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Dec 22, 2016
I came to see yuri on ice in the most unpretentious way but in the i was cougth in the hype train, but don't misunderstand me the hype is real an is on the most heathwarming shows than a have seen in a long time, i've never seen a yaoi show until yuri on ice, and i didn't now that was a yaoi show, but the history, the characters, music and everything in the show made me stay and watch all, and i fall in love with the anime, so if you have any preconception i beg you to give a shot you don't gonna read more
Dec 19, 2016
Days is a unpretentious sports anime who doesn't focus only in the game it self, but on the characters around the series, we are introduce to theirs fears and joy, Days i think is on the best character developed in sports anime then i could ever see. The art of Days is very nice, but is not the point on sports anime then i focus my avaliation, but i feel very pleasant watching the series art. The music is good, is most cliche anime ost on mix the great moments with splendorous song or their sad moments with a song that broke ours hearts. In read more