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Jun 27, 2016
This is not a anime this is the defenition of perfection nothing in the world is better neither your life, friends, family or waifu.

The story is magical what can be better than a guy that want to become a teacher for have too many boobs around him?

The art is perfect look to Asakura and you will se why.

The sound is perfect, the opening is better than any sound that you will hear in your entire life

The characters are awe-peta-cal(yes I created this word, why I am drugged? no it's because I discovered the meaning of my life).

The enjoyment is awesome, I saw this in less read more
Jun 3, 2016
(No spoiler)First thing you must do when you are watching one punch man is understand the idea of the anime is a anime with so much humor so do not expect that everything make sense.

The story pratically do not exist i could resume in a monster invade the city and saitama win but don't think it's a bad point the anime have so much humor and the characters make you want to continue the anime.

The art is spetacular i think funny how this anime use the face of saitama of the manga is spetacular, the design of the characters is very much good is very read more
May 23, 2016
(No spoiler)This special episode gave a final to the story of steins;gate do not expect some plot twist is more for show what happened after of the end and it make this with perfection.

Story is very much good for who saw the anime as a says it conclude everything

The art is awesome like in the anime

The sound continue spetacular

The characters are awesome like in the anime

The enjoyment is very much good because you really want to see what happenede with all of them

Resume this episode is excellente(just watch if you had seen the anime) he conclude the story with perfection and i recomend it for read more
May 23, 2016
Stein;gate is a very loved anime and this is not exaggerated like in other anime.

The story basically without give any spoiler is about okabe rintarou(or okabe or psy congroo or hououin kyouma(that is my favorite) or "mad cientist" (like himself says many times) triyng to make time travels possible and other experiments that he have like a prototype of a drone this can look few things but is the maximun that a can give withouth give spoilers believe in me the story is emotional will make you laugh and cry in some parts.

The art is very much good the animation and the design of read more