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May 1, 2014
DDP is finally here! With English subs. I was excited, I watched it straight away.

I know, you might be thinking, Why does a 20 year old watch DDP? And get excited about it?
Because I enjoy it. It brings me joy and fuzzy feels.

I liked the movie, it was great, and I was moving back and forth with the music.
I didn't have high expectations for the movie or anything, and i'm glad I didn't, it wasn't super epic, but I didn't dislike it, and I would watch it again, even buy the DVD.
They only thing I did dislike about the movie was the CGI scenes, I read more
Jun 25, 2013
I had a lot of fun watching this movie, it kinda reminded me of Princess Mononoke. :')
(No spoilers.)

Story: 9/10
(Read the actual plot on MAL for more info)
Hamaji, a young girl hunter living alone, gets a letter from her brother living in edo, to come and help him with hunting, Hamaji goes to edo to help her brother out and ends up meeting Shino, a very beautiful guy with shiny silver hair, and she runs into him a few more times later on trough out the story. In this movie there are 'Fuse' part human, part dog creatures that eat the orbs from humans, when beheaded read more
Feb 20, 2012
Love Berrish is pretty cliché, and the characters don't really stand out and make you go "Omg! They are so awesome!!" However, Love Berrish was a really cute shojo manga and I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to any shojo lover.

Story 7|10
Group of friends in High School doing most of the things they normally do in shojo mangas. The main girl starts at a new school, the rasberry dorm (for 'special' students) and from there starts her new life, makes new friends, and also falls in love. Even tho it was cliché and a you pretty much knew how it would end, it was read more
Oct 19, 2011
I am writeing a review for this anime so that other person isn't the only one. XD
(will edit after more episodes are out..)

Remember, this anime is not really for Adults, it's for Kids, so don't go hating on it as soon as you watch it. It is rated G after all. So if your looking for something more Adult like, this may not be for you.

Story 7/10
A little girl who lives alone finds a Devil Baby in her bed and starts taking care of it. (and it can breath fire too. xD)
But that doesn't mean You won't enjoy it. I might even love it by read more
Nov 27, 2010
Re:LIVE (Manga) add (All reviews)
I randomly come across this manga and for some reason got hooked on the first chapter. But now i'm super mad. Why? Because after reading chapter 1 & 2, I just found out thats it. No more chapters! T.T I wish there was more! It was Really intresting and could have kept going! If you like quick reads such as Mystery. The read it. But if you dont want to end up really disappointed like me, you might not want to read. lol.

[Story 9/10]
The idea of the story was kinda genius! (in my opinion) The idea of erasing someone's memory after thay committed read more
Nov 3, 2010
"Meet Matsuri, a high-school girl in love. Typical, right? But no one knows what’s in Matsuri’s special protective charm… Mimori, a god of protection! Mimori takes the form of a miniature boy and protects Matsuri from danger while supporting in her quest for romance… Until he realizes that he, too, has feelings for her! Can true love exist between a god and a human? "

Yes, it 'seems' like this is a Typical romance manga the kind you have read over and over. Well, I think its much better.

I loved it vary much. (So muc that I finshed 10 chapters vary fastly) It was so sweet, read more
Oct 30, 2010
=STORY= 8/10
There was't anything really special or unique about the story, but i did enjoy it alot. vary cute. kinda like a short story of Koukou Debut, but not quite as good. (but it might could have been as good, if there where more chapters)
The main thing I liked was how Nene did't give up on the guy she loved and how in the end, she was the one who come and throwed Jun over her shoulder and told the other girl he was hers.(its usely the guy that dose that, so thats why its kinda cool.) That was a nice twist on a shojo read more
Oct 15, 2010
(This review is MY own personal opinion on this anime. I watched the Dub btw) It was freaking awesome! The art was't anything special, but the story and sound was outstanding! each episode left me on the edge of my chair and wanting more and more! Ive never watched a anime that was this intresting before!! It was super scary! but you just have to keep watching!
by far one of the most instresting, epic and scaryest animes ive watched. Also has some nice comedy too keep you laughing!
the freakest episode was episodes 21. :D I highly reccomend to ANYONE who likes scary, read more
Sep 20, 2010
16 Life (Manga) add (All reviews)
This shojo manga is alot like other girly shojos So if your looking for something totally diffrent and not so "i just read something like this. -_-", This is Not the manga for you. If your a die hard shojo fan, then you might really like this super cute shojo. Theres something I find special about it. (It could just be me.) Not a vary unique plot, or anything, but i have enjoyed each chapter i have read so far. alot more then alot of shojos i've read before. The art is vary good in my opinon, i really like it, its clean and easy read more
Jul 24, 2010
My toughts on this manga: It was too short. 9 pages too short. Ive read alot of short mangas but this one is the shortest ove ever read. Because if how short it is you dont get anywhere. All you know is that the guy likes her and the girl likes him, but that dont say anything to each other. It should have been about 20 pages longer. At least enough for them to tell there fellings. I basicly wasted time reading this.

Over all 4/10