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Jul 19, 2012
You know I started this Manhwa after reading the awesome summary, and I was like 'yeah! Let the fun begin!' but as the story continued, I started thinking ‘is this really why I came to read Girl in Heels?’ For a crazy obsessed sister, cheesy delinquent-turned-misunderstood-saint and the forever-gorgeous girl?

Where is the action?
Are there even any twists?
Why isn't there any suspense?

Goh, Kyung-Hee is our diva protagonist who is mistaken for a model (ofcourse) and people literally stop on the streets to stare at her (What world are we living in? Brake your cars, people, forget about those traffic lights; let’s stop and stare at Goh, read more
Jul 18, 2012
DVD (Manga) add (All reviews)
Ladies and Gentlemen, step away from the cover (and the title).
This is the BOOKPolice speaking!

Now boys and girls listen to the police if you want a kick-ass story to read, that doesn't end with the protagonist going all goo-goo eyed on a main lead. People of the world let's celebrate having found a fun read that won't cost you a thing.
I know just thank good ol' Maz-Maz for looking after readers from horrible reads.

Our awesome protagonist (yes, Maz-Maz just called the protagonist awesome: fear me!) Dam Shim or Shim Dam [or Slam Dunk even] is a sexy looking lead with a drool-worthy face who suffers read more
Jul 16, 2012
This story features LGBT scenes and has a splash of shounen-ai and shoujo-ai.

Wakakusa, Haruna is in highschool [we don’t really know which grade, only that she’s a senpai] and she’s doing well. Enter Yamada-kun [the quiet, pretty boy] and suddenly, it’s like there’s no ice-cream in the world.
Things go downhill fast, and when I mean fast I mean within a volume things go from ‘I’m doing good’ to ‘why the Hell am I here?! Wait a minute… Is there Hell anyways?!’
And I’m just sitting there thinking: please make sense as we progress. Please make sense as we progress.
Guess what?

It DIDN’T make sense as the story read more
Jun 30, 2012
Ever dreamed of being lucky enough to escape from tight situations?

I feel your pain, fam.

But I just found someone who can:
Gian Carlo Bourbon Del Monte (is his name answers to a crossword puzzle?)

He’s a member of the Toscanini Family and he’s stuck in jail (AGAIN {can’t a guy get a break around here?}). Chill guys, I really meant it when he was lucky; he’s escaped from jail so many times it ain’t even funny; so don’t you go thinking I’m just SOME kidder unless...

You want to be startin something, maaaaaaaan.

So back to prison, Gian is bored out of his mind, well until he read more
Jun 16, 2012
The story surrounds a Dr. Du Ming (am I wrong when I say that the name, well, part of it, sounds French? Come on, he's Chinese! Please guys!) who is currently working in a hospital on a mountaintop and throughout the story, we jump between the present and his college years.

Okay, first off I wasn't going for the sick and disgusting when I started reading this. I was thinking maybe a tragic love story or a guy suffering from hallucinations however, what I came to witness was a dark Manga with a serial-killer-esque plotline and characters.

Jun 7, 2012
I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed for once in a very long time. The story of Hyougemono transports us to the time of Oda Nobunaga, and I know it is a time visited very (underline ‘very’) frequently by Mangaka (that’s to say, it’s beginning to be a cliché) HOWEVER!

This story does NOT feature a lovable teddybear Nobunaga nor the I-don’t-know-what-the-Hell-I’m-doing Nobunaga and thankfully, not the Girls-just-wanna-have-fun! Cyndi Lauper-inspired Nobunaga. Though still not completely historically accurate, at least we have SOMETHING different.

But the story isn’t about Oda Nobunaga (even if my long-ish rant says otherwise), it’s about Furuta, Sasuke wannabe-warrior and tea read more
May 12, 2012
The story follows Komuro, Natsume who has just started her junior year in highschool when she spots her soon-to-be crush Yamabe, Rui. Not knowing who he is yet, she goes to class to find a new attractive transfer student called Yamabe, Chiyako.

Now audience, what do we find in common here?
Audience: Uhhhhh. They both must be good-looking..?

Surprising, yes. But that’s not the point. The point is two people have the same last name, which MUST mean that they’re brother and sister.
They just have to be. No point in trying to go for an original plot.

So then, our dear Natsume very kindly befriends Chiyako read more
Apr 29, 2012
Before I start the review: a round of applause for Sucker Punch Scanlations who've taken up Hadou no Mon as an active project.
Thanks guys!

Fujisawa Kenji is meeting with Yubari-gumi’s Kumichou for the first time; no, he isn’t being beaten up to an inch of his life, nor does he owe any money that’s going to force anyone ELSE into prostitution: he [just] wants to be a yakuza…

Audience: What?! Huh?

You bet your chicken tail feathers.

But alas, the family is falling apart so joining is impossible.
I know, so sad, buuhoo.

The Kumichou instead gives him a card (for his Swiss bank account {I’m just kidding, it’s nice to read more
Apr 7, 2012
Our man Kazei, Takeshi is a new transfer student to a school (which honestly doesn’t look so inviting) since the poor guy got kicked out of his last one because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong ‘friends’. So anyway, he gets picked up by the delinquents of the school because his ‘bad’ reputation followed him around like a stray hungry dog. And so the curtains rise on Kazei’s new school life that just so happens to involve a lot of roaring motorbikes.

Firstly, the art is a very cut-and-slash type of affair.
If you know what I mean…

Of course you read more
Mar 23, 2012
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Before any of you say anything; no I have not gone to 'THE DARK SIDE' and become a voyeur hypocrite. This story is NOT pornography.


Thank you, I CAN read the title and it is NOT about sex.

I know, what the Hell was the author thinking. It's like a cook book called 'GREASE' (it just has to be all caps, don’t bother asking why); maybe it was an inside joke?
I don’t know but hopefully that hammered down some issues.

So we’ve got this mystery long-haired girl whose looking for a guy named Natsu, randomly enough she sees a guy who looks completely badass and thinks read more