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Nov 26, 2006
Back in my "Maison Ikkoku" review, I mentioned that it seems that fans have a tendency to neglect some of the old classics that made the creators they love big in the first place. Either that or they turn a blind eye to them, seeing as they're "old". I'll probably get some flack for all that, but it's just so prominent in today's anime fandom that the latest things out there are "the best anime ever" one day, and when "one year later" rolls its way by and/or when the series ends, it would be a thing of the past.

And the cycle read more
Nov 26, 2006
I find it a bit disheartening that most fans part of the "Rumic" niche are sometimes too focused on a lot of the hyped stuff and all the battles and action that come with it. I don't have anything against the new action series Rumiko creates or anything, but I feel that a majority forget that it was Rumiko's comedies revolving around romance that made her so well-known in the anime/manga world.

The story focuses on Yusaku Godai, a struggling, daydreaming student that is resident to a rundown boarding house "Ikkoku-kan". Godai is constantly being tortured read more
Nov 25, 2006
It's funny. I'm not the type of person that would sit in front of the TV all day, watching CSI series, but somehow, "Detective Conan" really changed that outlook.

'Detective Conan" is about a teen detective by the name of Shin'ichi Kudo (known in the dub as Jimmy), who has a charismatic skill of solving crimes that leave the police force and its leading investigators baffled and astounded. One night, when Shin'ichi is at the amusement park with his childhood friend Ran Mouri, he whitnesses two strange men dressed in black carrying out an illegal trade. While watching, he's read more