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Motto! Ojamajo Doremi
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi
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Ojamajo Doremi Sharp Movie
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp Movie
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Ojamajo Doremi Sharp
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp
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Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report
Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report
Jul 27, 7:31 AM
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Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata
Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata
Mar 28, 11:35 AM
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Maria-sama ga Miteru
Maria-sama ga Miteru
Oct 21, 2015 6:37 PM
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MintzZz Sep 21, 11:23 PM
I'm very impressed by the few clips and artwork I've seen of the Sangatsu no Lion adaptation, and considering that it's written by Umino Chiba, it's pretty much guaranteed a spot in my favorites. Going to wait until the second season finishes airing before I watch it, though.

I've gone through changes as well when it comes to anime, so I can see where you're coming from. Just last year Evangelion and Tatami Galaxy were among my favorites, but after a rewatch and some contemplation, that's no longer the case. Likewise, I initially disliked Madoka but gradually warmed up to it over time. As for Monogatari, I don't think you'll be changing your mind anytime soon about your favorite adaptation. :P Even as a fanboy I can acknowledge that the quality of the series has been decreasing as it went on (ok, Nise and Neko were huge dips in quality), with a few notable exceptions like Hana, the Hitagi Arc in Second Season, and the Sodachi Arcs in Owari. Kizu was disappointing as a whole, it's probably my least favorite part of the entire series.

Hey, that's entirely fine by me, you rate however you like. As long as both parties can discuss the shows in question sensibly, the assigned numerical scores are of little consequence.

Finally finished Ima Soku, and wow, what a harrowing experience it was. Only complaints are the characters, especially Shu and Hamdo, and the ending, which felt too convenient. What's this Ojamo Doremi thing you're watching, by the way?
MintzZz Sep 16, 11:37 PM
That's understandable since I'm a big fan of shows like Hidamari Sketch and Yuyushiki. Instead of that, we get rather shallow yuri fanservice and loli/shota jokes that legitimately made me feel uncomfortable, in between repetitive feel-good storylines that did nothing to reinforce the show's themes beyond the first or second time. You don't seem a contrarian nor a meanie at all, don't worry.

I wouldn't have approached you if I expect everyone to like the same things, considering your scores for Bakemonogatari and Penguindrum LOL.
Hmmm... sounds interesting. I'm gonna need to add a couple more friends before I can try that out. :p

Why not? I like that, distribution-wise, it's very similar to my own. I'll check out Rose of Versailles after I finish Ima Soko.
MintzZz Sep 16, 12:09 PM
Completely agree with your Maid Dragon review, it's mindboggling seeing it heralded on social media as a highly progressive portrayal of LGBT when in reality it's not much different from the usual fanservice shows, especially with how much screen time is devoted to Kanna and the Mexican goddess.

Also liked your Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku review. It's too bad that I disliked Kaiba haha.
StyleF1re Sep 16, 6:37 AM
Wow. That series actually ended almost two years ago. Sheesh! Didn't even realize it's been this long since. Don't remind me about being near the top or negative with reviews either! haha

Anyway, I'm curious to see what comes of the reboot. Sounds the part, but needs to get to looking the part as well. Very important to have both for a well-rounded product.

Yup. I hope ACCA was that sign of the studio turning the corner. It's been quite a monumental slide or slump since Chihayafuru 2, prior to ACCA.
StyleF1re Sep 15, 10:43 PM
I went straight to bed afterward. Even with rest and a clearer mind, I can't quite figure out whether I like or love CCS. Leaning more toward the former now though. Like, outside of those major arcs and battles of both the late 40s and late 60s, the show does look a bit drab and repetitive for what I'd give a 9 or 10 to. It's probably either a 7 or 8 from me now, but I actually want to look more into other episodes like the other night to confirm.

