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Fruits Basket (2019)
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Fruits Basket
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One Punch Man 2nd Season
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Hitori Koukan Nikki
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5-toubun no Hanayome
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StyleF1re Apr 8, 7:44 PM
Okay. Finally for this second response! Yeah, this is becoming somewhat unsustainable, but let's keep the ball rolling whatever way we can.

Yup. But you have to do what you can to fight back. It's really about that "nobody cares, work harder" approach. Either that, or "live and let be" is pretty accurate too.

Nah, the movie hangout was all good. It's a drag though being essentially an onlooker at this point, but life does find ways to stretch your resolve and patience. We'll see how things unfold, whether I get rejected a second time, don't even a second chance, am fortunate enough to capture her attention, or just move on altogether. Told myself already that no matter what I have no regrets. Until then, reveling in the life of a Speedhunter is in primary focus. I really don't have it in me to slow down unless we're talking city or residential areas, unfamiliar territory, or highways and freeways where cops are more likely to be out for blood. But yeah, going triple-digits is not all that unreasonable if you're driving within your limits and not startling others or putting them in immediate danger.

I do have that problem with my friends sometimes regarding other interests as well. But yeah, sometimes it's good to show interest in your friends' interests, as they may reciprocate that back to you. I'm never going to be free from idol hell if we're talking Aikatsu and the like. Besides, I like hell and consider myself to be someone capable of "raising hell." haha

By completions, nope! The only things I watched in full should be random hentai from the 2000s. Those were some interesting times with the Flash game scene in full effect and seeing stuff made with VN content like the Kanon and Air series. Other than that, I would catch whatever was on TV after school or on weekends, which included Dragonball series and stuff like Tenchi Muyo, Kenshin, Yugioh, Gundam, Sailor Moon, etc. MTV was also a damn good channel as well back then.

The only harem I know I liked was the first White Album, since it's more mature and drama-based with the harem approach. The other format I like is what Amagami SS employed, but too bad you don't see much of that around either!
StyleF1re Apr 4, 6:28 AM
Yeah, it's quite a scary statistic and standard to consider over here. It'll be awhile before I can even sniff of that level of independence or financial standing. That's what happens though when tourism and land development run rampant and us locals have to shoulder the added costs. Some of these new proposals in taxing us for trash pickup and for how far we travel with our vehicles are just absurd to think of. Maybe I'd make it wherever you're at, but not by standards here!

A formal suit is just excessive for someone living in the countryside. Maybe if I was working or living lavishly on the south side it would be more appropriate, but I'd rather keep things simple and to the point for the time being. As for racing shirts, I have one for each of three racing teams I support: Corvette Racing, Porsche Motorsport, Scuderia Ferrari. The other brand I rep is Speedhunters for the automotive culture roots. And no, not in a hurry to replace it but that one and my Shana shirt are wearing down a bit from these past six years of use.

Apples and oranges, my man! If I were in the market for figures I probably wouldn't be motorcycling now. Then again, it's pretty much like any collectable art product out there. Just look at how much paintings and old classic cars sell for! Anyway, $60+ is a lot for what is basically a regular t-shirt. Even official automotive brand merchandise t-shirts are expensive as heck, let alone their polo shirts, jackets, or suits.

My favorite character in Endro was the hero herself. Dunno if it's the pink hair or the pure innocence, but that's what I'm about nowadays! Mei killed it though with her occasional "wife mode" and Fai's got some assets to match up with her appetite! Nonetheless, it felt like a really genuine show brimming with personality and chemistry. And with Kaguya-sama, I curbed my hype a bit and settled on a 5 because of the lack of progression and the occasional try-hard vibe for the punchlines and themes. Still, it was a unique comedy experience that had its big standout moments. Not sure if love is really that much of a war though... haha

