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Jan 20, 2016
This anime is my guilty pleasure.
It isn't my style in the slightest, fast paced, shallow plot, pretty average everything... But I want to give it a 10 for whatever god forsaken reason.
Characters have little to no time to develop, but I remember them anyway. It was fairly simple, but tragic enough for me to grow attached to each character despite their negligible screen time.

Plot is super basic and rushed, but it was short sweet and to the point.

This anime is a mess of different tropes and frankly, it is exactly what you'd expect.
But I love it, and it is the only anime I've read more
Jul 7, 2014
I agree with each of the other reviews, but I feel I must mention an element not brought up in any of 'em. That is to say, the humor that is thrown at you in the anime actually makes the manga feel less intense. The fact that we can now make fun of the story makes me happy and if anything, more comfortable with the contents between the front and back pages we've already read. (For the majority of us who started with the manga first.) All of the characters remain in clear cut stereotypes, but what a gift it is to be able read more
Aug 1, 2011
Gunjou (Manga) add (All reviews)
You are a veterinarian, who is afraid of animals. You are a calm sincere person, who just broke a beer bottle and threatened to rape someone. This story is one of the most twisted and beautiful stories I have ever read. Quite frankly, I hated the art at first. After getting lost in the story, I started to admire every single pen stroke that the mangaka made.
Sep 19, 2010
Robot (Manga) add (All reviews)
It's hard to rate the whole thing, because it's basically a bunch of one shots dealing with different plots, from different artists, and it's set in different times.
Surely, someone reading this will like a few of them. It's nicely colored, and since it's a joint project the art in it is diverse, as are the characters, and the plots :)
Aug 24, 2010
L∞p (Manga) add (All reviews)
It's only a oneshot, there for... You should have the time to read it!
What i got from it was more of a lesson than anything else.
Easy read, short, and overall well written.
It's a bit gory, and somewhat morbid in some sense, but that's easy to over look considering what it is put to. (It's not senseless at all )
You should read it! :)
Jul 19, 2010
Overall it was a good manga. I mostly liked the different characters and the topics they chose to talk about in the story. The stuffed animals in the thing were really cute.
This story is one of those fairy-tale sort of things in my mind. The protagonist is at a new school, and finds the target of the other children. Though a bond forms, it is one of the most interesting character developments I've seen.
Jul 2, 2010
Hotel (Manga) add (All reviews)
It's worth reading, very much so. Just through one chapter, the only chapter, they start, and stop what most would make into whole series... simply because the topic is a heavy one. These people brilliantly grasped it though. The emotions in it are mixed, there's a sense of will power, duty, and the fear of extinction.

(and yes, this IS my first review and i know it's bad but... there you go ^_^")