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Aug 12, 2018
I'm sure that this is more-or-less a ME thing, especially considering the lack of full adaptation from the original manga series dismaying many fans. However, from the perspective of somebody who has not (but plans to) read the manga, this was not only fantastic, but this may be life-changing.

I stated a similar mindset onto the original series that this is adding onto, simply because the original affected my life on numerous levels. Not only did the series get me back into anime, but it also helped me become more in-depth with the anime community as a whole. This mini-series following the original series is fantastic read more
Jun 5, 2017
Honestly, I haven't enjoyed a manga this much since... well... Doubt. This series had so much dark and gritty enjoyment to be had out of it's premise that I actually fully read the entire thing in the space of just a few hours. Each dark moment that occurred in the series was legitimately intense for each of the characters involved. The primary conflict of the series was captivating and extremely captivating.

The art style of the series was beautiful, which is to be expected from such a veteran as Takeshi Obata. Each of the character designs represented in the series were unique in their own way, read more
Apr 18, 2017
You... You know that feeling when you take a rusty butter knife, and you decide to stab it through your stomach? This is like that... but tenfold.

I did get some good chuckles though.

Why am I writing this? I just wanted something so bad that I could just laugh to myself for the next hour and a half about how bad it was. It was funny... but oh my lord. HOW DO YOU GET THIS F*CKING BAD?

The characters in the OVA... what were their names?

As for the story on the other hand... what story?

However... the worst sin this ever committed...

Apr 12, 2017
91 Days (Anime) add (All reviews)
Something that genuinely bothers me about a lot of brand-new anime that focus on adult-situated subjects is the lack of allowing the audience to gather everything themselves. They spoon-feed the story to the audience, aside from allowing them to use their brains. However, there are the very few that don't do that. I believe that this is that 1/1,000 series that lets the audience use their brain, and figure things out on their own. That is by far the most unique thing about the entire series, however, there is so much more to talk about when it comes to the most underrated show of the read more
Mar 26, 2017
Remember when this series was released back in 2012, and the amount of love it got on it's initial premiere? It hasn't gone away, and that's both for the good and the bad. I watched it in mid-2014, when I first genuinely started to get into anime. This series popped up multiple times in my feed, but I had no real intention of watching it. Why? I'm a guy, and seeing the "romance" genre pop up multiple times throughout the series pushed me from watching it. I'm not gonna lie- I did not want to see it. But, in the summer of 2014, at about read more
Mar 23, 2017
...why am I even doing this right now...

Sooooo, about 2-3 years ago I was HUGE into Sword Art Online. (I've changed my mind since then, but that's against the point) Despite being so deep into this "masterpiece" of a series I once enjoyed, one thing never changed throughout the course of time- I hate this film. All of it.

The animation is decent enough, but it simply meets SAO standards. Besides, this film was released in the modern age of anime, so good animation is to be expected. But I will say this much- the representation of a lot of the characters (mainly girl characters) were read more
Mar 15, 2017
Say, roughly two weeks ago, I was watching some Gigguk videos on YouTube, as I had just recently gotten back into anime, and I had heard about him. He was apparently a really funny dude, and I do agree with the consensus. However, in his video "5 Anime Concepts I'd Like To See," he mentioned a concept so absurd that I simply had to watch it- Jesus and Buddha living together in an apartment in Tokyo. As soon as I heard this, I was instantly interested in seeing whether or not such a concept would be funny or not. I watched the mini-series beforehand, and read more
Mar 9, 2017
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
9 months. That is how long it took me to actually get back into anime. I couldn't tell you why, but it took me forever to actually find an anime that would peak my interest to an extent in which I would appreciate the genre like I did before. Come mid-January, I saw one of my favorite YouTube anime reviewers (BlackCriticGuy) do a review on this very series here. I wondered to myself whether it could be that show that pushed to get back into the wonderful world of anime.

I'll tell you what. It was.

I had an absolute blast watching this show, and seeing all read more