Let's not talk about J.C Staff. Like Madhouse they've lost all my respect and are a shell of what they once were. That's no disrespect to the people in these studios actually putting in time/effort or trying to make a living off of their work, but the end products are simply outright disasters.
Thoootje Apr 2, 10:48 AM
I haven't been much on discord lately either, but I guess it is better than MAL for conversations. Check your inbox.
Thoootje Apr 1, 7:05 PM
Unfortunately this site means so little to me now, I wouldn't care much if it got deleted. Mainly browsing /vg/ and all that nerdy stuff instead of chatting on MAL. ;/
StyleF1re Mar 23, 9:21 PM
I'd like to give you the tip of letting go of your past, but even I myself am still struggling with this immensely. In my case, when things have been what they've been for 29 years and counting it's very blinding to consider alternatives.

Not sure I mentioned it on WhatsApp, but I also broke my live-action drought soon after when some co-workers had a friendly gathering after work. Unfortunately the movie (Five Feet Apart) was not to my liking and one of the co-workers in the group was the girl I gave the flowers to on Valentine's. I'm still caught in between moving on completely and trying to being patient to attempt getting her attention once more. But anyway, the wind chill was a bit severe too on my way back on the motorcycle, so I snapped mentally and did all those speeds I mentioned of in our WhatsApp chat. Fastest I went down that one road in 9 or 10 years!

As for the Fate movie, it was because my Japanese friend asked and got tickets for us over a month in advance. Guess it depends on who you watch it with, but the audience during that showing was well-composed and timely humorous with their remarks and reactions. MapleStory was fun, but also a major time and money sink. You might be right though in that it probably led me to the anime medium.

Officially since 2011, since that's when I completed my first few anime in Wangan Midnight and Death Note. I used to watch stuff before that because of Toonami, KidsWB, and the like. But I never did finish anything outright. I also remember looking at hentai in the 00s, so my "dirty little secrets" go pretty far back.

It was just an observation I made with all those crappy hentai I've seen, but I'm not looking for any answers anymore with the genre. Oh no! It's most certainly been put to rest! Hentai nowadays ain't got style or class. Probably no budget either... haha
StyleF1re Mar 23, 9:04 PM
I'd say it's a mix of indifference and experience. Pro sports is a great microcosm of resilience and keeping one's composure in the face of adversity. No idea how those guys do it though, regardless of what they get paid!

Taxes can really eat up paychecks, and they're only coming up with new ways to drain us since they made mistakes with managing the money due to the local rail project, infrastructure, etc. Also, our tax surcharge on goods might be low, but the costs of the items themselves are high to start. I don't know jack about the housing market, rent, and whatnot, but from what I've heard from more responsible peers it's ridiculous. I think the news mentioned something about anyone not making either $30+/hr or over $48k/year being classified as low-income. At that rate I've got my work seriously cut out over this next decade to even sniff independence!

I see. Yeah, you just have to try on things and try to hone down on your style through practice and acquiring knowledge/experience. Don't think I can spin the truth any other way. Tuxedo is a bit too formal for this place, and suits in general are way out of my budget range. I do like island-inspired button-ups and racing-inspired polo shirts though. Honestly, I want to replace the current Azusa shirt I have, but need to be more responsible with my money nowadays. Bought that thing and the Shana shirt for $60-70/ea back in 2013, so yeah!

It's still Endro because of its cuteness, aesthetic, and chemistry among the cast whether we're talking the anime characters or the seiyuu. The show just simply works in my book! That said, Kaguya-sama has gained my respect in being a fairly witty comedy, despite comedy as a genre being a tough sell for me generally. I just like how that one gets the supporting and background members involved and builds on them as the show goes on. The other shows are pretty much confined to purgatory and Index especially is falling spectacularly from whatever grace it had left!
StyleF1re Mar 15, 3:03 PM
Well, as long as you have tolerance and aren't too negative with your perceptions you'll be fine. I know there's a saying in that negativity breeds negativity or contempt, so I'd use that line as a mental foundation.

