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Snappynator 6 hours ago
Yeah they really arre. It's pretty bs that so many companies milk so much by cutting blatantly obvious stuff that should have been in the basegame. It's why I rarely bother with triple A titles nowadays, most of them just tries to suck you dry for as much money as possible. I mostly stick to Japanese devs for that reason, as they atleast seem to make DLCs actual DLCs that aren't important for the basegame.

Ahh so the OST of Ergo Proxy is a mix of sinister, heavenly-ish. Sounds pretty good! I think Ergo Proxy is on my PTW, I just haven't been in an anime watching mood lately :P

What about the circle blade weapons?

Also thanks!
Snappynator Yesterday, 3:10 AM
Yeah true, I should have clarified that - a DLC that's just some boring extra items is not worth it. I'll never accept companies who charges money for that kind of DLC, it should always be near areas and stuff!
And huh I see, I don't mind spoilers so I'll check it out. Lots of games change drastically from pre-alpha to the lvie version anyway, so there is a good chance most of the bosses and enemies shows in it will be different once it goes up anyway. Optional dungeons and bosses?! Yeah that definitely sounds like they want to make the game less linear, and hopefully also longer (honestly feels like 1 and 2 are both kinda short despite being so good)

Huh kill some bosses in one hit?! Okay I'll definitely have to try that out the next time I decide to play DS2, I have heard lots of people talk about how Hex made the game way to easy, though I guess it comes at the costs of being rather squishy considering the investment you wwould need in Int and Fth? 5000 souls isn't so bad but consuming all souls even though it caps at 5k...yeah I can see it being a high risk high reward like move then.

I haven't watched Ergo Proxy unfortunately, so I don't know how their OST is it an utopian like soundtrack it got or..?`Ninja Gaiden like gameplay eh? Can't say I was the biggest fan of that series but I'm sure you can make it slightly more fair atleast :P

The Two Gauntlet one catches my eye...mainly because of the laser claws o.O Otherwise, the big circled blades also sounds very interesting and sounds like they would be some kind of very high skill weapon.
Kevineitor Nov 17, 7:56 AM
Hola, sí.

La que esta a la izquierda de Yui es Rin Shibuya, mi waifu de Idolmaster.

La que está debajo de Neko es Shizuka Onimaru, la serie no es buena, pero ella sí.

Oh, bueno, me gusta no lo voy negar. :D

Snappynator Nov 17, 12:20 AM
Yeah Darksiders 3 is a game I'm also eagerly waiting for, if it does have DLCs I will be even more excited. I just hope they can keep the magic of the first and 2nd game going instead of making it a rushed mess with MTs for no good reasons. Fury seems like she'll be very different from War and Death in terms of gameplay so that's always something!

Oh I see, yeah that explains it. As I said, I barely used hexes so I just assumed they were the same as the dark sorc/miracles you could get in DS3 since their had similar icons. Increase health for exchange of souls though? Damn, I do wish we had stuff like that...

Ah I see. Electronic music using synthesizer and a possible choir? Sounds like quite the bit of work you'll be doing for that part :P I take it, you'll try to do like DS2/BB and make it so each weapon is unique from one another and gives a completely different playstyle?
Snappynator Nov 16, 8:41 AM
Yeah you are right, DS3 has it's fair share of cons and admittedly it's some glaring flaws. However the boss issue is pretty prevalent in all the Souls games, compared to DS1 and 2, I would say 3 had the least amount of disappointing one (I frankly don't even count the Wyvern as one...that was just a forced boss when in reality it's just a mob you do a plunge attack on) and the weapon variety is a fair point I agree on. For how much I dislike DS2, that is one of the things I wish DS3 had atleast copied a long with the unique back stab animations but oh well.
And yeah, DS3 PvP is terrible (its tied with 1 for shittiest PvP) which is a result of Miyazaki focusing a lot more on making it balanced for PvE than PvP. Souls games are about the PvE experience above all else however, so I dont mind that.
Hexes is a fair point, though dark miracles/sorcs/pyromancies kinda function like them I guess? Never used Hex much in DS2 so can't say...

Oh Slave Knight Gael is one of my faves, so that sounds pretty darn neat. How will the OST be like? do you plan to do it like Souls where some areas don't have it and some do or will there be music for all areas?
Snappynator Nov 12, 2:31 AM
I feel like people are just labeling anything from Souls 1 as fanservice without thinking about the difference between continuity and fanservice. There is a difference between the two; one has a reason for being there and is fine while the other is just for the sake of pleasing the fans.
In the case of DS3, most of the things people label "fanservice" is frankly not as much fanservice as it is showing the effects of prominent figures/effects from the first game.
The Abyss Watchers shows us what happened to Artorias, who is both iconic to player but also in the world of Dark Souls as his tale is a famous one and so it's interesting to see how his mantle was carried on by other people who continued the struggle against the Abyss that is a pretty big factor in all 3 games.

