Nov 28, 2012
I am barely rating this anime because I barely watched it. I'm sure this might be a good anime to some people but not for me. If you like animes that are pretty werid and kind of creepy with some comedy this is the anime for you. But if you aren't used shall I say it....strange animes...then I highly recommend you don't watch this. When I first saw it I thought maybe it won't be as weird as it looks, IT IS. So shoujo and romance anime lovers, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. This anime I think will later include a little bit of read more
Nov 25, 2012
There is a reason why I rated this manga somewhat low but I will get to that towards the end of this review. The story was somewhat interesting but been there, seen that. Nothing special. The art was good, again, nothing special. Definitely not the best artwork I've seen.
The characters, oh, this is why I rated this manga low. The protagonist, she has admirable traits I will say, like determination and kindness. But that damn kim do-jin asshole, I hope he goes to fucking hell! He is by far the worst manga character I've come across. He's mean, a bully, arrogant, rude, and has no read more
Nov 25, 2012
I loved overture!!! Anyone who reads this review and likes rozen maiden must watch it! The story was very good though I did think it would be a little longer, that's my only qualm. The relationship between Shinku and Suigintou is one everyone must know about. The art was pretty good too, the same as the other 2 seasons.
I loved the opening! One of my favorite anime openings right now! :) It's very...beautiful. Sadly I don't usually pay much attention to anime endings so I have nothing to say about the ending.
The characters were wonderful. As usual, I loved Shinku though she read more
Nov 16, 2012
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ANIME!!! I saw this anime by coincedence when looking around on youtube and being interested by the opening. The opening makes it look bleak and depressing but it hardly is! Many parts are really funny and make me giggle or smile. Yes, some parts are dramatic but that's what makes this anime so good. It's perfectly balanced out. I could not stop watching Rozen Maiden.

The story is very unique and interesting. Right when the plot starts getting slow it picks right up again and I'm back to being intruiged. I am beginning to watch the second season so I'm obviously read more