I broke my theater drought the other night with the special Fate Heaven's Feel 2nd movie premiere here. Now to break my live-action droughts, though maybe not yet! It probably was Maplestory and anime sweeping me up during 2009 and 2011 that gradually eroded my interests in my traditional movies and such. Same goes with my extreme approaches to specializing and time conservation that developed afterward. Didn't help pushing people away either, which pushed away such opportunities. Hopefully I can undo some of those a bit because I still feel unbalanced with my approach to life and entertainment.

Yeah there are other things that shaped my childhood and skewed my development into adulthood as well. But those are more dark, detailed, and personal, so they will be kept for a more private conversation elsewhere. That said, a lot of memories of my past don't come back to me at all unless others can trigger them. But nonetheless, like you I'll stick with anime until the end!

On the money! Engagement is important for me to be interested in romance and especially hentai. Adds a lot of weight and context to the adult scenes. But with older hentai I'd say a lot of the favorable traits and styles of the 90s also translate well. Good shading and complexion for women head to toe, and the designs looked a lot more adult-like. Movements were more realistic as well and the climax/orgasm wasn't overblown or made to be as cheap and ridiculous as today's hentai tend to portray it. And to Hell with the whole x-ray and invisible-man perspectives! Also, why do men keep their clothes on in so many hentai? I would think there's more feel with skin-on-skin contact and certainly a lot more range of motion compared to having the typical blue pants or jeans. All right. I think we need to stop with the hentai talk because that era needs to be put to rest... haha
StyleF1re Mar 15, 2:44 PM
Yeah, even at my age I still have many mental walls to scale or smash down. Hard to believe how much worse things used to be, though those were offset with ignorance and still being what I view nowadays as "young." Thirty coming up soon, and though older folks will say I'm still young I'm not having any of that! This upcoming decade is truly make-or-break for whatever career I choose, dreams I harbor, and relationship status path I travel. I don't expect to be understood or not, though personally I still want to make a better effort to do so and be more proactive overall.

Agreed. Not worth complicating Japan. Great place to vacation, but not necessary to live. Honestly, aside from the cost of living here, our trash road infrastructure, stupid speed limits, and the islands being relatively small Hawaii is damn great. I know clean water, consistent atmosphere, and the cultural/ethnic tolerance are just a few things I take for granted here and would be driven to madness dealing with those elsewhere!

I haven't found the means to pull the trigger yet, since I'm put off by the lack of non-mobile support. But photography makes Instagram seemingly a must to have and to take advantage of. Well, hopefully the sicknesses will subside and you'll have prolonged stretches full of health and energy!

Maybe you should just try on things when you go to a mall or somewhere again. Assuming you're trying on stuff you can comfortably purchase, you can gain traction on developing a fashion sense from there. For me, my style reflects my personality in that I'm aiming for a more gentleman look as I move forward. This means the clothes need to have classy colors, fitting, and materials while also remaining subtle. I personally like color schemes that resemble auto racing liveries or even nature and the seasons. I also like being able to wield the whole color spectrum, though colors like purple and yellow have been elusive for me to make work. Or I choose to buy stuff based on function and a company's history. Like, Vans are on the cheaper end and take a beating well with their skate cred. Quiksilver made boardshorts for forever, so their boardshorts and even walking shorts are made with the quality and hint of "island style" that I'm seeking. But yeah, it'll be up to you to develop your own style and personal identity!

Thanks. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! That said, change can also be refreshing.
StyleF1re Feb 28, 1:03 AM
I believe I can say the same, though I do think people respect me a great deal as well. I'm just fairly transparent and distant to people though most of the time. But yeah, I'm not keen as to see how much worse things can become with especially the political climate and influences. Some silly stuff people can get caught up in nowadays, but should I really be saying that with how regularly I speed on my motorcycle?

Just looked at those trailers, so maybe I'll set aside some time for the trilogy. Yup. Something must've happened at the start of the decade that completely disconnected me from the theater. I used to go more regularly in the 2000s. And yes, that consequently led me to be passive about Netflix and all kinds of other apps or services people fetch entertainment from. I strictly ride on anime, automotive content, pro sports, and music from the genres I like to get my entertainment fills. Could even include the occasional political or racing book as well, which I should be using more free time toward.

