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Jun 11, 2015
After being knocked-out cold, kidnapped and locked in a private prison for ten years in a small room with no heating, Goto, our 'old boy', is finally set free. He decides that he'll find whoever did this to him, whatever it takes. Truly, it is a revenge served cold.

It's astonishing that some writers can't muster up suspense to cover a chapter, while Tsuchiya, Garon (the author of Old Boy) can arguably be credited with creating 79 pure, frustrating yet awesome, chapters of suspense. Lost following the perspective of the paranoid Goto, the reader guesses at every ally and even random people, as you endlessly try read more
Mar 28, 2015
Town of Evening Calm is a story about a family of survivors of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, Japan. It passes through generations, starting with the year 1955, ten years after the bomb.

Firstly, the author did an excellent job in developing the characters set in the story. As a reader, you can clearly see the differences in society’s culture as times flies by. Minami’s shyness and attitude; which would look weird in even teenagers in today’s society, let alone in an adult; was what could be realistically observed from a women in the 50s. The friendliness and welcoming non-judgemental attitude towards colleagues and friends read more
Mar 4, 2015
Yakumo Tatsu follows Nanachi, a 21 year-old university student, who goes on a trip with his seniors to Izumo village. Why Izumo? Well, because the leader of this expedition wants to gather info for his new play with the theme of ancient Japan. But what they find there are suspicious villagers who want to kick them out, a teenager with hormonal mood-swings, closed-door witchcraft and-

First of all, the art was mainstream. No details, a little lack of consistency and disproportionate mumbo-jumbo. It wasn't the shoujo sparkly-sparkle, big round lava-lamp eyes with omnipresent flower backgrounds, type of mainstream; it was the I’m-too-lazy-and-inartistic-to-have-stylised-illustrations type. Not read more
Dec 2, 2014
It took several times of coming across this Manga for me to read it, and as in marketing, the seventh time (or so) did me in. I should have taken the 'don't judge a book by its cover' phrase in reverse, because not only was the cover unattractive, the story left a bad taste in my mouth too.

This Manga is about a 13-year old kid, Ah Hui, having a weird and mystical destiny. Woaaah, awesome! As it turns out he has the great (mis)fortune of being chosen by Nezha, the heavenly prince, as his human body of choice to possess. The prince had taken it read more
Nov 7, 2014
Firstly, the summary on the Hito Hitori Futari page misses the entire point of the manga, which is politics; the whole saving-the-soul thing is only a result of political actions taken by the Prime Minister on his road to denuclearisation. It's a little secondary in the plot.

So a better summary would be this:

Riyon is a soul that's been rather naughty in the Death Realm because she's been ditching Afterlife School (yes, you'll never get rid of it. Ever.) and has gotten into serious trouble because of it. So, she gets sent down as a guardian spirit to “refine” her soul and ends up with, as read more
Aug 2, 2014
Natsuyuki Rendezvous is about a 22 year-old guy falling in love with a 30 year-old widow who (of all positions) is his boss. The twist here is that the widow's deceased husband couldn't move on without his 'middle-school boy' ah- *cough*
charming wife and so he haunts the house/business shadowing her endlessly: stalker-style. The ball starts rolling after we discover that the main character, in this case, (the cougar hunter) Hazuki-kun could actually see the dead husband who had resigned himself to an eternity of being invisible and helpless.

Maybe I'd have felt something a little more, I dunno, exciting rather than the empty void of grey read more
Jul 9, 2014
Rakshasa Street takes place in a dimension that souls end up in after a person dies due to the fact that their hearts aren't 'pure' enough to go to the spirit world (so, what's the point of having a 'spirit world'?). Anyhow, where does the main protagonist come in? Well, Xia Ling is an art student who is probably going to start her final year in university and crosses dimensions by accident.

Things start heating up super-fast as zombie/ghoul spirits try to kill her; woe is me, who will save her? Where is her knight in shining armour? Nope, forget that, it's the takeaway guy read more
May 1, 2014

Kokumin Quiz is one of those unlucky Manga titles that never get a good frontpage image posted on MyAnimeList. Despite having a solid plot and realistic characters, that darn picture beside its name isn't attractive.

The Manga takes place in a futuristic world where Japan is the world's superpower and the world's main buyer of foreign government debt and this has been made possible only through a change in the political structure: it became a totalitarian regime. Funny enough, few people in Japan seem to have an issue with this. 'Why?' you ask? Because of the National Quiz, that's read more
Apr 24, 2014
Just to clarify, Say Hello to Black Jack is NOT some kind of pre/sequel of Black Jack, it’s another type of creature altogether…

Saito, Eijirou is a fresh medical graduate that’s just starting his internship in his university’s hospital and simultaneously, working a part-time job (now we know why doctors don’t sleep). He finds trouble living on his monthly wage of… A jar of pickles (no actually, it’s something ridiculous like $380) and while politics run wild in the hospital’s background, we (as readers) get to see what’s really happening behind the scenes: let the crazy kowtowing and enraged fits begin!

The Manga’s plot explores the read more
Apr 21, 2014
Jackals (Manga) add (All reviews)
Friedrichstown is in the centre of some serious gang warfare between the butt-kicking Chinese Tennouren and the knife-poking Italian Gabriella and the person lucky enough to piss both major gangs off is none other than our heroic main character: Alligator Nichol. Even though Nichol sounds like a pretty sissy name for an assassin (seriously), he is L-E-T-H-A-L. And basically, it’s 56 chapters of carnage, killing and… That’s about it.

The story, and it’d be nice of anyone to consider this a story, was very boring. Because, let’s face it, there was NO story. It was just ‘protagonist is wanted dead by this gang’ and then ‘protagonist read more