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Mar 3, 2019
Let's be clear on this. We are thirsty for some yaoi action and there are nowhere enough (I mean they don't even exist) yaoi hentai out there. Don't expect that the only one appearing after forever will be amazing with a deep relationship and well-structured scenario. Planet Earth asks you to focus a little on reality.

The art is fair enough (6), the story (5) has holes, but the enjoyment fills them all (pun intended) 10. Overall a 9 for what it is -a 5 minutes long, 8 episodes yaoi hentai.

Finally some damn action. You watch it for this and even if it is not read more
Jun 30, 2018
I have seen some shitty things in this life, but I went to my corner and doubted which were my criteria for pathetic anime. Well, now I renewed them and this came first leaving everything far behind.

The fact that the art is decent and that the rapist is not a disgusting hairy gradpa is not helping AT ALL. I mean, it is always easier to visualise the rotten soul, but moral of the story: rapists come in al shaped and colours.

The fact that the lead raped women is too stupid and has no voice nor personality is not a new thing for japanese creators read more
May 19, 2018
I have read exactly 460 titles and this one is the only one I bothered put "1" as a score. Well, it deserves it.

My review will not spoil anything, because there is not much to spoil from this patheticness to begin with. If you are curious to know how many types of rape exists when the rapist is from the people you know or maybe even like, this manga can give you the answer: there are 5! Five as the numbers for it's chapters.

I mean, I have read manyyyy yaoi manga and most of them, I like or not (obviously I don't) contain rape read more
Nov 24, 2017
Mild spoilers for your own good ahead. What is disgusing topics to picture as normal in general? Incest, Rape, Pedophilia and manipulation (psysically and mentally). What is disgusting to see in yaoi? Again, those 4. And this manga made it possible to show everyone one of them together.

The art is nothing special (you could imagine from something before 2010) , the characters are swallow a.f. (usual no-character ukes that are manipulated within seconds and have empathy for the criminal that harassing them) and the sex scenes are not great, either. How could they be when you combine raping a child that happens to be read more
Sep 17, 2016
No spoilers in my revies, as ever, so don't worry.

Kaihatsu♂Muramura Mode is really enjoyable for a yaoi fan. It is such a shame that these kind of manga are getting censcored like there is no tomorrow -stealing away more than half of their beauty- but still the smutt was really nice. From characters and story point of view, it isn't anything really special, but not stupid either. Kind of predictable, but cute at the same time.

There isn't anywhere close to rape or assulting theme that it is a huge disgrace to the yaoi industry -and it is freaking everywhere- but unfortunately ignores completly read more
Jan 20, 2016
I'm writing this review to make clear that this one-shot isn't about rape :P It is kind of sadistic, but nowhere in these few pages feel like rape. The uke was just shocked because we would imagine to be top, but no ropes, no threatening and no actual beating took place -the uke actualy enjoyed it with no regret. I'm very serious when yaoi comes to rape (I find it the most disgusting thing to draw everrrr), so it is not that if that was the case, I would enjoy it.

The mangaka is genious, her art is amazing but, yeah, this was nothing wow, read more
Jan 3, 2016
Nana (Anime) add (All reviews)
I don't even like writing reviews but, fuck, this anime deserves it and I'm gonna try it.
There is not much I need to say: it is a piece of epicness. I have seen more than 500 titles already, but only "Nana" made me feel this way -losing control while pressing the "next episode" button. If it is a turn-off the amount of almost 50 episodes, let me laugh a little about it. It is 100 years too early to say something like this for a daimond like "Nana", which is not even supernatural themed, but it is turning ordinary lives into gold. 24 hours read more