Nah, I think I'm fine since my childhood was shaped by mainly Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, and Crash Bandicoot all in their primes! MAL will always be strictly anime for me, since I'm not exactly inclined to explore the manga or novel mediums outside of an interest to learn the language. But as I discussed in the previous comment about Japan not being as rosy as it seems, I'm not motivated to follow through on that. It's pretty much only the automotive and motorcycle interests that give me a sliver of hope towards the language and culture, despite how much anime I've consumed over the years. As much as Japan may have to offer for me, maybe Europe has all that trumped with their country roads and mountain passes. I didn't even get to the Autobahn or the Nurburging Nordschliefe yet!

Absolutely! I like the unrestricted feel a hentai can give, since outside of mosaics there aren't many dumb tricks with censorship or camera angles. The art has been lost over time in favor of cheap-thrills and heartless cash-grabs. Plus they make the women especially say the stupidest things! I've no experience with sex or whatnot, but I'm sure I can safely assume women would never dare talk like they do in hentai. In the older ones it looked more on-point with how they make the characters shut up (for the most part) and just do their thing... haha
StyleF1re Feb 28, 12:35 AM
Yeah, I can't wait for the warmer mornings and later sunsets. Nothing compared to the seasonal change on your end though!

You think you're having trouble putting your thoughts into words? I'm getting jammed up responding to this comment. I lost count of how much I've pressed backspace or straight-up delayed my attempts to respond. So many thoughts lost in translation! Again, this is why we'll need a call or something in the future because it's becoming a serious challenge to keep this all going smoothly. Anyway, problems will usually find you one way or the other, and also in one form or another. And yes, I know of at least three people (one MAL acquaintance) that are not too fond of Japan and are either planning on getting out or have already got out of Japan. Guess the city life and the racism are real trials to deal with after all!

Well, don't force yourself back into Instagram. I'd just snap stuff and call it a day. Maybe do simple edits if need be. On my end, Instagram can offer people a little more exposure or insight into my lifestyle and interests. It's a thought, especially when considering that I'm not exactly charismatic or magnetic off the bat. Might even go a ways to addressing my issues with being ghost-like around women or bigger social groups.

Expert in fashion? Not even close! I've no idea what fashion is (don't read articles or keep up with the industry), let alone have the bank account necessary to partake or experiment in that. Nonetheless, function will usually trump form for me though both factor into purchases I make.

Gonzo-lewd Feb 27, 10:29 PM
Umm, I've never been into pokemon games. :v No actually I don't.
StyleF1re Feb 21, 12:30 AM
Internet and social media are prime examples of trade-offs at work. Easier to share thoughts and information, but also easier to get swept up and lost at sea there as well. Guess we're finally seeing how ugly we humans can be.

Yup. Just go with the flow like volcanoes! Just be worried about the masculinity that regards treating others with respect and especially women. That and dressing and acting properly as a gentleman would!

Those old Rurouni Kenshin OVAs were a work of art. Not sure I can say the same of the parent series, though I'm sure it had its moments. As for Alita, I can't comment there since it's been ages since I've seen a live-action movie. I don't go to the theater and I don't use Netflix, so yeah... haha