But anyway, I'll hold my breath for the upcoming TV series. I'm going to be pretty sad if the vibe stays consistent with what that new OVA showed me. The shoujo quirks like the flowery and chibi stuff need to take a hike! As for Ore Monogatari, that one died quickly with me from what I can recall... haha

Nonetheless, it all makes sense now with what you said and the guy who started the episode discussion (and submitted as a review) mentioned about. It's a big slap in the face for anime-exclusive folks like myself. I'll admit that it looks a bit clean color-wise, but I think the colors are a bit bright. The character details with the complexion for clothing, facial details, etc. just aren't cutting it for 2017 quality though. Now ACCA is quality with those same details when it comes to recent Madhouse adaptations!

Yup. I'm lost in thought now. Guide me to the next topic or whatnot... haha
StyleF1re Sep 14, 10:50 PM
Copy! I'll get to it sometime soon...

EDIT: Wow. What a disaster for me personally. The change in tone and art style left me completely shell-shocked. Couldn't even stay focused on the task at hand with trying to figure out what was happening among the characters. Heck, it even made me go back and look at episodes from the original series. Now I'm scrambling to figure out why I like CCS so much and gave it a 9/10. Holy moly!

I'll admit that I'm not in the brightest mood as I type this, but damn did this OVA and revisit to the original series not help my cause tonight!
Koybz Sep 5, 8:37 AM

Koybz Sep 5, 8:23 AM
max... hello
StyleF1re Sep 1, 4:28 AM
I really wish ACCA could've been stretched to at least two-cours in length. I mean, it's a show with serious passion and poise with quite the colorfully distinct aesthetic and adult character set. Really reminds me of what Madhouse as a studio was once capable of on a consistent basis. They've really fallen off my map with either what they've been given or have chosen to adapt, but maybe ACCA could be a sign of things turning for the better.
StyleF1re Aug 30, 9:14 PM
I keep thinking one day that ACCA will become a cult classic or something once more people catch onto it. Everything makes more and more sense as you progress though the series. Plus, I still remember all the teases with the different foods and regions the characters visit. Heck, maybe the first sentence applies to me as well. Feel like I don't give much credit to the show now, but I may find out down the road that nothing else around is like it.

But yeah, keep looking around with anime. You never know what you'll find. As for Initial D, the lack of eurobeat in the latter stages was just one of many concerns or dislikes from me. I think it started to feel more like a shounen anime than a seinen, the latter being the demographic I thought this show's tone and style were truly intended for. Then again, Fifth and Final came out years ago and I don't trust some of my impressions from then and especially before. Still, even void of the character development and buildup I expected to see something magical in those two stages and was left disappointed in the wake instead...
StyleF1re Aug 30, 5:59 PM
Darn. I'll get around to it sometime. For me, those last two stages really killed the series' luster because of the eurobeat absence. Still got "Stop Your Self Control" playing in my head every now and then...
StyleF1re Aug 30, 2:46 AM
It's certainly catchy, though I'm only slightly familiar with the stuff from early Initial D. And I think I caught a few other songs from playing StepMania back in the day. How come? You have some smash hits for me to listen to?!
StyleF1re Aug 25, 12:55 PM
Probably does. I'm somewhat curious to know what it's like churning out one of those seasonal one-and-done shows that scream of low quality, heart, and creative prowess or thought. You know which ones I'm talking about! Extend that to hentai as well. And I say that with all due respect. It really does suck though with not getting material to work with or not getting love from stubborn critics and enthusiasts (ourselves included). And even to this day I can tragically say I underestimate and lack the appreciation for what people in this industry do, from producers and directors to the ones behind the voices and animation.

No idea what my next non-airing pickup will be. I guess it's time for me to face my fear in Initial D! The first four stages, I mean. Fifth and Final messed it up for me, but the movies do bring the style (minus the music) to make me somewhat intrigued over getting to business with the older stages.
StyleF1re Aug 22, 1:14 PM
Oniisama e is gone now just like Apocrypha. Tell me, have I really lost it with anime?

Good to know! I really hope 70 has better momentum out of the gate nonetheless, especially with all the star power set to collide. I wonder where that badman Johnny Bepp is at though!
Veronin Aug 20, 7:40 PM
Haha. I'm flattered that you're flattered!