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Sep 29, 2017
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As a fan of episodic anime it's difficult to find anime that gives you the feeling of being complete and happy because most of the time the episodes feel rushed, the characters feel forced and it ends before you get to enjoy them, this anime isn't like that, the best thing about this anime is how good the characters are portrayed, you get to see new characters every episode with different stories and each and everyone of them has a unique,fun and overall good personality but what stands out the most is how good the stories that are made around these characters.

With every episode being read more
Sep 28, 2017
We all know those heroines in lots of anime that are just annoying and selfish creatures that keep forcing themselves on the MC till he finally accepts them, we also know those anime/manga where the concept of homosexuality is used as a shield to make it difficult for anyone to criticize a show without being called "homophobic" and we also know that people ignore pedophilia when it comes from an older woman with a young boy more than the other way around, that's pretty much this anime and ova.

I'll only state the annoying things in this ova but before that you have to know that read more
Sep 17, 2017
To get this over with, If you are looking for a sports anime that focuses on the sport itself, understands the rules and all that then you shouldn't watch this anime.

Aoyama-kun is divided into 2 parts, the first part is about the sport's elements, the 2nd part is about the everyday life of Aoyama and his friends so i'll talk about those 2 separately.

The first part (The sport's elements): I give this a 2/10, this anime doesn't understand how football works like most other football anime, the mangaka doesn't know the rules, how the teams are shaped, the difference between each position, how each position read more
Aug 26, 2017
When the studio announced that they are going to make a new season I was surprised because from what I have read, the manga should have ended with the last episode of season 3 so I wasn't sure what was going to happen in the new season and I thought it would be random and since it is an original season it would be worse than before but i'm happy to say that I was wrong.

Season 3 ended with Enma Ai becoming hell girl for eternity and so it was obvious that we were gonna get new stories with different people trying to get revenge read more
Aug 5, 2017
If you are like me and just finished these after Roku and not by the chronicle order then you would be surprised by the quality of the OVAs and how good they are.

In this OVA you see stuff that wasn't there in ROKU like unique characters and stories, with ROKU being more on the repetitive side and had many mistakes, this however was perfect in the 2 episodes, the characters are really good and their way of thinking is unique that it would make you think that there really are much more important things in life than just surviving or having people around you for read more
Jul 28, 2017
Unlike the first ova which was very boring and uninteresting for most of it, this time we get a very relaxing episode with so much enjoyable moments, I felt very relaxed watching this because of how good it was, it was nice seeing the childish and young personality of Hotaru when she was playing around with her dog, I love that version of her very much it's so cute, we also get to see her taking to the Kaede which was nice as well, it was nice watching Renge , Hotaru and Natsumi missing with Komari's dream and of course the final scene with them read more
Jul 28, 2017
I wrote a review about season 1 and it will be kinda relevant to this one so it would be better to read it before this one, also SPOILER ALERT.

It's rare to find a sequel to an anime which is the same level as the first season, most of the sequels are way worse like Darker Than Black and Aldnoah.Zero or just not as good like Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru and Black Lagoon and because of that I was very surprised by how good this sequel was compared to the first one.
In this review I will talk only about the characters just like I read more
Jul 27, 2017
This was a very boring ova tbh, it was about the characters winning a trip and travelling yet they don't show the reason that started the ova which is the place they are travelling to, the episode was dull with no comedy and the usual annoying Hotaru fawning over anything Komari does but it was great for 1 character, Renge.

There was a scene where Renge started thinking about how her outlook on life would change when she travels to that place and started worrying about that but then she was convinced by her sister's words that she won't change and went happily saying goodbye to read more
Jul 27, 2017
I will try to keep this review from being too long because this anime is like 4 Y/O now and not many people will read it anyway so to start : SPOILER ALERT.

I love the slice of life genre, it's definitely one of my favorite genres because it helps me relax and enjoy watching relatable, funny and new experiences and adventures, The most important thing in this genre is how good the characters are and how well-written they are so i'll just discuss that point and end it at that.

This anime is very relaxing i have to say but the characters were weird, i read more
Jul 26, 2017
Don't we all hate it when we have to wait for 12+ episodes to see one character confess? almost all anime with Harem or Shoujo genre do that stuff and it gets really annoying and repetitive after a while, Tsurezure children is the complete opposite of that, the anime is divided into short stories with different characters in each story and the stories are all about characters confessing their love and what happens after that.

I'm not really a fan when it comes to romance anime because most of them feel forced to me but this one is very good when it comes to that, specially read more