That would be pretty cool. It is a bit pricey to get into sim-racing though, so make sure you're prepared. Even base Logitech and Thrustmaster products have a fairly expensive starting price range. With Pokemon, I'm afraid I didn't play any of them unless we're talking the older Game Boy installments. If that was the case, then only in elementary did I play anything related to the series. That one and Final Fantasy didn't cross my mind surprisingly. Hentai is the reason why my mean score is so low on here. Click on my MALgraph and look under Favorites > Favorite Genres if you want to see how much anguish I subjected myself to between primarily 2013 and 2016. That said, any hentai I rated 4 and higher is a masterpiece in my book. I will defend my actions though and say hentai, when done right like in the 90s and early 00s, is an artful extension of romance anime or even other genres/demographics. Because of the displays of nudity and intercourse there's more context to conveying the physical aspect of romance, which is often not a point explored in all these high-school anime that only peak at the moments of holding hands or the big kiss. Heck, the darker hentais do suspense and scary atmospheres better than many horror anime.
StyleF1re Feb 20, 11:51 PM
Different strokes for different folks. Or maybe more like different seasons for different reasons since we're talking anime. Yeah, I'll just continue to be grateful I don't have to worry about harsh weather or a city environment.

I'll admit that I don't do too much thinking for myself, but I do go through a multitude of comments and replies on sites in order to form a more weighted, educated, or sound opinion on an issue. Unfortunately, I don't care to think about many issues to begin with. Every country has its points to buy into or sell off. I guess for Japan, I do like the cleanliness of the cities and the considerate manners of people, but I dislike the emphasis on family since I view myself as more of an outcast or outlaw. I also have to wonder about their approach to labor, work hours, and such from my limited understanding. But nonetheless, it's all trade-offs like with life in general.

Nice! It's just amusing that Tamayura led us both to our current standings. The weather's starting to be more consistently clear again, so maybe I'll finally find the time to get those elusive photos that will be the tipping point to my Instagram launch. I'm looking for nice backdrops and angles on the eastern or south-eastern side of this island, as well as a new profile photo to be used here (and everywhere). Want to promote and show some love for the Speedhunters brand as well. Need to also figure out which shots from last year will be uploaded at launch, as well as how I'm going to approach future uploads in regards to frequency, content, topics, hashtags, etc.. I'll make sure to ask around when the time comes!

Form and function. Like with sports cars, I value the lightness and sleek appearance of the red Salomon shoes. They aren't the best for jagged or rocky terrain, but they make your feet feel light as a feather.
Naruleach Feb 17, 12:52 AM
It's fate~ Happy MALentines Mastergold!
StyleF1re Feb 11, 10:48 PM
I'm a simple man, so all I see in Malty is one bad apple out of many good apples. No idea how something seemingly trivial can be blown out of proportion as to say the entire show is an exhibit of sexism towards women. People need to learn about tolerance and what backbone and thick skin are all about!

Cool. It's the opposite for me, I guess because some of my interests can be seen as male-biased (like with racing) and how I've yet to get over the polarization I have in viewing women as just acquaintances or a pure romantic interest. I've no idea what a middle-ground is there, but at the same time I'm not either inclined or desperate to find out.

I keep hearing mentions of Marvel with those social justice and political movements from all the Mark Dice (conservative political analyst) videos I watch. Again, I'm not inclined to dig deep into the subject of Marvel, whether it would be the movies, comics, or games, but I'll take your word for it! And thanks for the reminders, as from what I understand the political climate can be rather violent and unrelenting in some areas of the States.

Like GT though, NFS will still remain dear to me for its past efforts. The PS1 games in III: Hot Pursuit and High Stakes were the true essence of NFS in my book. Others will also include II as well, but I didn't play that one personally. Underground, Most Wanted, and such were good too, but they brought along a completely different vibe with the customization. And yes, unfortunately the sims are best experienced with a steering wheel and especially Assetto Corsa. I've no idea how I avoided all the game series you mentioned, as I got into RPG games rather late in my lifetime. By late, I would officially say 2017 since NieR Automata was the first Japanese-ARPG I played. Seems like we're competing to see who is the most out-of-loop with the world! haha

Not sure it will be brought back as its true self. I mean, the site was slow to load and bombarded with ads, but the episode/series descriptions were a comedy gold mine in my book. But yeah, I need to leave my hentai-obsessed self in my dark past. Lmk about a call, as any day that's not Tue, Thur, or Sun will most likely work! The call should help to greatly alleviate the workload and delays of these extensive responses as well.