Anor Londo and Gwyndolin are both iconic again to both players and the world of Dark Souls because it's a famous area and lorewise one of the most significant ones as its the home of the gods, and as such it serves to show in DS3 how far the Gods has fallen, as the very capital of theirs is reduced to just the main building and the home of corruption, despair and ruin - it's symbolic as it shows the Gods are no more and even their capital wasn't invinciible from the destruction of time and Gwyndolin's demise further solidifies that. (showing us the effect of our PCs choice in 1 with killing the only Knight left to properly protect Gwyndolin aswell)

Soul of Cinder makes perfect sense from a lore perspective and him having the movesets of PC in 1 and Gwyn is also logical from the view of the entire theme of his fight.

Siegward and Siegmeyer only shares the same armor set, being from the same land and having a slightly similar personality but that's it - the way Siegward fights, acts and thinks along with his lore and storyline is completely different from Siegmeyer and makes him a completely different character in the end while still serving a point in the plot with Yhorm.
Patches is the avatar of Miyazaki, he is in all of his games so he is atleast excused.
Smouldering Lake is showcasing the fall of Izalith and the fate of the last survivor from the Izalith incident while also showing that even the fearful Demon race is as the brink of extinction with only very few being alive and barely surviving as a result of the BoC being destroyed in DS1 (showing us the effect of our PCs choice in 1)

So what else is "fanservice"? Solaire's armor? Andre? Karla? All of those are small minor side stuff that doesn't even affect the main story in any way. I completely disagree when people say DS3 got too much fanservice, this guy puts it better than me.

And to sum it up - it's the same world and it's all a convoluted mess with the lands being pulled together in a last ditch effort by the first flame. There is a reason for most of the things people just label "fanservice"; it serves a purpose in the overall story and is referencing DS1 (and 2) because it's the same world! Most off the areas are also new with Smouldering Lake and Anor Londo being the only ones reused (but both of them received noticeable changes to show how different theey are now - Smouldering moreso than AL). Oh and DS2 also had quite a fair amount of of "fanservice" but people didn't complain about that? DS3 felt like an actual sequel to DS1 while DS2 felt like a spin-off with influences.

Upgrading armor just felt pointless to me anyway, it frankly was a chore in 1 and 2 and didn't feel like it gave as much of a boost as people made it out to be. Poise in DS3 is by far more balanced and skill requiring than it was in DS1, I prefer it that way instead of just putting on some heavy armor and being able to trade without taking any skill against all bosses. Havel's still provides more stability and defense than most other armor sets aswell. Powerstance is frankly overrated as hell while Bonfire Astestic was a cool mechanic that could have carried over, I agree.

And with regards to DS2, the different routes to take was only really in the start, once you got around halfway (Drangleic castle) it went full linear and all of the different paths you could take would lead to the same area to begin with (Lost Bastille) save the Iron Keep. The whole deal with beating Dancer is you get access to lategame content (such as the Coiled Sword, Gundyr's gear, Dragonslayer Armours stuff, Titanite Chunks etc.) rewarding you for dealing with a lategame boss.

Also worth reading this and this.

Oh I see, well good luck with that.
MiraiNoRei Nov 5, 9:31 AM
Hahah, thanks! I'm honestly not sure where my profile pic is from. I tried to look around online for you but found nothing. I just found it while browsing the web. Sorry :/
Snappynator Nov 5, 6:09 AM
Ahh yeah I see. The linearity of 3 is definitely a killer, but I found it had the most amazing boss designs and shows how they should be designed atleast :P And odd you experienced that, I played it on PC aswell and found no issues whatsoever. But oh well.

Huh so you already got all the bosses and the entire story planned or is some of it still in the beta phase?
nymi Nov 4, 8:08 AM
Kunagisa from Zaregoto.
Snappynator Nov 2, 9:29 AM
Ohhh hthat sounds interesting! I played both of the Darksiders game, saw my brother play Gaiden and GoW and played thee 3rd DMC game. Sounds pretty cool! Ever heard of Dark Souls? It's one of my favourite franchises ever, and when talking about bosses, I'm sure you could learn a thing or two from it's boss designs aswell. I would definitely be interested in hearing about it :P
Clymenus Nov 2, 9:27 AM
It's been a while, and for the same reason on my side --- college has been killing me too I'm afraid xD
I already read that you want to become a game developer and I wish you good luck with that, I know from experience that programming can be frustrating and time consuming. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with hack and slash games (even though I'm familiar with them); I'm mostly a strategy type of guy (Total War series is my favorite).

Also, what happened to stories you were writing?

Snappynator Nov 1, 12:53 PM
Oh sure go ahead! And long time indeed XD
Kotoneko-chan Oct 26, 8:48 AM

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Caassaac Oct 17, 11:01 PM
Tengo una cuenta de Steam, pero la mantengo privada por... ciertos motivos personales. Al menos de momento. Si la abro después (quizá sí, quizá no), entonces no hay problema.

Ya la retomaré en algún momento. El arco del torneo me gustó mucho, pero no espero que mantenga ese nivel.

De vuelta y con 1000 anime ya en su repertorio, sí =P.