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Sep 24, 2015
“Ladies and Gentleman! I bring you marvelous illusions that make this town sparkle at night.” – Kaito Kid; Magic Kaito 1412

Ever since magic has become a trend genre in 21st century – most likely since the release of the Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter franchise - we have seen many films involving the preternatural, yet wonderful power; and many more will come. And consequently, magic found its way into the “world” of anime. But what about illusions?

To put it plainly, an illusion is a distortion of the human senses; and though they distort reality, they are generally shared by most people. It describes a read more
Sep 22, 2015
The task or purpose of a circus is to keep the audience entertained throughout the show they deliver; sparkling lights, well costumed actors and cute, yet dangerous animals are either helpful and seek your attention. None would dare to blink more than absolutely necessary. Once you leave, it is the greatest reward for a circus if you would not forget what you just have experienced. A reward which Karneval struggles to achieve.

The anime opens with two of the main character, Nai and Gareki. Nai - a simple minded boy who clearly cannot survive in such a harsh world – is looking for a guy read more
Sep 19, 2015
“Does losing prove that you are weak? Isn't losing difficult for all of you? A challenge where, after ending up on your hands and knees, you must see if you can stand up again?." – Ittetsu Takeda (Haikyuu!!)

Some of those who have already written about Haikyuu!! have mainly categorized it as a bloody good show with a high level of realism and great characters. It is true; however, it is not just about the sport itself, the much needed team spirit or the willing heart you need in order to succeed in the court. There is a decent feeling of longing and beyond that, the read more
Sep 15, 2015
"No matter how many years go by, I'm sure we'll still be laughing together."

This dictum from Kimi to Boku season 2 leads us through the entire series. It does not sound really outstanding or impressive, even not meaningful. But after we get to see the show we might change our mind. We start thinking about how deep this statement in fact is and how important it will become, even if it seems difficult to imagine at the very beginning.

The “heroes” of this second season are the same as last time; the Twins Yuta and Yuki, Kaname, and Shun. All have been childhood friends since kindergarten, read more
Sep 4, 2015
Rin Okumura, our main Protagonist, lives a fairly normal life until the day he finds out he is the son of a demon - more specifically: the living offspring of Satan. Quite a promising premise for a shounen anime; unfortunately, it could not keep its promise, mainly due to its characters and storyline.

Having said that, this leads us to the first issue: the Story. Ao no Exorcist starts off strong; throwing both you and Rin into unfamiliar territory filled with demons and priests and a very interesting actual state of the world and how it is divided. But soon after, the story develops into a read more
Sep 3, 2015
So this is how the world could be if Psychokinesis had taken over...

Shinsekai Yori takes place in the future - in the very distant future. Interestingly it does not really look like the very distant future; rather than the distant past, before electrcity and that stuff had been invented.

1000 years passed... and people have not changed at all. For instance: they believe in almost the same things as they did back then in 2010. They have not grown over those years or have not made any usages of the modern technology to rebuild their lives after Psychokinesis had almost wiped out humanity (or was on read more
Dec 16, 2014
No.6 (Anime) add (All reviews)
"Let there be shining lights in the starless sky" - No. 6 ending (song)

Well, the story takes place in - *rataplan* - No. 6; an ideal and perfect City, without starvation, without wars and everything you need is right there. The only thing: the city is surrounded by walls.

Soon after the start we're introduced to one of the mains; Shion. A curious, naive young Boy who lives in no. 6. One night he lets a strange, injured boy into his house - and this boy is revealed as the second main named Nezumi (Side note: Nezumi is the jap. word for Rat).
Of course is read more
Dec 12, 2014
The distance between a good Anime and a bad Anime can be quite a long way to go...

Well, this anime is either of it. It doesn't try to be good, but it has proved; it's better than we might have expected.

Let's have a short and sexy overview; the plot is strange, complex, confusing, interesting, colourful,... yes, I think that's quite a good bunch of useful words to give a short description... ou, different - quite forgotten - might be the best one! And it's different indeed. But yet; different doesn't mean "bad". It's nice to see something new, something, that is not afraid at all read more
Dec 9, 2014
My expectations weren't so high... but after I got through the 2nd season I just can say: I did enjoy the show very much!

Of course there actually is a slight homoerotic undertone but this does not mean guys should stay away from it or it's only a show for girls and Yaoi Fans. I think for guys it's quite amusing to see those guys swimming, chatting, ... whatever..., with each other.

However, during the show, there is not so much attention on the swimming; rather, how they interact with each other, how they come and work together as a team and how they keep pushing read more
Dec 2, 2014
First of all I have to say; thanks to Christina Aguilera! Because of her I got through the entire Anime. (I was listening her music all the time, especially "Dirrty"). But I was still able to catch the point of the story.

- Sora and Shiro are hikikomori siblings who don't care for the real world, but dominate any game when they work together as "Blank." -
This should be enough introduction I suppose. Some may say it's a "must watch" for everyone who's fallen in love with all kind of video games.
Well, I myself am a fan of videogame, yet I admire "real" games even read more